How can I cope when things just keep getting worse?

I just want to curl up in the corner and wither away. High school so far has been the most awful, draining, unrewarding experience of my life. My best friend of three years, and my former favorite person in the whole world, spent forty minutes explaining why I’m a bitter and passive aggressive person. She ended by explaining that she needed some space…forever. I was already feeling pretty depressed about how high school isn’t right for me. Now I’ve lost the person who saved me when I was coming off a really bad year. Everything is falling apart, and it just keeps getting worse. I’m so tired. Wither wither. Suggestions, please, for the love of God?

Answer #1

like to give you some ‘magic advice ‘ that will suddenly make the whole world perfect, but that doesn’t exist- and things going baddly is the way of life sometimes. for the past 4 months, I have been getting up and going to a job that I hate. welcome to the real world. you can’t dwell in that corner forever, curled up, and wasting away. life is rough, MOST of the time, question is what you choose to do about it. you going to hide in the corner in some self- made coma, or are you going to get some “intestinal fortitude” (guts!). and learn to dwell in the real world. GET ON YOUR FEET and let everyone see that YOU are taking back control of your life and surroundings. there is a serious lack of the old “pioneer spirit” these days, if it were up to most ‘modern’ folks - nothing would have ever been discovered or obstacles surpassed. get on your feet and take control, once you get used to it, and start succeeding, everyone will see you in a whole new light, and you might just get some friends back. so quit whining!!! life after highschool only gets tougher!! so you had better learn to cope with it while you are in the relatively safe environment of highschool, when you get released into the world of the ‘big fish’ are you going to get eatin, or are you going to learn to swim as well?

Answer #2

I know exactly how you feel. I was the so called “bad kid” in school and wasn’t really given a chance cause of my last name. Needless to say my older brother left quite an impression on the faculty. Anyways, I lost my best friend of 4 years when I went into Junior High and then later on in High School I really had no friends. It wasn’t cause I was a geek or wasn’t smart or whatever, it’s cause I just kept myself so closed off thinking that life wasn’t going to get any better than this. I met this person one day after school while I was in Art making up some work. She was a weird girl I won’t deny that but she had a lot of good points about life in general. She told me that things always get worse before they get better. I was like wait thats not what I wanted to hear, and then I thought about it…what if she’s right? I had heard others say that before. I gave it a chance and let me tell you things did get WAY worse before they got better. I mean yeah you lost your best friend but that just leaves you with the opportunity to meet others and get to know more about yourself. I mean she left you with some good advice even though she probably didn’t know it. She told you how you were changing and that she didn’t like that. Well maybe you should take that into consideration. In High School girls especially take things so literally. Not all but most of them take things the wrong way and always believe the worst. Well that doesn’t always have to be that way. She gave you some negative traits about yourself but you can change those things now that you know. You can learn from them now. And who knows maybe sometime down the line she will come back and be like, Wow you have changed and I want to be your friend again or maybe we can work things out. Don’t blame her you know. She just didn’t want to be around your so called passive aggressiveness. Just keep your chin up and always remember that things always get worse before they get better and just when you think you have hit rock bottom the light WILL shine. Believe me I know!! Whatever you do don’t let it get to you. It’s just High School and you have the rest of your life to change and make things go the way you want them to go. Good luck yo!

Answer #3

I wonder if maybe your hurt and frustration has made a negative impression on your dear friend. Sometimes if a person is sad, depressed for a long time it does drain and strain friendships.

Think of it this way: If you were having a blast at a carnival down town with friends and you ran into another friend and when you saw her you noticed she was not having any fun, not smiling; right away she began telling you all her sad stories. How would you react?

It is very true that if a person stays depressed and unhappy for very long that they will alienate friends, no matter how close they’ve been in the past.

My dear you need a “make-over”! LOL, ok let’s get started, ok?

First , you must Ask God (if you are a Christian) about how you feel and ask Him to help you.

Second, Believe that He will bless you with His inner peace.

Third, Claim His promise that whatever you ask in His name, He will bless you with it.

That is the A, B, C’s of faith :o) A = Ask, B - Believe, C - Claim His promises! AMEN!

Now, you;ve laid the ground rules, now you must act on it, by throwing that depression and sadness at the feet of Jesus. He will take it if you give it to Him. With all that done, your faith will carry you forward with a positive attitude.

Most people do not want to hear sad things all the time, so become a “happy” person by acting the part. Look for things that brighten your day, like a little bird right outside your window singing away. Let it sink deep in your soul, put a smile on your sweet face and thank God for that treasure.

Keep seeing things in a fun, positive, adventurous experience and blessings from God, because all good things are from Him.

If you keep your eyes on Jesus (He is the source of light and love) then He will fill you with His love and His peace.

Next time you see your dear friend, you will be happy and fun. Let her see how you’ve changed. Live that life and make it your own. You will soon see that others will want to hang around you because you’ll be fun, light-hearted and they’ll want some of that too. God bless why ou, I hope this has helped you.

Answer #4

Highschool is such a small part of your life. Those popular kids in highschool turn out to be losers after highschool. Get your education so yoyu can get a good job.

Answer #5

Great post bekki

Answer #6

If you’ve been “coming off a bad year” and you still feel depressed, maybe you are. I think you should see a doctor and find out if you have clinical depression or some other disorder. The doctor can put you in touch with people who will help you work through your issues and learn new and better ways to cope with your life.

I know it seems as if your problems are permanent but they aren’t. However, these awful feelings can be permanent unless you find out why you have them and take action. I know it’s hard - been there, done that. But what do you really have to lose? Nothing. And what is there to gain? You whole life back. Good luck!

Answer #7

How ya doin Jillybean? I’m just checking back to see if you’d made any response to these helpful posts. I hope you’ve begun a brand life. “Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life!” Let us know how you’re doin, k?

Answer #8

Yes! With a good education you’ll be way out in front of all your school pals.

Answer #9

I’m sorry it is sooo long. I guess I’m L O and G winded! LOL

Answer #10

L O and G winded. I ‘m tripping over my fingers tonight LOL :o)

Answer #11

U may contact I will be your friend !!!

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