Afraid of churches?

Is it evil to be afraid of churches?

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There's nothing wrong with being afraid of churches. If you aren't used to it, it comes across as freaky. For those above blathering about Satan, try going to a Mosque sometime and see how comfortable you feel.

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Being afraid of going to Church or not wanting to go is not a bad thing or a sin...The meaning of Church is just to Fellowship with one another, and I don't believe that you have to go to Church to do that.

I have gone to Church most of my life, but I don't anymore because I just don't agree with what is said half of the time. So do I think I am sinning NO! Not at all, am I less of a Christian No! I still read the bible Fellowship with my Family and Friends.

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I'm afraid of cathedrals!!!

they're so big, old, and ritualistic. it's kind of overwhelming and scary.

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Evil is a concept in the first place amblessed not an entity.

I don't like churches either. Most I've been to I've always felt judged. I feel like because I think using reason and question what the say with reasonable questions that I'm not apart of their club and don't belong there. like I'm suppose to believe and follow blindly. Don't say its because I haven't found the right church. I've been to quite a few when I still believed in God. They always try the far factor like you see above "go to church or go to hell" no wonder I want no part of them.

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I ThInK eVrY1 Is ScReD oF eM oNce in a wHiLe... lol

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lol. kittie haha...that is interesting. I am afraid of some churches mainly cause everyone always judges what you wear.

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It's Satan lying to you - the last thing he wants is for you to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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why are you afraid of churches and no I dont think your evil people fear what they dont understand

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Why are you afraid of churches?
Its how you interpret fear or how you feel about them. I don't think its evil to be afraid of churches. Are you afraid of the smell? the rules you'll have to follow? the way you'll be judged? the clothes you'll have to wear? I'm not sure how to put this. You shouldn't be afraid of churches.
I know when I attend church, I feel the presence of our Lord and savior and I feel better to be around the people I love. The church I belong too smells clean! I also believe maybe Satan has you afraid of churches. He doesn't want you to go to church. But, you're not evil for not going. Its your way of feeling afraid of whatever is in the churches themselves, ect. Its okay to be afraid of something and I guess if your that afraid of churches, then you just shouldn't go if you feel that way. Ignore satan! He isn't worth anything.

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***Is it evil to be afraid of churches?***

That depends on WHY you fear them...

Are you afraid that you might burst into flames if you enter one? Or do you simply dislike chuches because they often tend to smell funny?

Are you afraid of haunted houses.

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