How do i catch my daughter sneaking boys in her bedroom?

I think my daughter is sneaking boys through bedroom her window. I see footprints leading to her window. She keeps her door shut sometimes. But I cant't catch her.

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Talk to her about it, and try to get her to trust you with what ever she's doing.
Other than that, leave her alone. If you're sure they're having sex or something, of course try to stop that, but if they're just chatting or something, just ignore it, and maybe give her the freedom to let her have male friends in during the day - through the door.

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Well if you would just let her hang out with them you wouldn't have this problem just sayin

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Just let her be!!! She's not gonna be "Your little girl" forever

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it could just tbe a peeping tom

it could be a billion things

you can't just assume that she is sneaking people in her room

maybe you can put up a camera

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I agree with morgoth. Don't try and be sneaky and catch her out. That is practically doing the same sneaky behaviour as her. Confront her directly and tell her that you know that she is sneaking boys in her room and that it is your house and your rules and that if you ever catch her that she can take her things and leave.

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Confront her directly, tell her it is your house and your rules to live by, if she doesn't want to then she is free to go live on her own (they need to hear the reality of real life).

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how about giving your daughter some slack.
..if she "sneaks" guys in her room, your obviously not letting her spend daylight/quality time with them. if you dont let her hangout with guys, she going to have issues with love when shes older. have a talk with her about safe sex and future dicisions.

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As a teenage girl I can tell you right now that if my mom took the door off of the hinges I would be cured.

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Locking the windows duh. Dont let your daughter let boys in what if there having sex and she gets pregnant, itll be your fault

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Don't try to catch her just tell her that it's not appropriate to do that. Then if she still does it put a lock on her window or get a security system. And if it still doesn't work rotwielers that will keep the boys away!!!

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Sit very quietly (pay attention how loud you breathe, cough, etc) outside her bedroom door after she and everyone else in the house have gone to bed. Listen for noises of anyone coming in through the window.

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I agree with teibusc that trying to catch your daughter may not be as good an idea as giving her the opportunity to be honest with you first. If she denies it tell her you would still like to talk to her about what she would be risking if she were sneaking boys in. (or sneaking out with boys) Aside from the physical danger she could lose their respect. A boy who is aloud to sneak into her room will most likely not see her as "girlfriend material" I know this because I made the mistake of not listening to my mother when I was younger. anyways there are some topics you can bring up to her good luck!

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He has a very good idea. But is she going in or out?
and does she have guys actually come inside her bedroom.
You could also do a reverse of that plan. If its warm where you
live. When everyone goes to bed sit out side your daughters
window except not completely more to the side where
she cant see you. You can see if she is sneaking or not *and*
you can scare the crap outta the guy...or girl. If you catch
her take her door off her hinges. Also an idea. confront her about
it. Tell her you think she's been sneaking people in at night
and see her reaction. Every person has a "tell" in which you
can tell when they're lying. Then take her door off of her hinges
tell her its to prove her honesty to you. See if the footsteps stop showing up.

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you got three choices:

1: take the lock off her door
2: take the door off the hinges..lols...
3: put a lock on her window

they may seem dumb, but if you choose to do any of these then you'll know for sure that she has nobody in or out of her room. =)

hope I kinda helped..

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