How can I hide my cutting?

I can’t stop cutting.I was able to stop for a while but now everything seems worse.More people are noticing the scars on my arm and my mom is about to come home from a trip and I don’t want her to see any more marks does any one know a good way to hide it?

Answer #1

Try your feet, most people won’t look there. My husband is around to look at my torso, but if no one sees that, that is a good place too. That’s where I prefer to cut but I can’t hide it well enough anymore. But do try to get some help from a prfessional because this pain really can’t go on forever and I would hate to see it escalate to suicide.

Answer #2

I cut on my shoulders wait till the other cuts heal then just start by your shoulders and upperthighs although I found the shoulders works better

Answer #3

honestly I think cutting is not cool, but its your arms and do what you want. as far as covering the scars goes, heres a couple of ideas

wrist bands that are pretty wide/thick jeans long sleeve shirts ace bandages

hope you feel better..

Answer #4

honestly I think cutting is not cool, but its your arms and do what you want. as far as covering the scars goes, heres a couple of ideas

wrist bands that are pretty wide/thick jeans long sleeve shirts ace bandages

hope you feel better..

Answer #5

I have been cutting for 4 years now, I have scared my arms … seriously. I have had to go in for stiches on my wrists several times. I stopped cutting for a couple months after my family found out and checked me into rehab. But lately I’ve just been hurting, to badly to just paint on a fake smile and pretend to have emotions. I cut my hips and along my stomach, but the rush isn’t even close to running the blade across my wrist, deep across. I am constantly being monitered, but I need it, I need to feel like it’s okay even just for alittle while. How to I hide something that runs up and down my entire wrist? Some body please help (:

Answer #6

I cut and I showed my friends at school to see if they could help and all they did was start and now they think it is funny…but I just wear long sleves or brasletes but if you dont pick at your scabes they wont scar as bad eather

Answer #7

yea I got the same problem what I do tho is I dont cut my wrists anymore I cut my thighs and legs you can do it by your knees and say you fell on rocks use coverup and bracelets but please try to stop even tho its hard

Answer #8

use cover up I use to have the same problem..I stopped but it was really hard to and sometimes I even still do it…

Answer #9

I could try talking to someone they will try and help u. but if not wear a long top.

Answer #10

well coverup works and if you dont cut your wrists and move to the upper leg or stomach works I cut but I cut my stomach so others dont see

Answer #11

No offense, but you are just a kid. I cut my legs. My upper thighs are covered in razor gashes. The difference is, I’m almost 20 and have been through so much emotional and financial drama in the last 12 months it isn’t funny. Really, what do 12 and 13 year olds have to worry about besides getting their homework in on time?

In relation to your question, if you still feel the need to cut, do it in a place it wont be seen. I started on my forearm because sometimes I get a feeling similar to an itch and it feels like that is the equivalent to the scratch I need. After that I moved more towards my upper arm, because it tended to bleed heaps. Then, realizing that it would be too hard to hide and the cat excuse wouldn’t hold up, I started on my stomach and thighs, then when I ran out of space on my thighs, I started on my calves. I even carved words into my skin. I know I have to stop, and I do for a while, but then something happens and I feel like I have to do it again. Its not good, but its the way it is. Just stay strong and do your best to stop..

Answer #12

hunnyy. dontt hiddee. I usee to cutt . I started off sccratchess thenn they turned to gaugess. that left scares. you need help. first sit yourr mom downn and tell her your issues. how you cut . you need to go to mental hospital. I know it soundss messed up. its not that bad. the people there are just like everyone elsee. you met so many great people there. im not crazyy. I been in 4. for cuttin and sucidie ampets. just do me a favor. check yourself or have your mom check you in if you countine. if you think no one loves trust peoplee do im justt sayinn. well I hopee everythingg works outt. good luckk.

Answer #13

I am 12 years old and I just started cutting my wrists. The other night at dinner I reached to get my napkin and I completely forgot about the cuts. my mom was sitting right beside me and im oretty sure that she saw the am really scared she is going to try to talk to me about them. My life really sucks right now and I feel like I have no one to talk to and no one cares. Someone help!!!

Answer #14

I dont know… I have the same problem I cut in places no one can see but ocasionally I cut my wrist and I cant stop and my parents dont know and I dont want them 2 ever find out b-because I wont have to kill myself they will do it 4 me!

Answer #15

look I have this problem right now I cant stop whats happen to me I get so down so deppresswed about stuff it just happens as as covering it up atm I am wearing bangles or sweatbands or even finger les gloves but im trying to stop I have always sed to myself that im ashemed of what I do but I dont regat it but in my mind I know I do and it realy needs to stop you can also put foundtion ovr it and it doesnt stick out as much hope this helps stop soon :) x

Answer #16

um I just use a lot of bracelets,or wrist bands,its to hot in TX to waer a long shirt and people will wonder why your waering long sleves in the middle of the summer so go with braclets,umm to stop you can where a rubber badn around oyur wrist and everytime you need to cut snap the band (it hurts!) and it works

Answer #17

When I started I scratched pictures on my hands, people saw those. But after a while you get better at hiding them. When I started to make gashes and burns all over myself no one saw. Long trousers and sleeves are key. And avoid going swimming. Everyone thinks that I’ve stopped. Try and get help, I started at twelve.

Answer #18

I’ve been cutting for 3 years now, but in a way that it don’t scare but still gives me the relief I need from it. It got really bad a few months ago where my whole arm was covered, but I have always wore longs sleeves so no one suspects anything I also wear braclets just to be safe as I no one knows not even my closest friends, one of them nearly found out but I covered it up by using my eczema as an excuse for wearing the braclets. I also at one point cut my hand hand rubbed it against a brick wall to make it raw flash and to bleed which I covered up using, fingerless gloves and arm warmers.

Answer #19

I cut its not good I try to stop but cant just cover them buy waches cover up braslits hair ties bangles I don’t know what eles

Answer #20

Well I gone through the same problem and had friends on the same track and its hard but what we should do is use a lot of braclets or write on our hands and stuff so the scars didnt show as much but what u should do to stop is when u want to cut urself just do something that keeps your mind business all the time or KEEP AWAY FROM ANY KNIFE AND ANYTING THAT CUTS U and also try something that stops u from cutting urself like punish urself everytime u want to try like something that hurts so u learn to stop because it comes to a point where u can get ill and have a disease and die and try to talk 2 your close by friends u trust ok because this is serious. Good luck and please stop …

Answer #21

just wear a long sleaved shirt thats what I do! or arm warmers. they work as well.

Answer #22

A friend of mine in school has the same problem but she wears a long top somtimes or jackets or long shirts. But try talking to some body about your problem please

Answer #23

I just started cutting myself and I am 13 year old I dont know what to do I have tried ever thing so I would not cut myself but it did not work I use a wrist band to hide it. and I have not found the right time to tell me mom about me cutting my wrists please help me I dont know what to do.

Answer #24

i am 16. ive been cutting since i was 13. why? depression, neglect from family, drug abuse, bullying from friends/ peers, and a dying boyfriend. basically, i’m fucked up. i cut from my wrist to my upper arm and my stomach but ive also cut my thighs and fingertips. with my arms i have to wear long sleeves or jackets because bracelets don’t cover high enough. thighs, wearing longer pants or leggings. stomach i just don’t take my shirt off around people and fingers aren’t really looked at for cutting.

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