How do i block someones number from my phone?

Pleeease help
Someone is ringing me and there really freaking me out
They are doing work for my neighbour and I never met them before so whta the hell why are they ringing my house phone in the morning!?!?!
And I'm so stupid I was half asleep and he asked for my number
Yeah I tought it had something to do with the work he was doing for my neighbour but it doesnt. And he knew my name and everything and yeah I could go on foever but it's really freaking me out please because he's knows where I live. Oh god oh god oh god
Someone reply please!!!

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well if it's a mobile, then there's a porogram called "black list" ( not sure of its name)
you add all the people you want to block to your black list and everytime they call they think you're phone is busy or not in survice...
and if it's a telephone, then you can only change your phone number I guess!

good luck

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How did he ask for your number if you've never met before?
If you want a number blocked you'll have to call your phone carrier.

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If you want to get rid of this problem you just have to do is contact your service provider number (customer care) and ask them what to do and ask them their suggestion and if that too won't help just rang up for police or the best way just whenever he calls you just attend the call and give a great fight back answer I.e. (bad words) and just ask him not to call again if he does than say that furious action will be taken against him.

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Lol add his/her number to 'don't pick up' or something, and when he/she calls, don't. Turn your phone on silent. If things get bad, tell your neighbour, tell the police, or even change your number. But it'd be dumb if you had to change your number + stuff. Just ignore that person. What did he/she do anyways? Ask personal questions? :S You could always make it clear that you don't want to mess around.

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ok, well you cant really block numbers from mobile phones
the most you can do is ignore it, dont answer, and report it
if this person is asking you questions that make you uncomfortable then you can go to the police if you want to
otherwise yeah, call the customer service and ask them what else you could do about it, but they tend to not be very helpfull and just put you on hold the whole time

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call the police girl. dont block him only. if he knows where you live he can simply come to your the police.

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