How do you block a phone number on a cell phone?

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U have an option in phone to blacklist someone...U can make an accepted list and accept from them only..If you are using a phone with symbian oS you can try the app Blacklister

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How do I take my cell number off messenger

Net10 cell phone service how to block a persons number

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Call the company anf tell them, they don't have to know why, but if they ask, make something good up. Just let them know you do not want this person(s) calling anymore and would for them to be blocked from calling ASAP.

What happens if I block someones cell phone number from my aim ?
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where on the phone is the option to block a number?

How to block outgoing caller id on cell phone?

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dialing *67 before the number will make your phone number come up private caller

How do you block numbers from calling and texting your cell phone?
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There is a certain number you have to dial before putting the persons phone number in. look on the internet search the web and see what the number is for your area x hope this helps x

How can you block a number on a cricket A100 (cell phone)?

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Nowadays telemarketers and hackers are spamming phones by doing lots of robot or fake calls. Most of the people are looking for the steps to get rid of these calls.
By following these steps, you can block unwanted calls or messages.
Block a phone number on your phone
1. Go to the contact list and find that contact which you want to block.
2. Press menu key available at the top left side of your phone.
3. Keep that number in "block list" or "auto reject list".
After that, you can successfully block that number. You can also block that numbers which are not in your contact list by following above-mentioned steps.
Block text messages on your phone
1. Firstly, open the application messages.
2. Press menu button at the top left of your Nokia phone.
3. Add numbers which you want to block to the spam folders.

Use a third-party application to block a contact
You can also choose the third party application to block unwanted calls or text messages. There are several applications that are available who provide this services to their users. You can get all the details of that person who is spamming you from the Reverse Phone Lookup Services. After that, you choose the third-party application such as Twillo, white pages, and more application to block that number. If you want to read this process in details then just take a look at the below-mentioned link:

Reverse Europe - Reverse Phone Lookup
Free Europe reverse phone lookup service. Find any listed or unlisted mobile phone or land line in Europe. Simple reverse lookup, great for identifying missed calls.
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How do you block numbers on a cingular at&t cell phone?

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