What's the average jogging speed?

Hay whats the avg running speed for a 14 year old…im just curious : )…and um is running on the treadmill a lot easier then running outside..? thanks

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Well running on a treadmill is good for monitoring, whereas, running outside gives you more oxygen, change in level increment, which will burn calories faster. But, I would suggest treadmill for training and speed increment. And as you said, you are 14, but what height? If you are at least 60 inch, a normal jogging speed is 5.5-6.00 mph, and if you are around 5’8” or more, 7 mph is a normal jogging speed. Well, I am 5’9” and I usually run at 8.2-8.3 mph for 35 minutes. I think that is normal because, I do not lose any weight and give me energy throughout the day.

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I think it will be somewhere around 4 miles an hour if you jog but it depends how much effort you put in so I guess about 4mph. I dont run but am going to start soon, like tomorrow. I live in braunstone town which is a great place to go running, jogging etc. By the way I am 13 and I wanted to know this so I looked it up just now. It says 6.9 mph for an average 36 year old male but you are only 14 so it would be less.

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If you use a treadmill the average jogging speed is 4.0, when I work out and jogg on the treadmill the most comfortable speed I can jogg long distance with is between 4.5 and 5.0 Using the treadmill versus running outside is easier on your joints but you burn more calories by running outside in less time.

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Well I started running at 14 and I think my mile time for training was about 6:05 but now im down to 5:05 a mile and im only 16. It just depends on how many miles your doing and how many speed workouts youve done. Try Fartlek workouts or negative split workouts if you dont like working out on the track.

As far as treadmills there softer on the joints and knees then they are on the street. Try running on the street against traffic instead of the sidewalk because they tend to be harder.

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I don’t know how fast you can go but I think tredmill is better depends on what you like

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Running outside is better for you period, your body adjusts to different more natural elevations, and same with your lungs getting used to different temperatures while working them is a lot healthier. As for the joints at first its not good on them but after awhile its even better because the harder strain you put on them the stronger they will heal in the end, and the stronger they will be in other aspects of life! As for the averaqge speed for a 14 year old… no idea im 19 and I would say im about 17-23 km/h on average. Goodluck running is great!

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hell yes running on a treadmill is easier, im currently training for a triathlon and I was doing about 5km in 13/14 minutes which I was super proud of, but now I’ve started running outside in prep. and my time is significantly higher! so my advice is, if your training for an event run outside but if your not looking for too many sore legs or anything then run inside, btw im 14 too.

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there is no real average running speed you just run at a pace that is good for you and if you have to beat a certain time for lets say a mile and you run it a little slower just pick up the speed a little bit each time you run just don’t over push yourself and drink plenty of water and some milk or gatorade before and after the run. believe me I am in the army I know that as long as you run at your own personal pace and work towards your goal you will get it or do better than it…and personally I would prefer running outside or in a gym over a treadmill because I don’t know I feel like you have a goal outside or in a gym like 4 laps is your mile so every time you make a lap you feel closer to that and yea a treadmill does count how far you’ve gone but I don’t like them

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Your own pace is whats best for you; there are many variables. I’m also fourteen, but I’m a female, about 103 pounds, and 5 feet 1 in height. My jogging speed (I know this because I’ve started jogging recently) is 6 mph. Your height, weight, gender, age, and whether you’re running on a treadmill all affect your speed per hour. I think for a 14 year old female, the average speed is 5.5 - 6 mph, and for males, 6 - 7 mph. Running outside, as pointed out, is better for you if you’re looking to train your body for a certain sport or activity because your lungs and organs learn to work through different temperatures, and different terrains. Plus, chances are whatever you’re training for, won’t put you on a treadmill rather than on grass or concrete to test you. Treadmills are easier because you control everything, but easier means less calories burnt and less muscles worked. Remember that. jen1892 said that you should inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth; NEVER forget that. I know that for me when I start to use my mouth while running, after I’m done my lungs just hurt and when I cough it doesn’t sound too good. The more you use your nose in breathing(though its harder) the better. Never push yourself too hard because that’s when you usually injure yourself. As long as you can feel your body adjusting but your breathing isn’t too irregular, you should be fine.

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o yea remember to breath right too in through your nose out through your mouth it works

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I’m 64 and go on the treadmill every day. I go at 4 mph (walking) and every few minutes I jog at 5 mph or 5.5 mph and keep alternating like that. I do 4 miles every day and feel good after! I also do yoga on Mon, Wed, and Fri, and lift weights with 8 lb dumbells on Tues and Thurs. I’m 5’ 5” and stay slim because of the exercise.

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