How can i measure calories in food ?

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Food Calorie Calclator

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The only thing I can think of is to read the label or if you really want to work for it you can put the food in water and heat it up and wait until the food burns out. the change in temperature is the amount of calories is in it.

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Burning food then measuring the amount of heat it generates will not tell you how many calories you will absorb. Our bodies get no energy from fiber in food but it will burn just fine in a calorimeter.

There are numerous sites on the web where you can look up the nutritional information of foods. When what you are eating is not listed anywhere you just have to estimate based on ingredients or similar foods.

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If you follow inuyashasng's advice, you're just going to end up with wet food.

If you want to measure the calories in food, you'll need a calorimeter, a simple device that traps the heat of burning food in a volume of water. A step-by-step explanation on a calorimeter's design and use can be found here: (a lesson plan for high-school students learning about calories).

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no clue, unless you start to carry around some scientific equiptment with you. theres this website which I use - but I think that it might just be for british food. just type in "calorie counter" in google and see what it comes up with,try a couple links.

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It has pretty much everything on it :)

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It has pretty much everything on it :)

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