How to tell my parents about my older boyfriend?

being a father I think ud understand better. Im 15. My boyfriend mark is amazing. Cares about me and not sex. Hes 19 thow. Says if I want he will wait until our wedding night … if we get married that is. I love him. BUT theres a catch. I havent told my parents. They dont know I’ve even started dating. I quite embrassed telling them so I need some ways. However they do know my best mate is dating and know its only a matter of time. Please! I know its a 4 year age gap but I dont want to loose him. How should I tell them?

Answer #1

Pretend, you just met him lol. It works wonders…be all like i met him at the mall or somewhere …and make a conversation and go on with it…! and be all like i met a wonderful guy…can i invite him over to dinner or something? and your parents can meet him and then they can trust you and you can be open with them! i mean if he doesn’t want to then you will see that he’s fake but if he goes through it then he’s a damn keeper lol!

Answer #2

The others are right. I am kind of in the same position but I am14 and my boyfriend is about to be 21 which is the same age as my older brother which scared me at first but now I am completely in love with Dan.

Answer #3

I understand what u r goin through.I just turned15 years old and I’m in the 10th grade but my boyfriend is out of school and he’s 20,but my mother knows about our mother doesnt hav a problem wit it but she did at first.but dont rush things.

Answer #4

oh, hunny im in the same thing [[almost]] my parents found out with out me telling them, and after i lied to them, its been to just be open, and let them know how you feel ask them to listen to your story first, and see what they have to say.

Answer #5

When I was 19, i was in college. From memory, a 15 year old is either a freshman in high school or sophomore in high school.

At that age (19), as I was in college, I was in a completely different world than somebody who’s still in high school.

My advice? If the guy is really “in love”…then he’ll wait for you. Graduate high school, then get together with him. Don’t date him now. It’s illegal (statutory rape…) and disgusting, honestly. But that’s only my opinion - 500 years ago, your situation might have been more commong. Of course, back then, you died by the time you were 40, so it made sense for that period.

Answer #6

I am sure you are an amazing girl. I mean no offense, but I can’t understand why a 19 year old guy would be interested in a 15 year old girl. Is he in college? Is he working? Does he live at home with his parents? Maybe Mark is really a great guy and he just sees something very special in you and is willing to wait for marriage. Is he willing to wait for you to finish high school? If you decide to go to college, he will still be waiting? I know you do not want to hear any of the advice you have received thus far, you want to know how to tell your parents about this older guy. Tell Mark you are going to tell them and both of you be prepared to abide by the consequences of your actions. If your parents forbid you to see him, you must obey this. Mark may expect this reaction from your parents and if he is willing to abide by their wishes and wait for you, who knows what can happen someday. Do not hide this any longer. It will only get harder and the consequences are always worse if you are caught rather than being upfront. You may or may not have a chance if you go to your parents first. Let them see that you care about what they have to say and you respect them and you want to be honest with them. Tell them you don’t like being sneaky. Maybe they can have Mark over for dinner and decide for themselves how and if the relationship should continue. You must tell them. You want them to trust you and hiding something like this is not a good way to earn trust. You need to show your parents you can be responsible.

When my brothers were 19, if they were interested in a 15 year old girl, I would have kicked their butts! People are are different, though.

Good luck to you.

Answer #7

Hey hey, well I am in the SAME boat, im 16 and he is 20. I told my parents about him, the most nerve racking thing of my life, and they said hell no, but I love him, I do, I know that sounds stupid and at 16 people say we dont know what love is, but this feeling is passion and love, and we make it work, long distance for the time being until he is home, I graduate h.s. in a year, so thats not that far off, and then im headed to university, he is in the army ((oh dear gosh)) I have to say its hard.. it really is but in 6 months 6 has never come up, he has givin up drinking because he knows my total hate of alcohol, in 6 months he drank once and that was at new years.. and we finally just talking bout sex, and we agreed that neither of us want it till marriage, and that its just a respect thing to ourselves and to eachother. but I need to tomarrow tell my parents I didnt stop speaking to him, and falling in love with him, and ultimately the need to know and I put this off way to long and its hurting him and its hurting me, and it can be all relieved by telling my parents unless they have a hay day, and get really upset, and take away my laptop and phone.. ((I bought my own car so thats mine)) but ultimetely DO NOT WAIT TO TELL YOUR parents.. DO NOT… its not worth the pain. the stress, the migranes..

Answer #8

I am a father, I would not be happy if my dauther told that she has a 19 yo b/f. But I would not forbid the relationship if I found the boy acceptable, etc. So tell your parents that you have got this b/f, you are in love with him, and you should like to introduce him to the family. I do not advice you to continue this relationship in secret (!!). After 4-5 yeas you may do this, but not when you are 15. This is dangerous for you and mainly for your b/f. Your family will be critic, but let’s hope that they will not be unjust. And let me to tell you that, I guess that this relationship will not be stable for a long time. But this does not mean that you should deny your present feelings. 4 ys difference is nothing during the life, it is big only at your present age. Maybe you are getting now your life-long best partner for all of your life. But I think this love will teach you that how the life can be painful too. This is also beneficial. I hope you understand me.

Answer #9

hey there. Im kinda in the same boat. Me and my boyfriend have been dateing for almost 7 months and we are totally in love. He promised me that in About 5 years he would propose and we would live together. he tells me this almost everyday. The thing is is thst im 16 turning 17 in june and hes 19 turning 20 this month!! my parents think hes 18 turning 19!!! The only reason I told them this is because my mom wouldnt have givin him a chance if they know his real age. My parents have meet him when we were about 2 months into our relationship and they love him. I know have to figure out a way to tell my parents that hes turning a year older than they thought before his birthday at the end of the month…ughh this is not good lol

good luck though I hope things turn out ok :)

Answer #10

I am 15 turning 16 and this guy I have been talking to and have a great background about him and his family have been talking for months now and crazy about each other. I know a lot of guys that go for girls 2-5 years younger. you will just know when something is there with an older guy like if they want sex or not you can just tell. im happy talking to this guy but he wants me to wait until im at least 17 so we will see. I suggest not saying anything to your parents like about the age but dont date him say your just friends thats what I did with my parents.

Answer #11

Ok I been in this postion as well I was 17 and my boyfriend was 22. you should tell the parent that you are most comfortable with and have that parent meet them and talk to them. if you parent likes them make a slow transition to meeting the other parent. it took me about 3 weeks till my dad excepted the fact I was dating my boyfriend. write back if this helps best wishes goth4ever

Answer #12

I have to agree with thedude. Wait and graduate from High School first. Frankly, if your boyfriend isn’t willing to wait until you’re out of school then he’s not the right guy. True love, if it is true love can and will wait. While being 4 years apart in age isn’t much, right now at 15, you haven’t had the chance to live life to its fullest. Slow down and enjoy your time in school. I promise that later in life you’ll look back and wish you could relive some of this time.

When I was a freshman in college (at 19) I was dating a senior in High School. It wasn’t until after seeing each other for four months that I learned she had just turned 16. I had met her parents and they liked me and I liked them. They also trusted their daughter to “do the right thing.” We never went any farther than hand holding and short good night kisses. Mostly because I respected her and because I also respected the trust that her parents had in me to also “do the right thing.”

I’m glad to hear that your boyfriend is willing to wait until your wedding night. That sounds like someone very special. It also sounds like someone that will wait until you’re older and out of school. As for your parents, I know that you’re afraid to talk to them about Mark. But I sure that they also want you to be sure about the man you choose to marry. They want your wedding day to be just as special for you as you do.

Answer #13

I agree with the others. At 15 yrs old you should think about making it through highschool before you try to have a relationship with someone that knows better, or should for that matter. If he truly cares, he should respect your age and let you mature a little more before he gets a rape charge on him when your parents find out.

Answer #14

4 years is virtually nothing when your 30 and he is 34 , but now it is a lil bit , am sure your parents will worry he is using you , that he is older and so sex is more an issue ,. basicly they worry about you

best way is to be upfront and honest , but prepair first as they will say he is too old etc , sex etc you will have to be prepaired with answers , and questions to defend your choice . Darkness

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