Abortion for free... if raped?

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There are a bunch of Planned parenthood places in NY city. Here's a link to google maps so you can find the one closest to you:


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unfortuantly most planned parenthod clincs dont offer free abortion
but you can always ask,
your first priority should be trying to get that horrible man behind bars
so do speak up about what happened so te police can hopefully put him in jail if its not to late
and remember that what happened wasnt your fault
then talk to your doctor or a few doctors about abortion
if your low on cash you could try skng them if theres anyway you could pay it back in installments
or ask people like, friends, family, relatives, ect for money, or to borrow money

GFCF (Glutten-free Casein-free)
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I don't think there's any clinics who offer completely free abortions, but you can go here for information on abortion clinics in your area: http://www.gynpages.com/ACOL/newyork.html

I agree with jaz. You need to go to the police and get this man behind bars so he doesn't hurt anyone else.

I did not deserve to be raped right
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If you would like to email me, I can give you a phone number, and address to a place in Birmingham, that offers free abortions as long as you get a note from your doctor.
my email address is, dora_the_dildo_x@live.co.uk
state who you are and il reply as soon as I can.
Hope this helps..

Loopy16 x

Where are some free abortion places in angola/buffalo area?

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