Hateing emos...why?

Why do people hate emo and scene and punk and goth kids so much? If you get to know us, youd understand better. So why? Please tell me

Answer #1


“emos are people too bla bla bla”

stop using stereotypes. Okay, lets make this clear. I am NOT. for bulying. or anything else like that for that matter,… but ffs. People that call themselves “emo” and “scene” & “goth” are just asking to be called names. I dont mind the fashion at all, I dont mind the colthing but omg. cmon!

Stop calling yourself a fricken ‘Emo’… You’re only blaming yourself for getting called emo. You should blame the people that actually put themselves in stereotypes & name themselves like “DaveDISATROUS, “XxXxXEmOpRiNcEsSxXxXx or some crap like that, no wonder you get called emo. yeah, it’s not nice getting called names but dont even use the flippin word.

Ugh, it sickens me how you people say. “Im a mosher, not an emo” like what the hell?

Stop. Using. Stereotypes. Alltogether.

and btw, everyone. stop saying your “original” and that MCR saved your life…

You dont HAVE to have piercings to be “emo” STOP IT WITH THE STEREOTYPES. you LOVE emo’s? stop calling everyone names and actually get a grip.

rant over now. sorry if offended but omg people. get it into your brains.

Answer #2

im not trying to be against “emos” but I have lots of friends that are…im just normal anyways we dont hate them we just dont like the way they act they smoke and drink beer to act cool and get attention.I love their style but who would want to live in a world with death blood hatred heartbroken death killing stuff.Everyday of your lives in a dark corner.yeah they may be in middle-class but that dosent give you the right to hate their lives they got everything. clothes jewelry cars houses food.what’s up with the cutting thing? does it not hurt? do you love to be in pain when heartbroken or depressed? grow up you have a whole life ahead of you.

Answer #3

xx_the_a7x_parade_xx is completely right yet again :P

Answer #4

Because they’re f*cking morons.

Emo is a music genre and a type of style. People tend to judge “emo kids” by what’s on the outside and don’t even bother to get to know them. That’s bullsh*t. a lot of lies/rumors have been started about them.

There’s really nothing wrong with them at all. They’re not all attention seekers, only the posers act like that. They’re not weird, scary, evil or anything like that. A lot of people don’t know the true meaning behind emo as a style. A lot of lies have been started about it such as emos cut/are depressed/are suicidal 24/7. That’s COMPLETELY untrue. Suicide is something that should be taken seriously no matter what and has nothing to do with ANY stereotype. Cutting/self harm is an important matter that needs to be tended to ASAP. It also has nothing to do with any stereotype. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION. It has NOTHING to do with stereotypes. a lot of people have depression issues. That’s something that should be taken care of by a doctor.

~As I’ve already stated, cutting/depression/suicide has NOTHING to do with being emo or any other stereotype. Cutting is a serious matter that needs to be handled ASAP. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION and a lot of people have it, NOT just emos. That should be treated by a doctor. Suicide is something that should ALWAYS be taken seriously no matter what. It has nothing to do with stereotypes of ANY KIND.

~Bulimia has NOTHING to do with ANY stereotyes either. This is a MEDICAL CONDITION that should be treated by a doctor ASAP.

~Dying your hair doesn’t make you emo. A lot of emos have their natural hair color. Hair color has nothing to do with it at all.

~Attention seeking also has nothing to do with emo. Attention seekers are in a class all by themselves.

~People who say things like “I wanna turn emo”, “Am I an emo?”, “How do I be emo?”, “I think I’m going/turning emo!”, “Help me, I’m emo!” or “Help I think I’m emo” are considered posers. If you have to ask other people how to look/be something, chances are your NOT and just trying to be something your not.

~Ignore the haters. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being emo. Emos are actually nice, friendly people.

~A lot of lies/rumors have been started about emos such as they cut, they’re always depressed, they’re very btchy and moody. This is NOT true. As I’ve already stated, self harm/cutting and depression have nothing to do with ANY stereotype. And you wanna know why some emos might be bthcy? Because they’re sick of the fcktards who act like they know everything about emo, when in reality they don’t know sht because they’re the idiots that believe they lies! That’s very wrong indeed.

~You DON’T HAVE to have piercings to be emo, or be shy. Some emo kids are actually very out-going. Piercings are a form of self expression and body art. It doesn’t make you emo just because you choose to have them.

~Converse isn’t something that makes you emo either. Some emos wear vans, others wear skater shoes.

~Wearing blue, or other funky colored pants… not emo. Sorry, they wear whatever they want. Not ALL are skin tight either. Some are just nromal skinny jeans or even a little loose-fitting.

~Band T’s are also NOT a must. They wear any shirt they want to.

~If a guy is wearing tight clothes such a skinny jeans or slim fit t-shirts and makeup/nail polish… that DOESN’T make him “emo” or gay. They make skinny jeans for guys AND girls. Makeup/nail polish has become a unisex thing, meaning it’s alright for GUYS AND GIRLS to wear it. People have the right to wear whatever the hell they please without being judged.

~If a guy crys, it doesn’t make him “emo”. Guys are humans too, therefore they have feelings/emotions. It’s 100% completely normal for a guy to cry/show emotion. We all have to sometimes.

Now THIS is advice for ANYONE to follow, including yourself -

ALWAYS be yourself. NEVER change who you are for ANYONE no matter what. Never change yourself just to fit in or anything like that either. True friends/lovers would be able to accept you for who you truly are.

All this information goes for goths, scene kids, and punks too. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM.

Answer #5

some people hate emo and goth people beacause in movies goths are all mean and scary and have no emotion I think my bro is turning emo…

Answer #6

nobody really hate you, its just that you never come up and say hi or anything and when were walking by you guys dont even like smile at us.. but honestly there no difference just a couple beliefs thats all :)

Answer #7

Because they usually label themselves, are posers, and can be scary.

Not talking about everyone, though.

Answer #8

I do not hate the people like that. everyone has an opinion and personalizes it differently. people stereotype others. its wrong it dumb its stupid. but its life. people think that when they dress like that, they have no respect manners are crazy.. just are stereotyping others. so brush off what they think. if they are not willing to give people a chance then nether should you. good luck and have a great day =]

Answer #9

I personally dont know why people hate emos…I have several emo friends though. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EMOS!!! <3 <3 <3

Answer #10

all those little cliques are dead. the trend is over.

Answer #11

Most people fear what they don’t understand, and many don’t understand emo, scene, punk and goth.

Fear and misunderstanding can easily be turned into what you interpret as “hate”.

If, perhaps, you spent more time showing your good side instead of getting angry because everyone hates you, it might be easier to change their point of view.,

Answer #12

I don’t know maybe cause they are just damn motherfkers!!! would you like to be bullied or tease like the emos punks goths and scenes do? NO so why be so fking men to them?

Answer #13

from my experieces, I believe emos are hated for their exessive b!tchyness, whining, and for always complaining. this may seem stereotypical, but there are at least 100 emo kids at my school, and 75 out of 100 of them act like that. another reason emos are hated is their style. normally, in today’s society, a guy wearing skinny jeans would be considered ‘gay’.

Answer #14

I know I’m stereotyping, but I’m just trying to give an honest answer…

I dislike Emo’s because they cut themselves and winge and complain about how hard life is.

I know I’m stereotyping but in my experience the majority are attention seekers.

Plus Emo music in my opinion is crap. Especially the screamo stuff.

I’m sure people stereotype me as a Metalhead, just because I have long hair and wear heavy metal T-Shirts. I’m sure most people think that I don’t believe in god, listen to loud music, and get really drunk and guess what? They would be right! I am a Metalhead and that I am proud of that stereotype because it’s right.

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