How to make breasts grow?

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You cant personally make them grow, sorry.
The only way is plastic surgery which probley isn't worth it. Accept what you have.

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Sweety you cant just pop a pill or something to make them grow its already in your dna as to how big they will get but you can get bras to push them up and make them look bigger. I mean when your grown up you might get a boob job but I would tell you to just be happy with what you get. xx

How do I make my breast grow

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gain weight but also workout so that the rest of your body does not get that big

At what age to breasts stop growing?
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You cant be skinny during your development. if thats the case, the body doesn't have the building materials while the hormones are there. Allow some chubbiness, and the extra will fall off as you grow up- or figure on trimming down later. A little chub goes a long way

Is it true that if you massage your breast they will grow?

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