How can I stop eating junk food?

I’ve stop drinking pop and now I only drink milk and water. but I just cant give upp all that sugary goodness I try to put those cookies away but I just cant do it lol anything I could do to make me feel less hungry?

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instead of eating 3 times a day eat 6 healthy small meals a day. This will keep you up and going all day long without the extra weight, and you wont feel hungry. Also, if you crave sugar and cookies etc. try buying the 100 calorie packs you can find them at grocery stores. They have cookies, and other types of junk food with only 100 calories so you dont over indulge. Another idea is to buy your favorite snack foods baked, or diet. This may cut back on taste, but some diet things arent so bad, and it will keep you on track. hope this helps! =]

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Just stop eating junk food make sure you have plenty of health food in your health a varaty ptherwise you’ll get sock of eating it I remember as a kid it was always apples & bananas apples & banana’s now I can’t stand either 1 make sure you have plenty of fruits & vegies eats yogurt over icecream & if you can bare it cut out red meat from your diet(I can’t, but I still mostly eat health foods-less it comes to that time of month then screw it, I need junk, lol) instead have fish & chicken, or even deer meat(really good) just make sure you don’t buy junk food you can’t eat what you don’t have lol

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have fruits, bananas are useful in this kinda situations!!

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You can stop buying the junk food and stock up on something else. Something that’s good for you but not junk.

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I use to stay on BK lol still I star to use the yor MRP it fill you up and gain all the nutrition necessary I had use the complete product cause I wanted to loose weight now I reach my goal and I use the yor MRP for the long lasting energy and to keep my shape

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Maybe you can substitute…

Here are 22 portable and healthy snacks that make the list of dietitian’s favorites:

Half a peanut butter sandwich on whole-wheat bread Low-sugar, whole-grain granola bars that have at least 3 grams of fiber Whole-grain crackers or whole-wheat tortilla with hummus or nut butter A handful of unsalted or lightly salted dry-roasted nuts Individual unsweetened applesauce with a few dry-roasted walnuts Small apple with 2 teaspoons peanut butter or 1 ounce low-fat cheese Ants on a log – celery with nut butter, topped with raisins or other dried fruit Half of a single-serving string cheese with a small piece of fruit or a few whole-grain crackers 4-ounces to 6-ounces of low-fat yogurt or yogurt treat High-fiber dry cereal with a few nuts or seeds and dried fruit (put this in a baggie for a make-your-own snack pack) Individual packs of carrots, celery sticks, or apple slices, with a protein source like a tablespoon of nuts, nut butter, or low-fat cheese Pretzels and low-fat cheese Whole-wheat cracker sandwiches made with natural nut butters 1 ounce of lean meat and a few whole-grain crackers 3 ounces low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese and a few whole-grain crackers 1 whole graham cracker and 1 teaspoon nut butter Raw vegetables with 1/4 cup low-fat ranch dressing 100-calorie pack of low-fat popcorn rich in whole grains and fiber Handful of tortilla chips and salsa 100-calorie ice cream treats “Skinny” latte (made with low-fat or skim milk) Small bowl of whole-grain cereal with skim milk or low-fat yogurt

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Shock treatment and a trusted friend. :) i mean.. it worked for me. :)

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