Answer #1

When you have sex your breasts “temporarily” grow. They do not stay that way.

Answer #2

Boob job. Theres also “growing creams” as anghellic614 said. But, to be honest, none of them will work…except for a boob job…but natural is better.

Answer #3

There are so-called “Growing creams” and pills that claim they will make your boobs grow. However, the only thing that makes them grow is your hormones. I was always trying to figure out ways to make mine grow when I was younger, but nothing worked. I gained weight and they went from a B cup to a C cup when I was in college, but as soon as I lost the weight I am back to a B cup. If you want big boobs to impress a guy, don’t waste your time or your money. Trust me, there’s a lot of guys out there who will love what you have to offer.

Answer #4

im in the same postition its really annoying. But im just waiting and just hope for big boobs. :}

Answer #5

genetics. ha thats the only way your boobs will “grow” plus all the creams and stuff do is give you more estrogen so there can be some side effects w that

Answer #6

if you have big boobs, then the greater chance you’ll probably get raped or sexually harassed. if you have a big chest he guys will probably like you for your boobs

Answer #7

you know what? keep it natural I am 13 and im a 32a! trust me dont stuff! I got cought putting a sock in my bra by my friend! never again will I ever do that. just never use those creams keep it natural! :) my sister was flat till 15! -oh dont worry thoe. some guys find it sexy and attractive! if you havnt had your period yet, dont worry. I dont have my period either and I do not want it! but when it comes, dramastic change from a girl to a woman. dont rush yourself! youll be fine. im in the same position here. try a push up bra. they can be expensive. khols has cheap ones too! :) so good luck <3 I cant wait till I develop, but I can. having small or no boobs is normall but today girls develop because of hormones in food. and if you can go out there, with a flat chest with pride and stuff! wow! this gil in my schhool is completely flat me almsot lol and she lives her life! and she is such a nice person :)

Answer #8

You ladies are too concerned about what others think! Breast were not intended for the man they were intended for babies… and a woman’s figure and vagina and how it looks and /or functions was not created the way it is to suffice the many different opinions of image approval from so many different possible attractions of so many different others, they were meant for you, because it simply makes you WHO YOU ARE and it’s what’s best suited for your type of personal appeal! Embrace these differences… because, no one can be exactly like “YOU” but “YOU!”… There is so much more in the world to concern yourself with other than being physically exceptionally compatible with a crush, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband, wife, or lover, “who is probably seeing someone else anyway behind your back anyways… not because you are not “beautiful” or “beautiful enough”… it’s just… human nature.” We all look different and those we consider “sooo perfect” and “gorgeous” lead the most difficult lives in just simply trying to maintain that beauty (if bless with it) and obtain it in the first place (if not). “Bigger boobs” won’t make the world a better place, solved issues that will make you go down in history, or become a better person, nor will it make or change the way the One Above already accepts … you for who you are! All it will do is fulfill a thought in your mind of what you view as “perfection”, but please note: that for everyone that views what you perceive to be as “perfection”… there is always the possibility of those, that do not… Be happy with what the One Above blesses you with and know that what you receive or have is “just right” for you!

If still not satisfied, go ahead in trying to/or changing it but please consider the consequences of your actions… Goodluck in love, life, and happiness to you all!

Answer #9

just let your hormones take care of it. or for a drastic measure, boob job

Answer #10

you cant make them grow. or get fat or get pregnant thats the only way they will grow over time

Answer #11

What maddy says.

Oh, a few women see their boob size go up when they use some of the birth control pills. But not many.

Answer #12

If you are too skinny, you might not have enough fat distrobution for your hormones to interact with.

Also as long as your not too skinny you can try taking herbs such as fenugreek, saw palmenno, red clover, wild yam and fennel.

Take: one pill three times a day of the fenugreek, and slowly ramp it up to three pills three times a day.

one pill of saw palmenno two times a day, if you don’t notice any change in your breasts after about 3 weeks, up this to two pills two times a day.

the above two are the most important herbs, the other herbs should be rotated in such a way that you find out which ones work best for your body.

You should also massage your breasts at least 2 times a day. It also helps if you use massage oil or mosturizer that is infused with fennugreek. Either get fennugreek oil, or pull open a fennugreek pill and mix it with a mosturizing oil of some kind and let it sit for a few days to incorperate. Use either that oil or mix it with a unscented moisturizer.

Use the above pills and massage cream/oil for 3 weeks, then for one week only take the saw palmenno, as well as adding milk thistle (not to be replaced with the other thistle product who’s name I forget). During this time, use progesterin mosturizer or lotion.

During the three weeks, your body will not only use the prolactin from the fennugreek and the massage, as well as the phyto-estrogens from the fennel, redclover, ect, but it will also store it in your fat cells. The one week off will cause your fat cells to expell stored hormones, which your recepters will pick up on, it will also detox your body, and give it progesterin. Doing the one week off detox will also cause your body to be more receptive to the herbs when you start on them again.

You’ll notice tingling, heat, odd feelings, aches and pains from your breasts if the herbs are working, although the most obvius symptom is growth. It may take a few month before you notice anything, or it might take as little as a few weeks.

If your progress comes to a lull, you might have to ramp up on some of the herbs, or change some out for other ones as your body starts to become used to the herbs you are taking. However let it be known that most of the herbs, while safe in even fairly large quantities, can be overdoes on for bad effect. The fennugreek causes stomach and intestinal problems, so if you start to feel stomach sick, cut back a little on the fennugreek. If you notice your self having general aches and pains all over your body, as well as a lack of energy, cut back on the saw palmenno.

Saw palmenno, flax seed oil, and a few other herbs can be found in the herbal pills section of most grocery stores like walmart. Fennel and ocasionaly a few others can be found in the cooking herbs and spices section of most grocery stores, although these arn’t in pill form and instead have to be injested as either a tea or in other means (it takes about a teaspoon to get any real effect, although more is better) fennugreek can be found at most any healthfood store, and ocasionaly red clover can be as well.

If you can’t find them elsewhere you can find them online.

It is realy recomended that you consult with a doctor that specializes in herbals, however if you don’t want to, then I can’t make you. Just keep in mind to ramp up slowly when you decide to add more herbs, and stick with the 1 week off detox. Many women notice their breasts seem to grow more often during the detox becouse of the progesterin cream. However the progesterin cream shouldn’t be taken at the same time as the herbs as they will fight over your hormone recepters.

Everyone’s body is different, and you may have to change around the dossages above in order to recive the best growth, and it’s also helpful to change it up every once in a while as different herbs contain different kinds of phyto-estrogens. Also don’t take too many different types herbs at one time as they can fight eachother for recepters, however fenugreek and saw palmenno generaly work well with most other herbs.

Anyways, just trying to help.

Answer #13

I also did the exact same thing with all 3 of my kids.. had kinda a b and a half went up to a d and then almost dd when I was nursing.. those things were HEAVY! and so uncomfortable.. and e way.. now my c’s are sagging and I dont want so much bigger boobs… just want to fill them in again.. my bra is a c but its a little to big now cause theres no mass to my sag lol.. but a b is to small sooo annoying.. and e way I am drinking lots of hops tea with honey that is supposed to help! also mile excercises like situps and butterflies will build the muscle underneath and make your breasts perk up a little bit but if you do too much thell shrink!

Answer #14

I had a perky b cup before I got pregnant. during pregnancy I went up to a C. after baby when I had milk they went to a DD and after the milk dryed up I was left with a saggy C. I did get bigger boobs from it but I miss my perky B. The bigger your chest size the higher chance you have with them sagging.

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