How do I ask for more hours at work?

See, the thing is… I work at McDonalds and i’m just about to move out from home and they are giving me less days and I am doing overtime as it is so how do I ask for more days? I really need the money and i’m willing to tell them about moving but I just don’t know how to ask them for more hours. It isn’t really easy for me. Do I ask a nice manager?

Answer #1

just tell your supervisor / manager in person on your next shift or if there not there , leave them a note.

Answer #2

I’d ask your co-workers for their shifts first. If you present the option for you to take the place of someone else, the manager is less likely to freak about it. If everyone wants their shifts, then ask one of the nicer managers if they need any assistance around the store. They may have some odd end jobs you can pick up hours doing. You could also ask if other locations need help so you can do the same work but with different people. There may be options elsewhere for the same stuff you already do :) Above all else, you can say you need money, but I know that’s hard. Nevertheless, most managers will sympathize if you have a decent relationship.

Answer #3

I’d take aside a manager and talk to them in person about it. Notes aren’t very effective. Other forms of messages aren’t either, especially since they can get misplaced, forgotten, or go completely ignored.

So if you take a manager aside (go for whoever you’re most comfortable with), just let them know your situation. Tell them that you’d be willing to work the extra shifts because you need it, and that you’d really appreciate it.

Unfortunately you can’t expect them to, so if you’re really hard strung for money, you could (and probably should) consider working elsewhere where you’re sure to get better hours and/or pay.

Answer #4

The thing is… The manager that arranges peoples shifts.. I don’t get on well with him.. I don’t have anything in common with him and he is just.. pretty scary to me. I am willing to tell him. I am doing overtime as it is and I usually done about 5 or 6 days a week but he is employing new people and they are taking my days and i’m getting now 3 days a week and that is barely anything and I really need the money, the nearest mcdonalds is in edinburgh and I don’t have the money to get the bus there and back every day so what do I say to him? I can’t possibly live off 3 days work. The newbies are taking my shifts, they dont even need new workers and I just, don’t know what to say to him.

Answer #5

Are there any other food places to work? If you’re having that much trouble, I’d strongly consider getting a new job with more hours. People like enthusiastic workers and will usually oblige their their need for hours.

Answer #6

There are only cafes where I live, it’s only a town I live in and there are no jobs available at all. I need this job, but I just need to ask for more hours. I’ve been doing overtime everyday since I last got paid so it’s been a week and a half. I was meant to be working thursday 11-7 and I checked online and it said I was. I wasn’t working monday-till wed and then I checked again and it said I wasn’t working thursday either and complained to my manager on facebook (cause she added me a while back O.o.. nosey person…) and she said if i come in tomorrow at 12, she’ll send some people home. But she isn’t usually in charge of shifts, it’s Andy and I don’t want to ask him. Should I ask gabby to ask Andy for me? Is that a bad idea?

Answer #7

i know you mentioned you where scared , i know that feeling , in the end I havent spoken to my supervisor and or manager about what I needed. Best to talk to him how you feel and why this is happening , may be your supervisor thinks your not a good worker and slowly laying you off work till you have no shifts , another thing is your 16 meaning the staff he could be hiring could be younger and cost les then you meaning that he doesnt have to pay them as much meaning it makes for money for mcdonalds. let your manager know your circumstances and explain to them what you are doing , asking for more hours is better then asking for less. also you could alsways get a second job in your area , early morning shifts or nite shifts.

Answer #8

yeah i do agree with notes , there not always the best , talking to them in person or over the phone is better , it depends where u work , i used to work @ woolies and in a pharmacy and we had a diary we wrote notes in if the boss or manager wasnt working.

Answer #9

Thanks, Allessandra, but the thing is, where I live, you have to be at least 16 to work at mcdonalds so i’m getting paid least of all workers and I do great at my job, I work really hard but i’m just getting less hours and it’s bugging. I mean, I could just work an extra day and it wouldn’t have killed on my legs than doing 11 hours in a row non stop busy. It’s getting irritating, i’ll talk to him tomorrow about it if he’s working. I’ll ask gabby if she can get me more shifts first.

Answer #10

ok good luck , let me know the outcome! send me a funmail:)

Answer #11

I’ll try and remember. heehee :)

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Answer #13

You should ask the Store Manager. Each McDonald’s has an official Store Manager who is in charge of all other Managers and oversees all store operations including hours scheduled. Ultimately all the other Managers must follow the Store Managers directions. If the Store Manager instructs the scheduling manager to give you more hours then they must comply.

Now, they may not want to pay you overtime. It is a lot cheaper to pay two people their regular rate instead of paying 1 person overtime to do the same work. You need to ask. Also, you need to find out if the overtime would continue or if it would decrease when business is slower. Most McDonald’s will not promise a certain amount of hours each week. They need to keep their cost of labor under control and the only way to do that is give out hours depending on their sales.

Answer #14

This has helped me alot. Thank you, Ponypal. I’ve going to take your advice, ask the official manager and ask for more hours and ask if it is going to be continuous. I’ve decided to save up quite a bit more and move out a bit later on in the year so I know I have backup money incase something goes wrong which is a much better plan :)

Answer #15

I am glad I could help.

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