How to survive running away?

Hi, everyone!!! Im writing a book about a chick who runs away… Crazy ckick88… Helped out with a lot of stuff I was gonna wright about and all that other jazz… Thank you crazy chick 88… But since some of you have ran away, I would like to see your points of view… How you got there, and why you did it, and all that other jazz… It would mean a lot to me if you guys wright back about this…

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Answer #1

Well heres what I would write about a 14 independent year old girl got into a huge fight with her mother because ever since her dad died her mother has been mean and hit her a couple times…She buys a back pack for hiking and asks her other friend to go because her other friend has been planing hers for 2 years but never had the guts to do it by herself they live in toms river nj and there trying to get to Cali. They have saved up 300 dollars but thats not enough of course so after their parents go to work they pretend to go to school but catch a taxi as far as 100 will take them now they so far they wont turn back they start walking towards Pennsylvania and they have anout 10 hours of daylight left…they make it to a wawa and go clean themselves up. Buy a 12inch sub and split it eat because they havent eaten since they pretended to go to school then they get a taxi to wilkes barre. then they stay at a friends up there that would be some of my story

Answer #2

yeah I ranaway…

Answer #3

chris27, you said you ran away… can you please tell me what it was like and why you did it. it would mean a lot to me… thanks

Answer #4

Her friend sends her money and then she meets a boy thats also a run away and they fall in love then go back to her home town and see and then her mother tells her she doesnt want her back because she cost to much since her sister is gone she wants to live solo so she steals 1000 dollars and they go to [name location] then they both get a job and save up to buy a apartment then once they get settled she gets a thousand and sends it back to her mom and they live happily ever after keeping in touch with friends

Answer #5

well, this would be what could happen: -argument/row between parents and daughter -daughter decides to run away -who she meets, mabye a scary part now, you could have a happy or a sad ending: sad: :lives on the streets happy: -relises she loves her family V E are Y much!!! -goes home -makes up with mom/dad -has a happy ending!!! hope I helped!! xxxgood lukxxx

Answer #6

u guys came up with some really good advise. but what I thought of so for is that, the girl is about 13 and she cant stand her sister because she’s a total b!tch. and her sister is going to collage in 3 years. so the runaway (of course is the main character named katie but changes her name to brenda) so brenda is gone for 3 years ill talk about that and how she sends letters to her friend catherin (needs money, asks what people are thinking about what happens to her)… yeah, well thats as for as I got… im still putting it together…it would be nice if you guys still gave me ideas like: how the end could be, what its like to runaway (I would love to listen to runaway stories…it would help a lot), or tips on how to keep the character alive, all that good stuff

Answer #7

I haven’t ran away, but I have a friend who did. She sometimes slept on people’s front doors and corridors in flats. Really dodgy places. Under bridges and street corners. (she stayed at the skate park) Runaways cant have babies young and can live in those weird boarded up houses. They can get mugged, beaten up and sometimes killed. They sometimes have to turn to prostitution or drugs. They steal from some shops just to get enough food for one day, and look pretty rugged. They sometimes beg or busk. (im not a street kid but I busk in london from time to time) and can live in squats/ squallors. They are normally small flats that have a bunch of people living in them and are pretty gross.

Answer #8

It depends how old the girl in your book is. And how imaginative the book is. Like, you could get into really fictional stuff and the girl could find a secret passage way into some other kingdom or something. Or you could go more real life but fantasy, like she meets the guy of her dreams who is also running away and they run away together.

It depends how you want the mood of the book to be. Like a love story- could be what I just suggested about the boyfriend, or if you wanted a more helpless horror kind of thing, what aerlover17 suggested sounds good too.

Answer #9

Well I never ran away but I still think I could help. Woman how run away often prostitute for money or strip. Also they usually end up with a bad boyfriend who takes advantage of their vulnerability. Sometimes they sleep in stair wells, and steal from grocery stores to survive. I know one girl who use to wash her under wear in public bathrooms and wash up in them too. Many young girls who runa way have babies young and out of wed lock. Many peopole who run away also end up on drugs or selling drugs. Ummm good endings… the girl finds a wealthy business man who loves her unconditionally. And takes her out of a life of poverty. She gets married has kids lives happily ever after…GOODLUCK!!!

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