how can I gain fat or muscles in my butt, I want a big butt

I am 24 and am skinny but a I had a some size a year ago I was weighing about 130pounds but I come from a slim race of family with big butts. my mom have a big but I had a big but untill last year I was on medication for a medical problem that melted away all the fat I had in my body. including my butt and now I am more skinny and having problem puting on weight especially in my butt. it is now flat and flabby no shap, no fat or muscles. what can I do I go to the gym sometimes and I try eating junk food. I does not help. I need a healthy way to gain muscles and fat in my butt again. to firm, lift and shape my butt round and huge. I need my asset back. what are the best exercises to do. help anyone I need my hips and butt back I have no shape I look like a one I need my hips back and my butt too.

Answer #1

Okay. I have read almost every article on getting your bum to get sized up. My first piece of adivce is to stick to a healthy habit of eating. Don’t go to McDonalds or other fast food joints and eat a bunch of junk food. You are getting the bad fats and nutrients that will only end in your demise. You need to eat good meats(steak, chicken) eat seafood and have a lot of vegetables, fruits and water. Do not drink soda at all. Even diet soda is bad for you too. You are better off sticking to Crystal Lite and Water. Anyway, My other suggestion is that if you are not too savy on do-it-yourself workouts, hire a personal trainer. They are very well educated and will help you in any way possible to improve in any area that you do not like. My other suggestion is this. If you prefer to do it yourself this following exercize, it is sooo simple: A-Standing to the right of a chair, grasp the back of it with your left hand and raise your right knee to hip level. Point your toe toward the ground. Your left foot should be positioned at a 45-degree angle. B-Slowly straighten your right leg as you entend it out to the side until it’s just below hip level. Lower your leg to return position A. DO three sets of 15 repititions, then switch sides and repeat. This will help with your hips, thighs and buttocks. I hope this advice will help you out. I am going to just tell you one more little tid-bit my trainer told me. Eat a piece of celery before you work out then go a really good workout. After that your metabolism is working up and if you eat something right after your workout, all those calories and fats and sugars will be burning away. Okay Good Luck! :-D

Answer #2

you definitly do not want to gain fat on your butt. if you do then your butt is gunna look nasty, its gunna hang down, your gunna get selulite, and your butts gunna look like the moon, full of craters. dont eat junk food, because you never know. all junk food you eat can end up on your stomach and not on your butt. so then your gunna regret eating that. and then your gunna have to workout even harder to take that fat away from places you dont want them. what you should do is work out.

Doing these excersises im about to tell you, your going to form muscle on your butt. when you form the muscle on your butt, your butt is going to stiffen up, and your gunna notice that your butt is going to get bigger. these excercises basically liften your butt. it helps so much :D trust me..

  1. go on the floor in doggy position. always start with your right foot. bring your right foot in, towards your stomach and then back out (forming a straight line with your legs and back) then bring it back in, then out and repeat as much as you want. then switch towards your left leg. Do this on a daily basis.
  2. if you have hand weights, grab a pair of weights (I use 8 pounds but if you need less go ahead and use less) and place them in yours hands straight out in front of you. bring your legs shoulder width apart and squat down. when you squat, pretend that you are about to sit on a chair. when you squat down, stick your butt out as much as you can. then when your going to get up, tighten your butt as much as you can and then when your going to come back down, release it and then tighten again. Repeat this.
  3. This excercise is my favorite. DANCE!!! when your dancing you tighten up your body and loose fat.

If you do these excercises on a daily basis, your definitly going to see results fast. I work at a gym, so if you need more excercises, just hit me up :]

Answer #3

I would suggest doing an extended squat. Squat and come back up 8 times. Then squat and hold for 8 seconds. Then start by taking baby steps to the right 8 times and then little steps to the left. 8 more on each side, then 4 more, then 2 more, then singles. I feel this one.

Answer #4

O.K, I’ll warn you now, I’m only 14. You’re probably like, how the heck can a 14 year old help me, well… I’ll do what I can, every bit counts right! I suffer with the same problem, Why? Because, every girl in my school has back, and I get no male attention at all, I can barely get a guy to say hi to me. I’m also teased alot about my non- shape. Anyways… Those excercises are a big help, I try to do them right before I go to sleep and eat alot right before I go to sleep, because that’s where you do most of your growing. My doctor told me that 90% of your growing occurs while you sleep, so that should help. Also try to eat alot of healthy calories. I’m trying too… So I’ll wish you good luck, and I’ll pray for you. Hope you succeed!

Answer #5

I HAVE A NICE J-LO BOOTY..but I’m African American so mine is natural…however Squats help…Jlo say she does the leg leap..which is squating down to jump up as hig as you can…also I learned from a military guy that you take a chair..stand on the chair BOTH feet…then hold onto the back of cahir and take one leg and take it OFF the chair as if your putting it down on the floor..go down as far as you can. and another great way to THICKEN up things that will put on weight such as ice cream, grits, potatoes…but YOU MUST DO SIT UPS OR AB COASTING..that way you will pick up weight..but with the excersise in the ab’s and the legs it will place the weight in your bottom and thighs which will be toned from the excersise…good luck chica!

Answer #6

im about the same size as you all I did is eat more you half to eat aleast 3,000 calories and do squats

Answer #7

im mad, I have a small butt and my friends tease me about it. How do I get a bigger one? and bigger breasts too? im african american and it comes naturally but I just started my period so maybe it just takes a while for it to kick in. Can anyone help?

Answer #8

believe me, squats worked 4 me

Answer #9

supplements. I have the biggest butt but a tiny waist. its not nice when guys talk about it to my face. I didnt use supplemnts tho. it was natural. try squats. leg presses too

Answer #10

Floor exercises is what I call them.

You get on all fours and kick your legs back.There are four positions.Toe-pointer,when you point your toe toward the ceiling,flat kick,pump ups,thats when your done with either the toe-pointer or the flat kick.

When your on your last kick on either one you pump your foot up.That squeezes the butt muscles even more believe!!!

Do as many reps as you want and last but not least the doggy stlye.Thats easy.Just lift your leg up like a male dog would use the washroom.And REMEMEBER”breathe”.lol


Just try them.It won’t kill you.Good luck!!!I hope they help you like they helped me

Answer #11

I would suggest that you stay away from eatting junk food because that will just get you fat literally. You should do workout focusing and working out your butt muscles which will enlarge it. I will be doing the same! Because I also lost wait and made my butt smaller. So good luck!!

try these workouts:

Answer #12

Well what me and our cheerleading squad does is a lot of lunges different kinds Side(sumo)lunges Right/left leg lunges Frog hots etc. A lot super mans and planks will help it’ll also help your stomach. But when I started cheerleading 2 years ago I startd off as a size 1. Then from working out so much my thighs and butt got a lot of muscle and then I went up into a size 5.!!

Answer #13

I am 19 year old model and a way to keep your shape and gain good muscle in your butt and breast is to drink soy protein. This is very good for you and holds lots of vitamins and estrogen. With a little a bit of work out and this drink you are sure to gain back a great shape. Drink 30 grams before a work out, and after a work out drink another 30grams. This take time maybe 30 days but do not give it up. You can also drink more than 30 grams and increase your work out for faster results. Remember, This is going to work, you will be healthier and more energized with a body to die for!!

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