How can I only block private numbers on a cell phone?

Well its not my phone but its lgu300 and well like I’ve been gettin prank calls on it when it is my mums phone.I could get in trouble if she finds out people ringing on it. I dont know how they got my number. Well I went on settings and blocked people who I ahvent added in contact list. How can I only block private numbers?? Theres no option on the phone sayin block private calls.

Answer #1

There really is no way to block private or unlisted numbers from calling you for reasoning that there has to be a number for return call purposes and listings- but as most people would suggest:

Contact your local law enforcement agency and begin a case- secondly ask them if they would support efforts of wire tapping so that the number of the prank caller can be found and the prank caller arrested for harassment and disturbing the peace and thirdly- keep track of your incoming and outgoing calls by asking for said records from your wireless service and or look into them on your online wireless account.

Should law enforcement disregard your request for support as well as for a wire tap:

You can throw the prank caller for the ultimate loop and here is one way you can do it: Use the call forwarding feature that comes with your wireless services to forward calls to another phone number that has the call screening feature in order to get the prank caller to eventually have to give up their number in order to get a hold of you.

I am currently using this means as a way of keeping a stalker from using the same measures of repeatedly prank calling my cellular phone.

Dial *72 and the area code and phone number which you would like to to forward the calls to- press your send / talk button- wait the confirmation tones and or the automated message that signifies that your calls will be forwarded and then press end once the tones / message concludes.

For activating the call screening feature on your home phone which in turn will intercept the unlisted or blocked number: Dial 77 and wait for the automated message and or tones which will signify that you have activated call screening. In order to turn off call screening on the intercepting phone- dial 87- wait for the tones / automated to message to conclude and then hang up.

Once you have done both- I can personally garantee that sooner or later- the prank caller will A: Give up and decide to discontinue with their constant prank calls or B: Be ignorant enough to actually break down and decide to use their own number any ways which in turn will enable you to get their number- point law enforcement in their direction via the use of reverse phone look up- and badda bing- badda boom- instant arrest.

It is with great hopes that this strategy will be somewhat useful to you- if not it is with hopes that law enforcement in your community is a compliant force given the fact that your tax dollars pay their salaries.

On a short note also- Make it a point to talk to your wireless service about guiding you through the process of restricting incoming calls via your cellular phone. Whether most people know it or not- one can limit incoming calls by making sure that they only hear from people who are in their contacts list through specific settings on their phone.

Doing this also prevents private and unlisted numbers from getting through and annoys any prank caller to the point of either giving up or leaving their trail on your voicemail after they’ve grown bord with hearing nothing but constant ringing.

Should they leave verbal or background noise messages on your voicemail- be sure to have a voice-recorder handy to record their messages- use your speaker phone icon to turn on your speaker in order to get the sound or verbal message from your voicemail box. Make sure you hand any and all recorded evidence to your local Authorities.

Answer #2

Call what ever phone your phone is like at&t,vrison like that and then ask them to

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