How big of a gauge can one put in an ear and have it close up again

Whats the biggest size of gauge that you can put in your ear but take out so that they will close up to normal size? I have a size two in which is about 6 mm. I just haven’t tried to close them up yet.

Answer #1

I’m a body piercer I served my apprenticship at bonnie and clydes piercing parlor and have worked at 2 other locations in different states

1: What gauged were your ears pierced at. My lobes were pierced at 8ga and they(after gauging) will more than likley not get any smaller than 6ga

2: Play it safe!!! If you go beyound a 00 you run the risk of never having your ears completley close. What you use as aftercare is a big part in your healing process.

3: Were they torn? Were they blown out? Have your ears seemed like they were rejecting your plugs the entire time?

4:Scar tissue plays a major role in the closing of a plug

5: Get a second opinion!!! Everyones body reacts differantly dont take one persons word get the facts

In the years I’ve been body piercing I’ve heard a lot of BS so make sure youre doing the right thing.

Answer #2

I have streched mine to a 8 twice and it closes up just fine every time and it hurts less when you streach them again. my boyfriend had 0 in and his are closing up good you cant see though but you can tell they been gauged.

Answer #3

My boyfriend said anything bigger than 0 is too much to guarantee that it will seal up again.

He’s sticking with his 0s because of this, and I stopped at 4 because I’m a baby. :)

Answer #4

Look, I’ve had my gauges for about 4 years. I went from a normal ear post(18) down to a 5/8th in a one shot deal using a 1” knitting needle. I don’t recommend this due to pain levels. I have a very high pain tolerance so it doesn’t bother me much at all. Yes there was blood, but that’s your body’s indication that whatever you did, you probably shouldn’t have done. I’m now at an inch. Depending on what culture gauging has a different symbolism. Generally it indicates that a boy is becoming a man, or marriage, or some high social standing. I hate when people gauge their ears just to fit in with the emo scene kids. It’s not cool, it doesn’t make you hot. It is a spiritual act of growing up, or over coming a problematic area in life. Now at 1” I took them out for a day to breath, and they shrunk to about 5/8ths(I heal pretty fast because I take care of my body), and had to regauge to an inch. Gaguging is a big decision in life, due to risks of infection blowing out ripping taring, but if you decide to gauge take the risks into consideration. If you only gauge to a 2 or how ever small or big, good for you and I hope you’re doing it for good reasons. If you take them out that’s good too. It’s your own reasoning to why you do it and why you take them out. I’m graduating college after this spring semester, and I have a job waiting for me as a lawyer. I have to take my 1” gauges out for my job. No one will want to hire me if I have huge holes in my ears face anywhere on my body. So I’m hoping if I gradually gauge down and leave them out for a few days, they should grow down to a rather small hole, generally unnoticeable. But every person’s body is different and it really just depends on how you take care of your body(eating healthy exercising daily vitamins good hygiene.)

Answer #5

I was at a 5/8 and its a over a year later (I have a professional desk job)… dont listen to what you hear from other people that havent done it… the only sign of gauges left on my ears are little bumb scars.

Answer #6

I had 3/4 gauges I took them out for 48hrs and they went down to maybe 2’s. however I don’t think they’ll ever go that much smaller. a 6 if I’m lucky.

Answer #7

you people are dumb, I was at an inch and it closed up in a month and a half, and 2’s aren’t big at all. if you’re gonna get gauges man up and get a decent size, not your little ‘hot-topic-I-wanna-fit-in’ guages.

Answer #8

Before even stretching your ear lobe(s), make sure you research and understand the true meaning behind it. It should not just be some “trendy”, “cute” new thing. And it isn’t, it’s been around for thousands of years. There is a spiritual meaning behind it. Like others, I believe it’s opening your mind to the unconscious, and seeing many things you would not normally see. It means having wisdom, and knowledge about the universe around you and myself. It has also been known to represent “beauty”, the larger the lobe, the more beauty fills the spirit. I know it sounds like a bunch of b , but I believe it. But if you honestly, want to stretch your ears, check with your doctor about your health and how quickly you develop infections, as well as any local piercing/tattoo shop to figure out the safest way for you to stretch.

Answer #9

I had my ears gauged up to size 2s as well. I decided to go back to normal size about 7 months ago. They have healed pretty well, still a bit bigger than the standard earring size, which is an 18, but very close to normal. If you are planning on closing your gauges, I would suggest actually using gauges in decreasing sizes, instead of just taking the gauges out and waiting for the hole to close, because it speeds up the process and keeps the hole from looking deformed when it finally closes up.

Answer #10

Here’s a helpful hint: Don’t gauge your ears in the first place if your going to take them out later! It’s like a tattoo, it’s something you may have to deal with being permanent. You should have done your research and made more decisions before you even started gauging out your ears! My ears are now at 1 inch round and I don’t regret it one bit! Some people say they are ugly but I just laugh at those people because I gauge out my ears for the right reason. I use it as a form of symbolic purpose. Every time something epic comes into my life or happens (which isn’t ALWAYS a yearly thing) I stretch them out to remember all of the good things I have been through. When I look at my ears I see a whole lot of good in my life and they actually help me get through some bad times! Using your gauges as any other form but symbolic purposes is kind of like getting a tribal tattoo at the shop down the street for no god damn purpose. Know the origins of the body art you are wishing to get before getting it and if it’s something you want to do then do it and don’t look back! Hope this advice helps!

Answer #11

Theres a couple variables that come into place when opening and closing your earlobes, being the elasticity and how well you care for them. I have my ears stretched to 1/2 and I’ve downsized them and re-upped them several times. I’ve been stretching them for about 5 years. I DO NOT suggest that ANYONE uses rubbing alcohol or peroxide on their ears, honestly, the best thing you can do for them is mix salt into warm water and soak them. I wouldn’t even use anti-bacterial soap. When closing them I wouldn’t advise anyone to put smaller size jewelry in them if they really want them to close, the weight of the jewelry will more than likely just keep it open and weigh it downward… and depending on how heavy it is even stretch it out more. If you’re closing them after they’ve been blown out I would say just to salt soak them everyday and once the irritation from blowing them out has gone away, just massage them often, it stimulate skin growth. Hell, even if they haven’t been blown out and you want to close them massage them. Some oils I hear can be helpful to this too… like olive oil and bio-oil. Good luck! I hope this was useful!

Answer #12

you people are dumb. I was at an inch and it closed in 2 months and since then I’ve gone back from a 0 back to an inch in a month, and 2’s are not big at all! if you’re going to get gauges don’t take them out, and get a decent size not tiny little ones just cause you want to fit in and say you have gauges cause that makes you look stupid.

Answer #13

I have size 2’s and they have repeatedly closed up to at least about and 8 or a 10…had to restretch to put in a spare pair of 6’s after losing last pair of 2’s I had

Answer #14

mine were 2’s and closed up to normal size in about a week. but I can also gauge back up to a 2 in about 3 days. My ears are just stretchy I guess.

Answer #15

I had mine up to 00s, took it out after a while, it healed within a week. There’s no “turning back” point. Every body has a different elasticity, so its different for everyone. Don’t get them if you don’t want to commit to it.

Answer #16

my ears at 1/2 and I’ve done this twice they tend to heal to a 10-14 range. but evrey ones ears are different and react different to guageing but if you have attached ear lobs I would advise not going past 3/4

Answer #17

wow people are stupid on this do your research obviously 2’s will go back there so small im at 7/16’s and I know they’ll close but whats the point of gauging if your not gonna keep them. either you man up and gauge them or dont bother at all your just wasting time, im gaugin to 1/2 soon im just worried if I have enough room to do it. I’ve blown my ears out I just let them heal its just extra skin youll have in the back, just pull it off no biggy. take them out for a few hours a day to let them breathe. and when gauging make sure your lobes are moist use soap or other lubrication, it just makes it easier to get in, yes ky will work, I’ve gone from a 0 to 7/16 I dont really recommend this because it hurt pretty bad it bled a lot, it depends on your level of pain you can take. cleaning your gauges I’ve heard a lot of ways to clean sea salt and water, alcohol ect. I just use plane old alcohol and it works fine for me. I’ve had my gauges in for about 5 years now and im def not looking back and taking them out I’ve worked too hard to get here.

Answer #18

If you have a 0 or lower they close. I triple guaged my ears 0 2 and 4. And they all closed up just fine (:

Answer #19

I have 8 gauges right now and I’m planned on going down a size. I few times, in my process of getting down to this size, I’ve left my gauges out only for one night. For me my earlobes will start to close up after only on night. I think it depends on your earlobes. Everyone is different in the healing process.

Answer #20

dude mine are 5/8 right now im debating on going up another size but when I had 1/2 I took them out for a bit they healed to a 2 in like a week because I put smaller sizes iin every other day I think they heal back with what you put in possibly? but then again it depends fer real on what kinda ear you have

example my friend tyler had his to 1/2 and let it heal and it is back to normal size but theres stil an indent from gauging it

so fact you can get it back down but yer ear isnt gonna look how it did

Answer #21

I’ve had mine up to an inch and in about 3 or 4 months they were back to about a 1/2 inch but my lobes dont look weird when they shrink all the way up its hardly noticeable. just remember when stretching take your time or you will end up tearing or blowing out your lobe. I know because its happened to me and because of this my ears wont shrink up as much as someone who may have taken there time while stretching and not hurt there lobes. I guess what my advice would be is give about a week in between size jumps(always lubricate when strectching to antoher size) and only buy expensive gauges when your going to be staying at a size for a long time. and be careful.

Answer #22

mine were 3/4 of an inch and no hole just a little mark were they were… grow up to an inch no bigger or plastic surgery is required…I am a body piercer… everybodys body is different my best friend went to a 8 gauge which is shit compared to 00, 7/16, 1/2, and so on and he still has a big bump take care of it and it will heal properly.

Answer #23

I have gauged my ears to an eight 3 times and they go back easy and my boyfriend had 0 in and he took them out and his whole is closing you cant see through it but you can tell they were gauged. if you want them to go back I wouldnt go past a 4 thats as big as im going. Good luck

Answer #24

I had mine half an inch but right now since I am closing them they are probably 4 or 6

Answer #25

00’s will grow back to a normal size, if you go into halfs they will close up to like a 14 or 12 or 8 it depends. and dont go much bigger if your earlobees are attached to your head.

if you have any other questions just funmail me.

Answer #26

well, it all depends on you if you did it the right way and let them heal before stretching again, then the wont close as far, if you kept streetching and never let the raw inside of your ears heal then they will shrink much more. I had stretched my ears up to 2inches then took them out for a job and they closed to a 00 and when I stretched mine it only took a month to get to 2inches… but dont try it, it hurts and there is a lot of blood, and yes it was the wrong way.

Answer #27

I’ve gone from a 16 to a 00 is less then a week, my ear blew out but, they’re healing just fine. My friend’s are at 1 1/4 inch and her’s are said to never close but, who knows. Don’t waste your money or time if you’re just going to take them out.

Answer #28

Dude, some of you guys are wrong. I had 1 INCH gauges and I had them for about a year. I took them out three months ago and they will probably be closed in a month.

Answer #29

Don’t talk shit on gauges… It’s lame to do so. I have 2’s right now…and I may keep going up. They are cute on some people, so yeah.

Answer #30

… I don’t think gauged ears CAN go back to normal size. like once you start, theres no turning back. and 2’s are pretty dang big, sorry but I’m not sure they’re just going to shrink back to like size 18. I’ve seen teens on tv who have to go under plastic surgery to fix their ear lobes because they no longer wanted their gauges..

Answer #31

2g/6mm is the point of no return for most people

Answer #32

my cuzin had his gauges to a 7/16 of an inch and his ears are back to eighteens

Answer #33

you can go as big as an inch, my friends ear blew out and he put in smalled sizes, till he got them to regular size, and they are fine

Answer #34

I’m at 7/16 and my ears seem to be fine. I had a problem at 00 because I went to fast but I just went down to a 0 and after they healed a week later I went to 00 just fine. I’m pretty sure mine will close up, I’m just gonna stay at 7/16 for a while and see how that goes. I been stretching my ears for about a month and a half and my ears haven’t blown out.

Answer #35

00 is the largest you can do, if you want to be able to go back, but if I were you and wanted to be able to go back I would go to 4s anything bigger is unattractive and weird 0.o Hope this helps =D, Dae

Answer #36

Your ears can always* go back to a normal size, I’m at a 00g and took mine out for a few days and they shrunk back to an 8g. It pretty much depends on how big you stretch them to.

Answer #37

Some people on here are so rude! Just because you want to take your gauges out doesn’t mean your a baby. Some people have to take them out for jobs or other things like that. My gauges are 00 and yes, i’m thinking about taking them out, because now its something everyone has and I don’t like to be just like everyone else. Thats no fun. I’m doing my research because if I find out they won’t go back I might as well leave them in… but truthfully I kinda miss wearing regular earings.

Answer #38

i went to an inch and a quarter and i took em out for a job, i can fit a zero in my ear… dont even worry once u got past an inch and a half u fersure cant close em… once they start to sag that means ur screwd so go for anysize under an inch and a half

Answer #39

well this is a simple question that i could answer properly. it really doesn’t matter what size you go up to, at the max an inch. it really depends on the elasticity in ones ears. if you have good health (such as good exercise habits, good nutrition, and take care of your self on a regular day basis) this is a huge contributing factor. at the moment im only at a 00, and i plan to stay at it. if i would recommend doing this, for anyone who wants to, a 00 is the perfect size. this is because it will heal over time, if you gradually size up ( every 2-3 weeks) cleaning them also helps too, and spinning them around and if you dont plan to keep them for long, DON’T DO IT and for all the people with baby sizes, yes they will heal in like a week :)

Answer #40

some of you are just a*holes. seriously? no one cares if your gauges are bigger or what your reason was for doing it. thats for you to know and everyone else to not care about. so what if someone wants to take them out? thats their own choice so stop acting like youre better than everyone else because you think youre gauges are better because no one gives a sht. get a life. now, i had mine gauged to 7/16 and i took them out about a week ago BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT they just werent for me, fun big cheap earings are my fav and i missed them, but they are down to about a 4 or a 6 now and i just put a little A&D on them at night to keep them moisterized they were getting a little dry and i figured it would help them heal a little better. but im pretty sure they will go back to at least a 12 or 14 and thats good enough for me:)

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