How can people say that god doesnt exist?

My question is how can anyone say that god doesnt exist? I dont get it. I mean seriously look around you everywhere. The sky, stars, moon, sun, grass, dirt, people, flowers, birds, oceans, lakes, rivers, fish. And science can not prove the bible wrong. They have tried but they cant Heres a chart of some examples.

The bible: science now: science then: The earth the earth is the eart was Is a sphere. a sphere. a flat disk (isaiah 40:22)

Free float of free float of earth sat on Earth in earth in a large Space space. animal. (job 26:7)

Ocean floors ocean floors the ocean Contain deep contain deep floor was flat Valleys and valleys and Mountains mountains (2 samuel 22:16 Jonah 2:6)

Those are just 3 examples of the thousands that are out there. There is no way in proving the bible wrong. No matter how much you want to. I hope I got this through some heads.(you have to read this carefully because it is confusing, the words that are all capitalized are what the bible says and what science then said, the uncapitalized words is what science is saying now)

Answer #1

The Bible is a book of history and guidance for peoples of certain times. The Old Testament was meant for the societies and peoples of ancient times. The New Testament was meant to change much of the Old Testament law and to guide the society and people of two thousand years ago.

The Bible worked during the time periods it was meant to cover. Its guidance protected the people and gave value and purpose to their lives.

The problem is that the Bible was meant for past eras and was successful therein. It, however, did not keep up with the times and technologies during the advancement of mankind.

There may still be some lessons that can be learned from studying the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. But, the lessons must be tempered with the knowledge that exists in the current time period.

Man and his technology has evolved considerably since Biblical times. The Bible has not evolved accordingly. It is therefore the province of man to interpret the whole Bible and attempt to allow its relevant parts to fit into the lifestyles of the current era.

As long as they do not infringe on the rights of others, men are free to follow the teachings of the Bible for themselves. Your rights and beliefs end where mine begin.     The Bible is a “crutch” which is necessary for some but not for all. It is a book written by men with the purpose of helping to guide other men through some of the pitfalls that life has to offer. It is also meant to give hope and purpose to those who may have no other way of finding same.

Just as with other fictional works, it is not meant to be taken literally but parabolically. Parts of its historical accounts may be factual while other parts are symbolic. And, yet other parts are simply devices wherein to protect the health and well-being of people of that era.

It takes many religions to give guidance to those who are in need of direction. Some use the Bible as their basis while others use other Books. They all serve a needed purpose. They all benefit the society of man.

Just because the Bible (or some other Book) is right for you does not mean or make it right for everyone else. The human race is a diverse species. It has many different cultures and Beliefs. Grant to each their right to choose that which fits them.     From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

Answer #2

Aha, what’s with the rating answers weren’t helpful. They’re stating the truth.

So rnealw and twilight, you have no questions about the existance of god and believe he’s alwasy been? you believe this book written 3,000-2,000 years ago by people, the Earth was made in 6 days by some intelligent powerful god, cause rainbows, a world-wide flood, and plagues, the Earth is only 6,000 years old, humans were first made out of dirt, etc.

Even though these biblical “fatcs” have been proven wrong by science with explanations. I don’t think the Bible was ever intended to be believed just as figureative and moral stories.

Answer #3

did you know there is actualli scientist out there that have proven the bible right =) theres in interesting fact

Answer #4

“I mean seriously look around you everywhere. The sky, stars, moon, sun, grass, dirt, people, flowers, birds, oceans, lakes, rivers, fish.”

These are natural things that follow the laws of nature, physics, and chemistry. The origins of these things is unknown at this point as we have not been able to determine the state of the universe prior to the big bang. This is where you stretch the biblical story of 6 days into 13.7 billion years and insert god to ignite the big bang.

While this is an interesting hypothesis you must provide some evidence of it before you could reasonably expect others to share your view. Who is to say the universe isn’t eternal, or some kind of reflection of higher dimensions (read about string theory if you want to bend your mind)? You must provide a way to determine an eternal universe from one created by god, run your experiment, and prove your case.

From a purely logical point of view, a universe that is SO complex and vast that the ONLY reasonable explanation is a god must have created it makes NO sense whatsoever. A being capable of creating this vast and intricate universe must be (by definition) even more vast and complex, thus requiring creation themselves. Where do you draw the line? If god just existed forever (because you say so), then why couldn’t something less complex such as the universe itself?

You might get a nice feeling to know that some all powerful, all loving, sky daddy will look after you when you die, but that does not make it true.

“And science can not prove the bible wrong.”

So you have no idea about science either? Let me highlight a few things from the bible we KNOW to false:

  1. The universe was not created in 6 days
  2. There are TWO Genesis stories!
  3. People are made from dust and magical breath
  4. There is no evidence of a global flood
  5. God put the rainbow in the sky to say sorry for killing everyone
  6. There is no evidence of people roaming the desert for 40 years
  7. We cannot genetically trace our ancestry back to two people called Adam and Eve
  8. All animals were originally herbivores
  9. Bats are not birds
  10. The Earth is not immovable
  11. The Tower of Babble accounts for all languages on Earth
  12. The population of Israel went from 70 to a few million in a few hundred years
  13. Four-legged fowls are abominations. 14)God’s cure for snakebite: a brass serpent on a pole
  14. Unicorns don’t exist - never have
  15. The Earth does not rest on pillars
  16. The earth shakes whenever God really gets mad.
  17. Diseases are sent by God to punish sin.
  18. The moon produces its own light
  19. Corpses never walked the streets of Jerusalem
  20. If you have enough faith, you will never get sick.

There are plenty more. Bear in mind that any one of these disproves the bible as the perfect, unchanging, inerrant word of god.

Best of luck.

Answer #5

What do you believe in God? Do you believe the Bible? do you believe he created humans and animals and the earth and universe. Ok to me for someone to say that is very insulting and rude when I do not like your EVILL god. So if we all want to get along why don’t you just keep your retarded beliefs to yourself. Exept the fact you came from forces of nature, it’s a lot better then being desighned and created by some snobbish god who wants to expierament with you and pretends like he cares. I can say there is no god because I know there is no god, just like I know the systems of gods developed by polytheistic religion don’t exist and natruel forces like earthquakes and rain have explanations and aren’t the mood of gods, and worshipping the sun wont keep it happy. It’s the same as monotheistic religion exept they have one god, just an imaginary interpretation among coltures. -some- religious People who believan god seem rather selfcentered to me, they think they are so special because they are made and cared for by EVIL god, well little do they know they’re just a mass of cooperating brain, trillions of cells and genes they got from their parents, desighned from millions of years of evolution, nothing more. Most people justify their faith in the questions, like how are we here? How does everything exist, and work so “perfectly”? they justify their faith in god from lack of knowledge. I don’t see why some people think their lives are so meaningless that they devote belief into a god. If god has a nature without a cause, then why couldn’t the universe and laws of physics have their own cause and nature? God would have to be a product of a universe, then he’d only be an alien. Science doesn’t try to prove the Bible wrong it just does, the Bible was written millennia ago. The Bible is made up to explain humans existance etc., and they’re interpretations of their religion. They came up with nice fairytales like heaven, and scared people into believing if they didn’t behave a god would get angry, so that they would promote it to the dreary lives of people then, and they wanted to better their society, but ended up causing persecutions, and religious wars. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old, the forces of nature came from the development of photosynthisis, and ecology started. Oxygen was realeased and an ozone layer formed. I believe in Evolution( Because it’s a scientific fact) and the idea that life came from non-organic material, this has been expiramented on and found that it happens in certain conditions. Self-replicating molecule are thought to be the ancestor of all life, if that makes you feel unimportant oh well it’s true in some way. It’s obvious we’re realted, humans and animals have basically the same anatomy. Life developed features that promotes survival. Earth is conditiond to keep water inside it’s atmosphere, Comets have ice on them and impact would cause more water. Lakes and rivers are just a result of eroding. Scientist tend to agree the universe as we know started with “The Big Bang” so how’d everything get here? is a pointless statement. Thoreticaly, “dark energy” among other factors causes things to push away from eachother expanding the universe. It’s a high chance there are other Earth-like planets in the universe,with all the other billions of planets out there, just because we live on a planet that caused life, doesn’t mean we have to give credit to a god. We aren’t the only planet that has moons, Mars has 2 and Saturn has 46 known moons etc.. So I really don’t get your point? Why do moons exist? There are theories of how moons got there, why don’t you look them up instead of haveing blind faith they were placed by a god. Formation of stars and planets is just physics.

Answer #6

I look around me. I see the sky, stars, moon, sun, grass, dirt, people, flowers, birds, oceans, lakes, rivers, and fish. I take this as evidence of the existence of the sky, stars, moon, sun, grass, dirt, people, flowers, birds, oceans, lakes, rivers, and fish. In the bigger picture, I take it as evidence of the existence of the universe as a whole. But why would the existence of all this imply that an invisible undetectable superintelligent superbeing made it? That doesn’t follow at all. I’m not aware of any reason to expect the nonexistence of the universe, such that a creator must be implored to explain its existence.

I read the Bible. It’s filled to the brim with amazing claims unlike anything we experience today. I read other ancients works unrelated to Christianity and I observe similar types of fantastic claims, whether it be Josephus’ flying chariots or Horus raising Osiris from the dead.

I must conclude either that these types of amazing magical things were commonplace in ancient days, or I must conclude that CLAIMS of such magical things were commonplace, but that the magical things didn’t actually happen. The latter is the simpler explanation.

In other words, there is no reason to even suspect that the ancients had more insight into the existence of gods than we do. The Bible adds no value at all to the discussion of whether or not any gods exist.

By the way, your ‘science then’ column contains nonsense claims from other religions, not from science. Science as we know it did not exist prior to the 12th century, though precursors of it did.

Answer #7

Actually the question is. “ How can people say God doesn’t exist.” Not “how can people say god Exist.” So I believe the ball is in your court. . .

Answer #8

Nothing of what you said PROVED anything. You can’t prove anything. And I’m not saying it is impossible, but it is highly doubtful some person is just going to stumble upon this question being an angry agnostic of sorts and just go, “Oh my! She is right, I’ve been saved!” And this is what I found annoying about your question, “there is no way in proving the bible wrong. no matter how much you want to. I hope I got this through some heads”

There are no proven facts about the bible. At all. Be careful with your word choices.

Answer #9

“askegg… you dont have proof that what the scientists say are true either”

You make scientists out to be some clandestine organisation out to deceive the masses to further some hidden evil purpose. The truth is, science is a transparent and highly effective methodology. Scientists are people who employ the techniques of science, not just people in white lab coats hiding behind telescopes or experimenting with chemicals on defenceless baby animals.

While I may not be an expert in all scientific fields (and no one is), I can say that whenever I look at the scientific process, the logic behind the conclusions, and what the data says I am constantly amazed at just how much knowledge we have amassed through this awesome process.

Anyone with even a little spare time can look into any scientific theory and discover what is actually says, look at the rational behind it, and the massive amount of data to support the conclusions.

Of course, people like yourself will probably point to the disagreements in various scientific circles, or changes in theories through the ages as evidence of a flawed process. I see the exact opposite. Sciences willingness to revise theories when the data is found to be incorrect, moves science closer to the truth of the universe with every step. You could even say that scientists are closer to god than the religious (although you can be both).

Religion has one answer - god did it. If any evidence contradicts this, or the teachings contained in his holy book (which ever one you choose), then it it the data that is incorrect. Dogmatic belief such as this was in charge during what we call “the dark ages” for very good reason.

Answer #10

it’s true that some thing sin the bible have been scientifically proven to be wrong.

Answer #11

I would obviously have to research this, but my main point was the 6 day creation thing, the world being a couple of thousand years old, everyone stemming from adam and eve (I.e. we’re all the product of incest…) I think science can disprove most of this… (ok some people may have made a similar point, but their answers are long, and im not reading through them all..)

Answer #12

Sorry, twilightgrl911, it WAS 6 days! God rested on the seventh day!

Answer #13

The Bible makes extraordinary claims. Therefore, the burden of proof is on the believers. Please proceed…

Answer #14

As I said, all I ask is that you’re more careful with your choice of words. Share your beliefs, but don’t criticize others because they might not believe.

Answer #15

Uhm actually science can prove several parts of the bible wrong, the bible itself can prove itself wrong (mainly through its contradictions…) However, I do believe God exists, and science cant prove it or disprove it…

Answer #16

I really don’t know why…But in my opinion it is because they are ingernet (don’t know any better) so they believe based on what other people tell them!

Answer #17

Turning it around can you prove the Bible is true? Many passages in the Bible can be interpreted various ways. You can read them one way to agree with scientific understanding or you can interpret them another way that differs.

Fundamentally one accepts God on faith. There is no way to scientifically prove or disprove the Bible because the rules are different.

Answer #18

there are many people that are saying these cause they are very silly - they expect to see the Divinity as a real person !!!??? God exist and He cares for us !!!

Answer #19

im just thinking out loud. and im supposed to be “shoving it down peoples throats” because what if someone were to die tonight? what if I saved someone b/c they read this?

Answer #20

God is impossible. Science doesn’t allow for the existence of omnipotent, omniscient beings.

Answer #21

more then likely nobody is going to be like “o shes right I’ve been saved” but I can get pple thinking about this. thats what matters to me.

Answer #22

Science has never proven the entire Bible to be right and never will. In fact, the less ingernent (ignorant) among us typically don’t believe in it at all. You’ll never convince anyone to believe in your religion when you can’t spell correctly or think logically.

Answer #23

“it’s true that some thing sin the bible have been scientifically proven to be wrong.”

And many things in the bible are completely wrong, or contradict other parts.

Toadaly - don’t forget the talking donkey (Numbers 22:22)

Answer #24

no problem

Answer #25

Why are you trying to force your beliefs upon others? It’s fine if you believe in a higher being, but don’t be foolish about it. It’s type like that that make others hate organized religion. I’m a Buddhist but I don’t go shoving it down throats. I suggest you rephrase this “question” It’s innappropriate and infuriates me.

Answer #26

Science has thoroughly studied snakes, and proven beyond any reasonable doubt they have no capacity to talk. Their lungs do not support the type of rapid air expulsion needed to vibrate vocal chords, nor do they even have vocal chords. Their brains do not have a neo-cortex required for language. Science confirms what we already know from common experience, which is that snakes can’t talk.

Genesis presents a talking snake.

Therefor, science disproves the Bible.

The typical response is ‘yah, but it wasn’t a snake, it was Satan’. I’m sorry, but the Bible clearly tells us it was a snake and makes no mention of Satan or any other spiritual being manifesting it or controlling it in any way whatsoever. Most Christians are more than happy to add to scripture as necessary to support the crazy claim that the Bible is scientifically consistent.

Answer #27

*So rnealw and twilight, you have no questions about the existance of god and believe he’s alwasy been? you believe this book written 3,000-2,000 years ago by people, the Earth was made in 6 days by some intelligent powerful god, cause rainbows, a world-wide flood, and plagues, the Earth is only 6,000 years old, humans were first made out of dirt, etc.

Without a doubt. . . .

Even though these biblical ‘facts’ have been proven wrong by science with explanations. You forgot a word: Even though these biblical ‘facts’ have been proven wrong by scientific Theory with explanations. I don’t think the Bible was ever intended to be believed just as figureative and moral stories Nope. . . . Besides I’d rather live my life as if God Exist and be wrong when I die than Life as He did not exist and be wrong when I die.

Answer #28

rneal, what if you’re right and there is indeed a god and an afterlife. But what if instead of valuing faith, the very god who created a rational universe, is only interested in people who rationally conclude there is no god.

If that turns out to be the case, it will be you rather than I with a front row brimstone seat for all eternity.

Since this idea of god is no less valid than yours, how are we to decide?

Answer #29

fau, I agree totally with you …


Answer #30

There is none so blind as he or she who will not see…Refuses.

Answer #31

jesus MOTHERFUCER I wish people would stop jamming the bible down my throat everynow and then no offence to religous people

Answer #32

askegg… you dont have proof that what the scientists say are true either

Answer #33

science can prove several parts of the bible wrong, Really? where?

Answer #34

the quoates you put don’t prove anything. [and are wrote in a weird way]

Answer #35

And I am sorry if I was abrasive. Thank you for the apology.

Answer #36

angel.. it was 7 days. haha jut thought I would tell you that

Answer #37

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Answer #38

So far science has not disproven it. . .

Answer #39

okay, im srry if I offended you

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