Is it possible to hide a lip peircing from the old folks?

Answer #1

No. Its absolutly visible. sorry :/

Answer #2

No, but you could always get a retainer for the piercing and wear it when you are around your parents. The retainer won’t be completely invisible, but it is clear and plastic so it’ll be less noticeable than normal lip piercing jewelry.

Answer #3

I think they’ll notice a piece of metal in you’re face..

Answer #4

Get a clear ring, and just put it in when your around them. I pierced my nose and had a clear stud in it.. My mom didn’t notice until four months later?

Answer #5

you could switch to a clear plastic piercing, i had some(not to hide lol i just thought they looked neat), it’ll be less noticible but they will definitely notice..unless they have bad eyesight :P

Answer #6

Wellmy dad took my to get one side of my lip pierced and I did the other side by myself and hid it from my mom but the only way I did that was by being in my room all day and she didn’t notice till one day but I kept it any way

Answer #7

yes. you have yo get a clear flat back with removeable top stud, and cover up make up,. you put in the flat back and dont but on the top part and just put a little dab of make up on it. if they ask what that bump is get all defensive and say its a zit XD

Answer #8

thats not what i was after. im after tricks duh

Answer #9

Just take it off when you’re around them.

Answer #10

@Kaliste : It needs time to heal first. JS. If you take it out all the time around said parents then it would grow easier for infection, and it would heal over.

Answer #11

you could hide a smilie or frownie easily (: x

Answer #12

You can’t ask people how to hide a piercing from your parents, get an answer and then try to change the question, just because you dont like this particular answer. It doesn’t work like that. And it’s not duh. You never asked what are some tricks. maybe you should re-read your question….

Answer #13

well im sorry if she is stating the obvious, but no crap theyre going to noice a peice of metal in my face if i just let it be, if she doesnt have an answer than she shouldnt have said anything at

Answer #14


Answer #15

Well, being “cool” takes sacrifices. This lip piercing thing is typical for this age, but once she grows a little older she will get bored of it. So now either her parents understand she’s just going through a phase and let her do it, or she can try to hide it from them for a while.

Answer #16

LOL, She’s not trying to be “cool”. Getting a piercing is not about trying to fit in, or be “cool”. It’s about getting somethign that you want, looking nice, and it’s something you really like. It’s not a phase. I’ve had my lip piercing for over 3 years. I still love it. Don’t say sh!t about something you clearly know nothing about. It is an art form, as tattoos are.

Answer #17

Uh… I think that was an answer, and I have a right to say anything I wanna. Also.. when you ask a question on FA anyone can answer it. If you don’t like it, oh well.

Answer #18

you can answer, but the whole point is to give HELPFUL answers, not useless ones like you have given me.

Answer #19

Useless? Okay, I’ll give you a real helpfull answer. Ask your parents if you can get one. If they say no, wait. Problem solved :D There is no need to do something like that behind their back in the first place.

Answer #20


Answer #21


Answer #22

no jayden I haven’t :( you just don’t get it do you? Im pretty sure I dont want to wait when I move out. And your answer was still useless, like I said, I’m after TRICKS, DUH. I’d stop now if i were you, just saying.

Answer #23

no jayden I haven’t :( you just don’t get it do you? Im pretty sure I dont want to wait when I move out. And your answer was still useless, like I said, I’m after TRICKS, DUH. I’d stop now if i were you, just saying.

Answer #24

You’ve had it for 3 years but you’re still a teenager. “It’s about getting somethign that you want, looking nice, and it’s something you really like.” That’s not even an argument. And when someone gets something that looks nice, they don’t do it for themselves, that’s bulls*it, you don’t need to look in a specific way for yourself, you need to do it so other people see you and label you in some way. And honey, don’t talk to me about art, cause i’m sure i know more about it than you do as i am a visual artist myself. And getting a lip piercing and hiding it from your parents, that’s not artsy. That’s just some teenagers’ way of trying to be cool.

Answer #25

It was the most useful answer I’ve seen on here… and it looks like at least 8 people kinda agree. Just sayin’ :P

Answer #26

LOL katie i love you

Answer #27

Love you toooo! :D

Answer #28

It doesn’t really matter who liked it because it still didn’t answer my question.

Answer #29

i dont want a lip piercing to look cool to be honest no one in my school even has one.

Answer #30

Then what exactly is the point of getting one? Do tell :D

Answer #31

Wow.. this is pointless. I think I’m done arguing with someone who isn’t going to listen -_-

Answer #32

LOL kailliste.. Your fcuked. I really want to strangle you right now. You are stupid. and you know more about art then i do ? LOL thats funny bud,

Answer #33

also wasnt aware this waas a fcuking competition.

Answer #34

is it so hard to understand that I dont agree?

Answer #35

i love how theres like two arguments on this page, yet none have been deleted… odd GL with your piercing though ! dont take it out though when u try hiding it. it WILL get infected, and heal over

Answer #36

I knew that 4 days ago… -__- Thats why I said “I’m done” but apperently you don’t even understand simple english.

Answer #37

the reason why i want one is because I think it would look good on me, I’m not low enough to get it to look cool. Did I answer your question? Now get off my fuking page and quit trying to find ways to get up my ass cause your really starting to Piss me off.

Answer #38

Well then should’nt you’re parents understand that? That sounds like a good reason, that they might respect :) But you are low enough to think about getting one with out your parents permission? Hmm… interesting.

Answer #39

noooo katie noooooo your going to set the tiger loose again !!

Answer #40

I’m really not trying to do anything to make her mad Trudell :)

Answer #41

i dont think its low to get one without my parents knowing, you dont know them and the way they see things so why judge? HMM… INTERESTING.

Answer #42

lol i hope so cause that would be rude :p and i know your not rude lol

Answer #43


Answer #44

@Trudell, actually, you are the stupid one, dear. I so like it when a kid gets mad at me, it’s so cute. Yes, i do believe that i know more about art. And it was not a competition, i was making a point, cause i can’t stand it when ignorant brats come and say that their lip piercings are art. But it’s obvious that you don’t see my point and you won’t any time soon, so i don’t know, go smoke some w33d or something.

Answer #45

LOL were the same age child. You’re pathetic. Still you see not what im trying to put across. What ever, immature one. I know you would like to believe you the smart one in this argument, but your not the one everyones agreeing with are you ? Also im not mad, im amused.

Answer #46

Also, there you go, trying to fit a stereotype with OUR age, when its not true. If you did your research before trying to criticize me, you would know i don’t smoke pot.

Answer #47

Okay.. now you’re both getting a little immature here.

Answer #48

How am i being immature ? Im simply explaining things. Just as you did in other comments. So please dont come bud in when i could be saying the same thing to you. Right ?

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