How to get the abortion pill or abortion free?

A really close friend of mine thinks she might be pregnant, and im not quite sure how to answer her question. Can an underage girl get an abortion (preferrably the abortion pill) for free if they cannot tell their parents? Would they be able to lower the cost so she could afford it by herself?

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It really depends on where you live. I'd go check with your planned parenthood, or any sexual health clinics in your area, or even your doctor. Just call them up and they can give you basic information. Your friend should really make sure that she IS pregnant first. Encourage her to take the test, go to the dollar store get her a pregnancy test take several, or tell her to go to the doctor to get a test done.

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Usually it's not

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No doctor will perform an ab0rtion or prescribe an ab0rtion pill for a minor without parental consent.

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Colleen, I was wondering, isn't it legal in canada at sexual health clinics? Since they don't ask for age.Or am I mistaken?

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Technically, it's "legal", but few places will do it without parental consent, and it's *never* free unless you can find an organization that is willing to front the cost.

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yes they do in certain states.

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She was asking about Canada.

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In most cases, that would be illegal.
Since she's a minor, it would be the parents' call.
In many eastern countries, @bortion is highly illegal, no matter what the age.

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good thing im in america and we allow women to get the medical help,they need ;)

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Check with planned parenthood. In many states, you do not have to consult a parent even if you are a minor.

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I was referring to your answer to my question.

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