Why am i so afraid to give my testimony in church?

I join the Church of Jeezus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and, when we have free time to share testamony, I'm always so afraid to speak in front of people.
How come I'm so afraid to speak in front of people?
And, also, How come I'm so afraid to share my testamony?

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The "u know who" is trying to stop you!

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LOL I'm the same way I haven't born my testimony in church since I was 13 I'm 22 now tell you what I'll make you a promise you bare yours on fast Sunday I'll do the same Honest!! Lets do this! :)

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Try thinking of the first statement that you can start out with. This should really help. Sometimes you can get caught up with trying to remember everything you want to say and this can overwhelm you. If yoiu can think of something to just start out with then let the rest take care of itself. Try and get past that fear..it is very normal but it sounds like you want to do it, so do it!!
Who knows who may learn from you speaking.

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Pray about it, asking God for the courage to speak, and one day, it will just pop out of your mouth, then you will kinda look back on it in amazement, realizing that now you did what you thought you couldn't do.

Be Blessed...

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Bearing your testimony is not about what others hear you say.. Its about what you are saying out loud to confirm to yourself what you believe- and on top of that it strenghthens the testimony of others! - Hopefully that made sense!

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