Why haven't i received my funadvice check through the mail yet?

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Is the payment still pending? The check doesnt get sent out the moment you request it - it can take up to two weeks before they even send the check. Go under the "my points" page and check to see if it says you have a payment pending.

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I know Jeremy said they were fixing some things on the site and it may take longer than normal, I have been waiting a little over a month

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Oh..no i just requested it lol..i didn't know you had to...but anyways now it brings you back down to 100 :(?

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You get checks from funadvice :l... how?

Funmail tried to check it & it said I didnt have any mail?

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Yes, of course it brings you back down to 100 - you give up your points for cash, otherwise people would be building up more points on top of what they already negotiated, and that would end up bankrupting the site.

Fun Mail, why haven't I gotten any for a month?
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Ohh true..

Haven't had message to use Fun mail

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You have to have enough points...and go under on your profile to click on my points to see how much money you can get.

how do you check your qustions you asked beofr ?

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