Why don't homeless people get a job?

why don’t homeless people get a job and go to a public bathroom to wash themselves

Answer #1

they don’t have any qualifications so…

Answer #2

soo true. instead of feeling sorry go out and look for a job.

Answer #3

Sometimes people choose to be homeless and not have a job. I dont know why they just do and some people that are homeless not by choice and do want to get a job might go and try to get hired but not be becasue there would be someone better theyre going against.

Answer #4

I think because they are homeless, and even if they do get the job who wants someone who smell so bad working for them?

Answer #5

i always wondered that myself. part of me thinks it is pure laziness on their part, after they were laid off or fired from their previous job b4 they went homeless. but another part is employers, because their hygiene is by far not the greatest so they don’t even bother considering them for a job.

Answer #6

They can work at mc donalds

Answer #7

Haha ya

Answer #8

ORLY? You can work at mcdonalds even if you dont havee qualifications?? I’m sorted then, if I fail my exams. :D

Answer #9

/: ya that’s true

Answer #10


Answer #11

That’s why they go to a public bathroom to wash themselves

Answer #12

I think it’s does with they give up

Answer #13

It can be sometimes be that they don’t have what they are looking for in the jobs, they don’t have the education, and sometimes they don’t have the money to, sometimes you need money when you apply for a job. Sometimes they can also be ashamed of who they are and don’t want to get denied or something. Also sometimes, it can be they simply don’t want one, some people think that being outhere is better than working hard everyday. They all have their own personal reasons.

Answer #14

Lol ya

Answer #15

well to be honest, I don’t think they can. I mean after all some homeless guy posters are “Will work for food/money”. Most homeless (or as they like being called, “houseless”) people are dropouts from high school or even middle school. Homeless men find it harder to find a job (as women can attempt prostitution) that do not require high school graduation diplomas. I find that homeless people are very unfortunate. Some are runaways and don’t care about their family (that is the reason why they probably ran away in the first place). I often see homeless people downtown. I especially see old men in wheelchairs, and I presume they are war veterans. They also probably can’t find a job because they have no recommendations and are basically unknown. I hope this helps. God bless all the homeless people

Answer #16

They can work at mc donalds(: anyone can work there you just have to be a certain age

Answer #17

omg, woohooo my life is sorted, I love McDonalds anyway!

Answer #18

A guy can raise enough money to get a girl wig and then get a job :D

Answer #19

can i get some fries with that?

Answer #20

Well I didn’t know that at all, I didn’t know you didn’t need anathing to work there. Still they might have shame, because they know that if a homeless guy applies and so does a high school student, they will choose the high school student just because he has a bit more on his application.

Answer #21

Down here in Tennessee, the majority of the homeless population are Veterans from the war. Some people don’t have a choice and it is not for them to decide their destiny.

Answer #22

XD you do realize you barly make any money there right?

Answer #23

yeah, take loads of salt aswell, it transforms tasteless chips to nommy masterpieces!

Answer #24

Haha ya mc Donalds is nice so ya anyone could get a job there

Answer #25

That sucks /:

Answer #26

I like your comment. but a man posing as a prostitute is not a good sight. I mean who wants to see a man with a thong and his package. Well it could also depend on age, ethnicity, gender.

Answer #27

YAY! do i get a toy aswell ??????

Answer #28

as long as i have enough money to buy makeup and food it’s fine by me.

Answer #29


Answer #30

yeah! you can get the toy that looks really cool, but in the end you wont be able to work out what the hell you do with it. :)

Answer #31

Lol ya sooo true XD

Answer #32

It’s not that easy man

Answer #33


Answer #34

Well ya but they could try

Answer #35

“Anyone” can not work at mcdonalds, there are still amounts of qualifications necessary.

Answer #36

hmm well then ill just have a happy meal thanx

Answer #37

Pretty much anyone can I saw a deaf person working there once

Answer #38

A job? Why? To pay what bills???

Answer #39

So they can pay for food and a blanket

Answer #40
  1. some people choose to be homeless
  2. to get a job you need a place of residence, but they’re homeless soo…. :/
  3. to get a job you must make a good impression at an interview - with good clothes, hygiene etc
  4. who would look after their dog when they’re at work?? :O
Answer #41

Oh, and 5) some homeless people make a decent wage off begging. Last year there were some beggars in New York that earned higher than the average teacher… Js.

Answer #42

They can work at mc donalds and if they have a dog they need to give it to a shelter

Answer #43

Plus most don’t have dogs

Answer #44

a. they cant find one b. maybe they r disabled?? c. they dont have the right clothes d. they could just be not right for the job e.maybe they dont want too =)

Answer #45

Uhhhh that one was a joke, lol. But you need a place of residence to get a job, and you need somewhat decent hygiene to work in a restaurant. Even if it is McDonalds

Answer #46

Acually you don’t have to have a home I know someone who got a job there and didnt have a home and anyways they can go to a public bathroom to clean themselves

Answer #47

@ Alissa volkov mcdonalds workers shud get paid a lot more cuz my teacher said that if you own a mcdonalds store you could make like as much as the president of u.s. (btw, the president isnt filthy rich it just seems like it!!)

Answer #48

they could sell theyre dog to buy clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Answer #49

Lol ya!!

Answer #50

I saw a deaf person working at mc donalds

Answer #51

A. They can work at mc donalds B.I saw a deaf person working there once C. They give you your outfit to wear at mc donald D. Hmm E.if they don’t want to then that’s their problem!

Answer #52

homeless people might not have any qualifications, they might not have bank accounts to put the money into, they might have a disability, ect. there are many reaosns why they dont work. soemtimes they cant even afford to take care of themselves and personal hygeine is a huge issue in a job, especially in a fast food resteraunt.plus there are millions of people applying for a job their and obviously they cant hire everybody. one user said she saw a deaf person work their…well a deaf person is not a homeless person. and to “Emma” no your life isnt sorted because you can be a college dropout who still has a job at mcdonalds, that wont get you anywere in life and wont get you enough money to afford anything good. getting good grades and qualifications is EXTREEMLY important, dont be another one of those dumb kids with no education and no decent job or future ahead of you.

Answer #53

Deaf people aren’t disqualified to make or hand out food, I’m not sure exactly why you keep bringing that up. Maybe they can’t specialize in the sociobiology of birds and their calls, but deaf people are just as qualified to work as anyone else, provided they’re able to communicate thoroughly and be able to take orders from others. My 10th grade science teacher was deaf, so them working at mcdonalds just has nothing to do with anything, in my opinion.

Answer #54

It seems all very cut and dry, doesn’t it? Do you know their circumstances? I was homeless once. I was 15, and at that time, I was too young to qualify for government aid like welfare, no employer would take me because I didn’t have a home phone or address where I could be reached, not to mention the fact that all the scrubbing off in the world in a gas station bathroom can get the stench and dirt from street life off of you and your only set of clothes. Do you really think it’s that easy to walk off the street into an establishment and ask for a job when you have no qualifications, no experience, no clean clothing, no references, and no home? You can pass judgements and opinions all you want, but until you’ve been there, you have no idea.

Answer #55

Read Colleen’s answer and stop being so prejudiced, thanks

Answer #56

Sigh. Talk about ignorance. Do you know how the unemployment rate is calculated? They look at people who are SEARCHING for jobs but are UNABLE to find a job. Which means a significant percent of people are unable to find jobs even though they are actively looking. Not to mention a significant percent of the homeless suffer from a serious mental illness or a substance abuse problem. It’s oh so easy to sit and judge people. Honestly though I think it is easier to simply dismiss them as lazy. It means people dont have to feel guilty about their society creating poverty and homelessness, and hey people are too lazy to do anything about it (funny how they target lazy as the characteristic).

Answer #57

unfortunantly no, not everyone CAN work at mcdonalds. so while it might be nice to think of Alissa, its not true

Answer #58

i am homeless i am goal to get job i can save money so i can find place away when i have address to use my friend ‘s address when i carry my bags can i go to working a job ? there have free shower and wash clothes no problem that why i am asking you can i go ahead to have job when i am homeless to collect money to save !

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