I am pregnant due to rape ((very rare)) should I get an abortion?

I just wanted to know if I should keep the baby or not. I dont know how it will affect my health if I get an abortion or not and im not sure if its safe. I am really confused and im only 14 what should I do?

Answer #1

And also, good luck. Sincerely.

Answer #2

I was raped and I think I might be pregnant as well. So I can kinda understand. I would sujest not to get an abortion bec I had one and till this day it haunts me. I think that its not the childs fault and shouldnt be blamed. I think you should go to the police or at least an adult you can trust and explain to them what happend. They can help you look into your options and try to help you make the right decision for you and your baby.

And I know its hard to talk to people but trust me you wont regret it. when you see your childs face. and if you dedcide to put it put for adoption them you will make some other family very happy.

Answer #3

Keep your child and raise him or her up to the Lord. He will bless you for it.

Answer #4

its up too youu ..

but.. in your title it sed ii got rape (very rare) or something like that..

but its not actually. (ii ant be nasty now btw) but there are lots + lots of girl what get raped everyday. trust me there are people who dont know what to do..

but.. dont put the baby threw pain just becus of ONE man :@ but.. the baby had done nothing wrong

ii think youu shouldd keep it or give it for adoption ? ? but.. its down to youu

keep safe..

does your mum/gardian or anyone know ?

goood luckk


Answer #5

Personal choice hunny, you need to think about what you think is best. If I got pregnant due to rape I’d abort because I wouldn’t want my child knowing they were the outcome of rape, chances are they’d find out someday.

Answer #6

well thats a shame that a beautiful baby was made out of horrible circumstances but its not that babys fault and you could learntolove that baby evne though what happened. but that is purely you choice. do what you thinki is best but you dont always have to abort either you can give it up for adoption which could be very hard and is not the best life for a person to be in foster care be atleast they will have a life.

just remember that inside you is a very alive breathing thriveinglittle person.

sorry you were put in this situation but im sure yuou will make the right deciision

Answer #7

But what should I do if im being preured to keep the baby? Im getting more and more confused with this and if I do give it up for adoption should I give it to my friends broth who is gay and wants a baby so I can see him/her?

Answer #8

I got an abortion and trust me it is the hardest thing that you can do I got one when I was 14 and im 15 now I was pregnant with twins and my mother forced me to get it if your mom or who ulive with knows about everything and they say they can take care of it thenkeep it but if not then its best to get an abortion so you dont hace a baby and cant take care of it

Answer #9

thank you hivetyrant you have cleared it up…I wont abort it but adoption is a very strong possibility…oh and also I do not and nor will I ever think that just because someone is gay that means they have no right to children ((has two moms)) so please keep those opinions to yourself…I would greatly apreciat it…oh and religion isnt an exscuse because god never said in the bible that we should hate gays…look it up.

Answer #10

I apologize if I insulted you. I was simply stating an opinion, and by no means was bashing homosexuals. I simply do not approve of some of their actions(and thus would not my or a relatives child to grow up thinking it’s alright), but by no means allow that fact to effect professional relationships.

And I agree with you. Bible says we should hate no one. But it does blatantly condemn homosexuality many times.

Answer #11

Well, in cases of rape, I have mixed feelings about abortion. Normally, the only reason that I see abortion as a reasonable option is if it is potentially fatal(at least 50% chance of dying) to the mother. But, in cases of rape, there are the psychological effects on both you and the child.

First off, I will say, you shouldn’t do this just because you’re pregnant. Don’t blame the baby. He/she has an entire potential life ahead of them, and unless the doctor says otherwise, there most likely won’t be any disabilities or handicaps for it to deal with at birth. The circumstances about this are unfortunate, but you would be a vessel for another life that would contribute to this world in way way or the other.

But then, you have to think, how will I care for it? Will I give it up for adoption? Well, that actually isn’t all that bad, because the majority of adopties are babies and infants. The odds are for it of getting adopted into a foster family, though the quality and caring of that family is left to chance. You could give it to your friend, though just my personal bias, I wouldn’t allow a child to go to a homosexual, but again, that’s personal bias due to my own beliefs. If you feel it’s right after a LOT of thought, do either of the previous. Another possibility is to allow your parents to care for the child while you’re in high school and assist in the responsibilities until you’re able to take them on full time. And by that time, the child will be close to four years old, by when they’re a little easier to care for.

But if you choose to keep the child, or consistently visit it after sending it off to a foster family, you have to remember that down the road there may be psychological consequences for you. You may not think it when it’s born, or even now, but you could take out your pent up frustration on the child because of the fact that he was the result of a rape. If you look it up, there are stories of this happening to children 5, 10, even 15 or 20 years down the road.

Ultimately, I would encourage the child be allowed to live, regardless. At most its a few months of discomfort out of your life, and you are at a prime age when the child has a chance to not only be safely born, but born healthy.

Answer #12

Aphrodite sheds a tear

“I’m so sorry you got raped,I’m totally here for you if you need me day or night”


I ask that you dont take it out on the unborn baby he or she did’nt do anything wrong…if you don’t want the baby give it up for adoption.

Search all over the web for abortion facts and pictures then decide if its the route you want to take.I assure you its not pleasant you have no idea what they do to the babies


Answer #13

Now I really need help. My grandparents are threataning me with a forced abortion. They say they dont car eif I say no and they dont want a great grandchild this early. They already hate my parents and now there trying to get me to abort! should I go to the police? I really need help and fast!!

Answer #14

I am so sorry that you experienced such a horrible violation. You didn’t deserve it at all. And Steph is right, it has to be YOUR personal choice. Unless you have a religious or moral conviction against it, an abortion is certainly a viable option. And if you decide NOT to end the pregnancy now, please do consider the option of giving the baby up for adoption. Best wishes.

Answer #15

If you know any lawyers personally, contact them so they can let you know what the laws are regarding this. Next, or if that’s not an option, go to the police and child services. It’s first off not your grandparents decision, unless they’re your guardians. If it is, you need to know the law of the state. And even if those laws are against you, there are ways to fight this. Contact me via PM if you need more details. I’ll do some research on this. And check your pm box. You should have a couple of messages from me.

But if your grandparents have nothing to do with your home, tell them to F$%^ off, or have your parents to do it for you. That’s very selfish of them, and not their place to say or do.

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