What household things can you use to gauge ears?

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You can use beads

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You can use beads

why are ear gauges so popular now?

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Either get the money to STRETCH your eyes properly or dont do it at all. It's not a game. It's a permenant body modification, not something you mess around with. You're altering a part of your body. Do it right or dont do it at all. It is a BIG DEAL. As much as it doesnt seem like one, it IS!

what does gauging your ears stand for?
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***EARS! Aha:)

Is a cartilage piercing the same gauge size as a normal ear lobe piercing?

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alright. thanks :)

What ear is the straight ear to pierce?
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No problem. If you need any tips on ear stretching i'll be happy to help. Haha, I get offensive easily when it comes to this topic becasue so many people are stretching their ears for the wrong reasons and doing it the wrong way. I hate it. :D I'm at an inch right now. I know pretty much all there is to know about stretching. I ruined my ears by stretching them improperly, so that's a huge reason I try to make sure others know what they're getting into. XD

How big of a gauge can one put in an ear and have it close up again

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thanks, yeah the thing is, that my mom doesn't approve. and i reeaallyy want them. but only to size 10. and i can fit 14's now, so it wont be such a long process. idk how to start off though, like my friend said not to use a taper, can you help me out ?

which ear does a boy pierce his ear the right or left???
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Well, if you're at 14g then in two more stretches you'll be at your goal size. Let your mother know that you're not going to big. What did your friend tell you to use if she said not do use the tapir method?

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use spoons, if you can hang a spoon on your ears your in trouble,,,,,

How to reduce swollen ear..
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yeah, um i told her i dont want them too big, but she still disagrees. but im gunna do it anyway. my friend didnt exactly say what she uses. she just said household items, which caused me to ask that on here. and yeah she said its too big. cuz i wanna hide it from my mom. so what should i use? plugs?

How long do you wait to move up a size in gauges?
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Plugs wont stretch your ears, unless you just shove them in, which isn't a good idea. Tapirs gradually stretch them, without too much force. She thinks tapirs are too big? You can stretch using tapirs, wiat like an hour in your room and then put plugs in. You can slide the plugs in as you're sliding the tapirs out.

when the ear is red and purple and swellon is it infected?
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yeah i saw this girl doing that, okay thanks im gunna do that. and those 2 little black round circles hold it in place right?

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