hate on Obama

why do people hate Obama?

why do you want him to die?

what has he done?

Answer #1

I dont hate obama. I think that people just are raciest that he’s black and think hes going 2 mess up the world

Answer #2

tell those people who hate him, to follow his speeches colesly and carefully, then they’ll find out… HE IS THE BEST

Answer #3

I dont know maybe there just stupid

Answer #4

I dont ‘hate’ obama… he hasnt done anyting…

Answer #5

I don’t hate him, and I don’t want to see him fail as a person. I just want to see a lot of his ideas and policies fail, because most are or lead up to socialism.

Answer #6

Lol. Funny thing is, whenever things go down the crapper, people say the same thing about Democrats. It’s not about Republican or Democrat, it’s about gullibility and critical thinking. I’m an independent, and am not afraid to point out Bush’s mistakes. But neither am I afraid to point out Obama’s, and the media that has been glorifying him since before he was even elected. Media spent 4 times as much on Obama than they did McCain. And they hardly spent anything on the independents. Now talk about a need for “Fairness Doctrine”(which is also a load of crap).

Answer #7

I most certainly dont hate him. I think its fantastic hes the president.

Answer #8

I dont want him to die.. and I dont “hate” anyone.. Its the fault of all the stupid americans for voting him in! I dislike him because he is leading making our once free country, to be like russia and canada.. People arent smart enough to see that the bigger the government the less freedom americans have.. Once the government steps in and starts running the banks and telling people what kind of cars to drive, it destroys the back-bone of america.. Witch of course is Private interprize.. I cant see how people can believe spending more money when the country is in debt will help..?! I cant see how taking money directly from our bosses, will help.. because the less money they have, the less people can they can hire.. I dont see how bailing people out who bought houses they couldnt afford, will help the people of america that never had the money for a house to begin with.. they people who went to work everyday to earn an honest dollar and didnt live beond their means.. and are renting a shitty apartment, an apartment thats rent price is as much as a house payment! because obama isnt allowing the housing cost go down.. I could go on and on.. The fact is that all you people who voted for obama, are gonna be the reason america isnt any different then Canada! You should have moved their instead of throwing away our ansestors hard work.. All the hard work and all the people who died to make this country free..

Answer #9

I don’t like Obama, I didn’t like him from the start I wanted Ron Paul to win…Obama is leading us into a Depression maybe even worse then the Great Depression…The more dept we get in the worse things are going to be…By the way what has Obama done so far…Did he provide the Jobs he promised? No instead we lost more jobs…Gas went up…Taxes will be going up…and Oh we are going to become a socialist country…

Answer #10

You’re an idiot, the economic crisis is a problem due to the stupidity of your ex president that feeble minded monkey looking man named Bush, don’t blame it on Obama you should be giving him mad props for being able to actually be brave enough and want to go and take the responsibility of taking control of this country and making sure the sh*t doesn’t completely hit the fan as for why people hate on Obama? there could be many reasons, it depends on the person really but in my opinion judging from people I’ve heard speak their mind it’s mainly because he’s black or biracial whatever you want to refer him as but I’m sure theres other reasons but in the end of the day he’s your president, so hey I dunno, slit your wrist?

Answer #11

ya I agree with everyone im canadian and I say obama s the best thing thats ever happened to the U.S… (Bush is just a national embarrestment) … just some raceist people are real jerks and want to kill him

Answer #12

Grow up, just because someone does not agree with him politically does not mean that he is racist. But here is my disagreements with him. So far his time in office he has dedicated himself to helping the rich. Raising gas prices, food prices and energy costs. Inviting terroist to live in the USA. But what do you expect from an admited socialist.

Answer #13

Sorry, but no the economic crisis was actually started by the FEDs and I do believe that Obama is leading us into a depression…Oh and calling people idiots solves nothing.

Answer #14

The most surprising question of the week, Hate Obama? give the guy a chance, one minute he’s hailed as a messiah, the next? He’s got the toughest job in the world and he’s just got started, could anybody change the world for the better in a few weeks?, we don’t need another hate figure. but it seems to some people ‘anyone will do’ to put the blame for everything somewhere on someone, he’s doing the usual expected presidential thing right now and meeting world leaders, once that’s over and done he’ll get on with fixing what’s broken, it maybe tough medicine to take and unpopular with a few, but when something’s ill it gets bad before it gets better. Franklyn.

Answer #15

I don’t know a soul that hates Obama. I know those that are scared of his charisma… especially since it seems to be used… doing the bidding of the same bankers George W undertook.

If Obama were to die… that would be extremely deleterious to those of us opposed to his policies. It would indicate he had decided to slough off the parasites working through him and decided to champion the common American instead… much like J.F.K. Adding insult to injury… the powers that assassinated him would find a way to blame it on a whacked out white supremacist and precipitate severe state conflict culminating in gun control and martial law.

Why won’t Obama pull the troops from the middle east and central Asia? Why is he amassing more troops in Afghanistan to confront the Taliban and guard the Harriman’s opium fields? Why has he stocked his cabinet with Washington and Wall Street insiders? Why has he forsaken the common people in order to compensate incompetent Wall Street executives?

What will it take to make you look at the President’s actions and not his party affiliation? There is no split in the left/right dichotomy at his level… they all are on the payroll of the international bankers that are threatening to drain the last drop of lifeblood from 1st world countries.

Obama’s advisers George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski are two geopolitical manipulators with histories of fomenting wars and civil unrest to satiate their own megalomania.

You Obama supporters have voted in more of the same. I favored Obama above either Clinton or McCain… because I assumed his outsider status would be harder for the moneyed power to dictate to… but he has fallen into lockstep with their designs.

Check out the documentary… “The Obama Deception” to see who is giving the President his orders.

If the President is incapable of casting off the mantle of the banks… we have to in his stead… stop buying what they are selling you… the company store is slavery.

Answer #16

Check facts out for yourself. Read. Read at wikipedia what socialism means. We are mostly a capitalist society but not purely. If we were purely capitalist, there would not be social security or pensions. Obama is not a socialist. When you hear about any politician saying or doing something that you disagree with, check the facts out yourself. www.factcheck.org is ideal. And if you get a scary email about politicians or anything, check the facts out YOU SELF at www.snopes.com And if you want to know how the economy is doing read www.wsj.com Here in the country I love, the United States of America, most data strongly indicates that are we are coming out of the recession. If you understood the stock market you would know that especially since March 9th, there have been VERY strong indications of this. People are investing again. The markets trust the presidents plan. Unemployment is what they call a “lagging indicator”, by the time that data comes in looking really bad, historically we are more than half way through a recession. The stock market is up for 3 weeks now,even bank stocks are way up this week, consumables were up for last month (which means companies are getting ready to be busy), new home sales are up. There will still be ups and downs, so hold tight and do not over spend but we are at the beginning of the turn around. Try not to worry. Be Happy and don’t look for scape goats. Many, many, many things went into creating this bad economy. All of which were in place long before Obama even had the Dem’s nomination. READ.

Answer #17

i heart obama.

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