How can I lose weight to make others happy?

how do I lose weight for my boyfriend my boyfriend keeps saying im getting so fat all my friends think I look fine but there my friends they have to lie to me im starting to think I am fat I look in the mirror I just cry I have fat belly its gross and my boyfriend tells me everyday if I get any fatter hes leaving and he said nobody else is going to want me I just feel so fat I really feel fat when my boyfriend plays with my fat and pokes it and pats it I just feel like a fat pig and my moms boyfriend calls me fat to thats why he dosent feed he said im getting to fat how can lose weight for my boyfriend and make my moms boyfriend happy

Answer #1

You are most ideal…I’m talking about your body sweetie, but if you truly think its worth making some rat bastards happy, I’d suggest eating a fairly good quantity of fruits and veggies, cut down, but not to much, get into a habit of eating snacks, instead of big meals, and exercise daily, at least 3 days out of the week for thirty minutes. Get lots of rest, and don’t ever eat before bed. Usually you shud stretch, taker a jog, do crunches, ex cetera… you might want to watch a video on what kind of recreation you want to do on youtube or veoh… umm lets see if I’m missing anything… Don’t care what people say, or you’ll regret it :] Hope I helped.

Answer #2

wow lol, your boyfriend is probably joking around. my boyfriend said the same thing for a long time as a joke. I know he loves me and I had gained a bit of weight. now im bulimic. dont let it happen to you. you look quite perfect in your photos.. if not maybe even SKINNY. anyway I KNOW your not fat. I felt good when I was working out and eating healthy. do it. don’t become like me.

Answer #3

Ahem. Where should I start? Hmm… Well, first of all… YOU are NOT fat. =] You are wonderfully normal. ^^ Your physical attributes should not matter to your so-called-boyfriend. Hmph. He’s really being quite rude… He should be grateful that you’re still with him. =] You seriously do not need to lose weight… If you’re fat… I’m obese, Mister. =P You shouldn’t care about what those two insignificant foolish males say and/or think about you. Your FRIENDS are going to be the ones who are there for you. They’ll tell you the truth, even if it may hurt a bit… I think that your health is something that you should worry over more than how “big your stomach is”. Don’t try going anorexic or bulimic. Because, it’s really just going to harm you. =] I could go all scientific and give you some gross statistics and such, but I’ll spare you the details. ^^ Just know that it’s super unhealthy, and you’ll end up regretting it… Please dont do anything rash. You have a great personality, and whatever’s on the inside shows up on the outside. Which means, you’re smoking hot. xD hahaha!! ^_^ Not fat–freaking gorgeous. =] Got it?!

P.s. I totally agree with the things cambei said! =] But… She took most of my speech!! D: gasp Darn you, Cambei!! xD hahaha, joking. =]

Answer #4

(I saw your pictures especially the one wear you have no shirt on as my proof here :O!) It’s your boyfriend who is wrong. You obviously value his opinion the most because that is why you believe it so easily. And your mom’s boyfriend doesn’t help. You have this perception that friends and family have to lie. Well they don’t always lie. I heard about this anorexic model who’s mom always told her she was too fat. Her mom wanted her to be beautiful and perfect and look where it got the girl. ANOREXIA. It’s not fun. You’re on that road now where no matter how hard you look in the mirror you only see yourself as fat. And no matter how much weight you lose you will only see a fat person. Unless you become okay with it. With yourself. I remember trying to convince this girl on here she was pretty when she thought she was ugly. I’m about 4 times uglier than her and about 10 billion times happier. Appearance means nothing. When you forget about appearance and let go of that worry life becomes easier. It becomes happier. Tell your boyfriend you’re sick of him telling you that you are fat. Trust me on this one. It WILL work: (Most likely) He’ll be surprised and slightly afraid that you are standing up to him. It sounds like he controls you a lot and kicks you around. He likes having some one to control. Same thing with my (ex) friend and her boyfriend. He sucks at making his own decisions and she has such a crazy life she needs someone to control. Now he’s starting to make his own decisions and she doesn’t know what to do. First she dumped him, but then she realized how much she missed him and now they are together again. It’s a bit rough now but I can see them being a very happy couple in the future. The same goes for you and your boyfriend. That saying- It gets worse before it gets better, that applies here. And that’s a GOOD thing. The worse it gets now, the better you will feel when things are happy. As for your mom’s boyfriend, ignore him. He just wants to control you and because you don’t value his opinion- or shouldn’t- he does not control you. You don’t have to be afraid of HIM dumping you or leaving, in fact it sounds like it’d be a good thing if your mom’s boyfriend left. Care about yourself before you care about someone else. You need that strong sense of confidence before you can do anything. It makes life so much better. Even if you were fat, you damn well should be proud of it. And you would work to be HEALTHIER, not skinnier. Your friends would support you. Because they care the most. Those who care the most always speak the truth.

Answer #5

Pshh I’m sorry Aliyah :O! :D ahaha great minds think alike ;D

Answer #6

lolz ever1 else left pge long answers so I will keep mine short 1st of all where does your boyfriend live? cus I have 2 go kick his azz dude he tries taping you doin stufff now he callin you fat? I dont care if he cute mr! (n he better b if your dealin with his not-nice-ness)

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