Puppy ,jack russell should i give him milk or water

we have brought our children a puppy ,jack russell . called him MAX
He is neally 6 weeks old ,but he has been sick twice and ,always nipping ,

Should I give him milk or water ,
he has had no jabs until thursday ,keeping him in the house only goes out when needs potti : What about worming tablet how much , should I worry ,I now puppies eat things and he keepps shaking

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No milk that will give that pup the runs! Puppies do not need cows milk. 6 weeks is weaned and he needs Puppy kibble. Milk will make your puppy sick and have severe diarrhea. Even older dogs can't drink it. I love milk and many times have some left over, but will not give it to my dogs. I do believe in giving my dogs some foods but milk is not one of them and puppies do not get anything but Puppy food.

I have had puppies that have allergies to some Puppy chows and need to go to another Puppy Chow.

Puppy chow has a mixture of a milk close to the Mother's milk. Many dog mothers have weaned their litters at 4 to 5 weeks? It is safe for the puppy to start kibble at the onset of getting teeth. I soften my kibble with water. I may grind it up in the blender if the puppies teeth are just starting in and Mom is trying to wean early

Call your Vet's Office you can get this information over the phone. While you are on the phone make an appointment to get your puppy in for a check up and it's Puppy schedule of vaccinations. And a test for worms.

Puppy's are like babies and need to see their doctor on a regular basis the first weeks of their lives.

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you need to get this puppy to the vet, I would have a good health check up done, if the puppy is sick then the breeder should get this dog back, I know this is tough to do but it is the only way these breeders will learn the heart ache they cause by selling puppies to young, or sick ones. Let them take the finical burden and heart ache, I have been down this road. Did you sign a contract? Is there a puppy lemon law where you live? I know there is one in Pa.

NO MILK< listen to Magic's advice

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Weve just had a litter of nine puppies there all 7 weeks old...the mother couldntt cope feedin them any longer so we gave them weaning milk ( you'll find it at any supermarket or pet shop) at that age and after bout a week just give them water...you can let them out in your garden to go toilet but dont take them out for walks until they have there inoculations, and for all nine of our puppies at 6 weeks they were all wormed for 5pound for the whole lot( not each individual) :)

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Ask your vet about this one. I think you get special milk for puppies that you should be able to give him. I'd say give him normal milk (we gave our puppies it at 6 weeks, but since he is sick so much, rather don't risk getting him sicker)

Also you need to take him to the vet to get him his injections...don't worry about worming tablets for now...the injections that he does get will take care of that.

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milk for a week or two then stick with water for the rest of the puppies life

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give him milk he is still a baby.

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well he is a puppy... a jack russell puppy so he is gonna nip! if the owner sold him to you at the right age then he can have water nd no milk, but he needs food 2! obviously!

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oh yh nd if he has been sick twice then take him 2 the vet, he may have parvo which is a fatal desise if not treated nd is very contagious...

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