How did you stop binging?

I'm 145 pounds, and 5"2, and I have to get to at least 118 by the end of the school year. And I'm also scared I won't live as long as I was hoping- every day I keep eating until I feel sick! I really can't help it!

If you ever had a binge eating disorder, how did you stop?


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Its hard to eat tuna, I try eating tuna mixed with salad. Its very hard to chew down! Um as for binge eating you could try eating 6 small meals a day to help you stay full. It also depends on what you eat. If your eating nothing but junk food your torturing your body and will never loose the weight, as far as what to tell you to stop binge eating I never met anyone that didnt eat like that because they just couldnt stop.

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I would also seriously consider talking to a counselor.

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