What/ Is it true America hates Obama?

and why apparently its because he wants socialist health service I’m british and live in a country with a socialist health service and trust me its the greatest blessing I could ever ask for to be born with socialist public services

Answer #1

freefromself, I get it perfectly. It is you who doesn’t. You are ignoring the fact that big business permeates our government (both parties) and passing anything meaningful is very difficult with their unlimited war-chest. They have most of congress in their pockets, and they control the media, so most people do not get the real picture of what is going on. Especially FOX Noise veiwers. Americans are frustrated right now with the economy and unemployment, but they also see we need to change the way we are doing things, particularly with health insurance. Conservatives like you are only apologist for big business, and they give a rat’s a$$ about you. They only care that you are buying the crap they spew. And you sure do…

It is illegal to hate a sitting president? That is pretty funny coming from someone who thought those who hated bush were anti-american because we were at war. We are still at war BTW. Please tell me who is making it ‘illegal’ to hate the president? I have my problems with some of the things he has done. I never expected to agree with him 100% of the time. But he has done nothing that can compare to the selling off of our government that Bush did.

And of course you also ignore the fact that this economic mess was caused by the republicans. The GOP might make a few gains this year, but it will be far from gaining power. Part of the reason you believe that is due to the fact that most republicans are mindless lemmings. There is much more diversity in the democratic party, so it might seem less focused (and maybe it is) but it is much more open to new ideas. Conservative just want to maintain the status quo, regardless of how much it goes against their own self-interests..

Answer #2

So you actually think that palin and beck could run as independents and win? You are clueless.

Maybe you don’t hate everyone. Just people who don’t subscibe to your twisted view of the world.

Answer #3

So I am just a stupid dummie, and you think Palin and Beck should be the next GOP ticket for president, and you also think I should move to Mexico because I support our president?

You don’t even have the balls to post under your real name…

I have no time for such misanthropes…

Answer #4

only problem is that there is no help for people over 60, they just go to a mental ward to cope with dying. obama lies and grandma dies!

Such idiocy…

Answer #5

only problem is that there is no help for people over 60, they just go to a mental ward to cope with dying. obama lies and grandma dies!

Answer #6

Sarah Palin/ Glenn Beck 2012!!!

Answer #7

Geez, I hope so. That will guarantee an Obama win.

Answer #8

You’re a stupid dummie, Obama lover. Move to Mexico.

Answer #9

It would be much easier for me to support national health care if it were a simple fair system. That isn’t the Frankenstein being built by Congress.

The monstrosity being crafted in Congress is just godaweful. It effectively punishes those who currently have employer provided health care by prohibiting those employers from dropping their insurance . This provides a competitive edge to companies who do not currently provide it, since they will not be compelled to.

Further, the IRS will be the enforcer of the new law. Everyone will be required to submit proof of insurance as part of their tax returns, and penalties will be applied to those without insurance who are deemed to be able to afford it. It’s almost certain the penalties will be treated as any other tax penalty - a punitive percentage of the total tax paid rather than simply a bill for the actual deficiency.

It’s just about the worst imaginable way to approach universal coverage, and Obama is largely responsible for it because he is pushing for “anything” rather than something sensible. This terrible plan won’t even accomplish its purported goal. There still will not be universal coverage. instead, only those who file tax returns will be covered. For example, foreigners travelling in the US will be in the same boat they are today, left to fend for themselves if they find themselves injured while vacationing in the US.

Answer #10

You are right filet. And it is a damn shame. I would rather no bill pass rather than see this one. It is a windfall for the health insurance industry. Not what I expected from this president…

Answer #11

Now healthcare reform has come down to politics. If reform is passed it will be seen as a Democratic victory and if it isn’t it will be seen as a Republican victory. There is very little to do with how good or bad the bill is at this point.

Answer #12

well said slavaim 1_~

Answer #13

No, it is not true that America hates Obama. There are many who do because of various reasons. Because he is a democrat and liberal (more centrist as filet said), or because they think he his policies will lead to socialism, and some because he is black. But hate is a pretty strong word, and I don’t think the number of people who really hate him is very significant. Many people are opposed to a lot of his policies, but do not harbor any real hatred towards him.

my problem with him is that its before his time and we are not ready for him yet he has little experience due to the fact he is young

tired_sleep, he is not the youngest president we have had. Age has nothing to do with it. This was simply campaign rhetoric from the republicans, and only resonated with the extreme righwing lemmings. Seems like it still is with some. Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest man ever to hold the office, and he went on to be one of our greatest presidents.

and what makes me mad is the fact he won b.c of how some people voted for him just b.c he is 1 young 2 black

Sorry, I know of not one person who voted for him for the sole reason he was black. And I know a lot of people who voted for him. There may have been a relatively few people who voted for him because he is black, but I am sure the number of people who did NOT vote for him because he is black was far more.

I cant tell you how many people I know and know of that voted for him just b.c of that and did not even look at the real reasons to vote for him (witch I saw little to none)

Sorry, but I just don’t believe this is true. I bet you don’t know even one person who admited (if they actually did) that they voted for him ONLY because he is black.

Could the fact that you saw little to none in Obama is because YOU are too hung up on race?

Answer #14

it has a lot to do with how much money he is spending and how he says he is going to do all this stuff that will change America and most the people that do not like him dont like him for other reasons than socialist heath service I am not a fan of him at all I guess you could say I hate him my problem with him is that its before his time and we are not ready for him yet he has little experience due to the fact he is young and what makes me mad is the fact he won b.c of how some people voted for him just b.c he is 1 young 2 black I cant tell you how many people I know and know of that voted for him just b.c of that and did not even look at the real reasons to vote for him (witch I saw little to none) I did not vote for him at all if you have more questions about this add me and fun mail me

Answer #15

You people do not get it. and that is why your party cannot retain its power as long as the republicans in the last 3 decades. . .. This is not the “Daily Koz” Liberal type of nation that you want it to be. Liberals are snooty. If people do not agree with them then we are lableled “ignorant”. That intolerant atittude is why your party will lose its power in 2010. and whoooaaa. . . . now its illegal to hate a sitting president??? LOL, you douvble speaking a holes!!! Where were the hate police when Bush was being hated?

   oooh, but that was justifiable. . .   He was bad. ..  . 

up yours!

Answer #16

As mentioned many hate him on philosophic grounds, ie they think that a little shift to the left means the country is turning into a socialist state, that’s about the level of sophistication behind their reasoning. The rest fall into an even more dense category where they focus on things that are extremely trivial, such as that he is relatively young, or perhaps he’s wearing a hat or god knows what. Honestly, I hear a lot of negativity about him, and honestly I’m so curious to know just what makes him such a god awful president, and yet when I find out the answers that these people give, they’re so intolerably stupid that I really do think that humanity is doomed. The reasons they give are so ridiculous, so trivial, and yet such passionate opposition. Were these same people complaining when their president slaughtered 100,000 civilians over a lie?

Answer #17

I agree toadaly, so far this is not a good bill. And Obama is too blame for not forcefully coming out for and demanding a single payer system, or a strong public option.

Answer #18

I don’t understand why anyway america has socialist education, socialist police force and yet they complain about socialist health service

Answer #19

not all Americans hate him and everyone has different opinions on different things. Some Australians really hate him. LOL

Answer #20

Meh. That’s their choice. I don’t live there so I don’t know, not all of them hate it probably. And if they have the other socialist things and they complain about one then that’s just strange. LOL

Answer #21

apparently its because he wants socialist health service

I think Obama’s approval rating drop has more to do with high unemployment. There isn’t as much opposition to his health care plan as Fox news and the teabaggers would have people believe. But a crapply economy with 26-year high unemployment will cause any president’s approval rating to suffer, whether he was the cause of it or not. As president, you own the economy in the public’s mind.

Answer #22

Many do. Quite a few people I know think’s he’s going to destroy the country, so to speak. Other’s detest him because of his insensibility when it comes to serious matters(such as solders dyeing, ect, he’ll talk about something completely irrelevant then move on to the speech about the soldiers). Other detest him simply because he’s Muslim, which is just stupid. Some are hung up on race and detest him simply because he’s black. 12 people were put in jail for so much as threatening to kill him within the first month of him becoming president, and the month before his coordination(I’m sure I used the wrong term there) as president. Not all Americans do, but a hell of a lot detest him from what I’ve seen and heard.

Answer #23

Over the years the US seems to be getting more and more polarized.

President Obama is a centerist so he is getting heat from both ends now.

America has a knee-jerk reaction against anything with any aspect of collectivism. Our own cold war propaganda was so effective that many Americans think that any tax increase, new program, or regulation is a slippery slope to totalitarian communism.

Answer #24

Right on slavaim…

Answer #25

Spot on slavaim…

Answer #26

An unsolicited addendum to toadaly’s comprehensive answer…

The House Bill treats non compliance the same as tax evasion…

■Section 7203 - misdemeanor wilful failure to pay is punishable by a fine of up to $25,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year.

■Section 7201 - felony wilful evasion is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years.

These penalties levied/enforced upon those indivuals who meet the income thresholds… $9,350 for singles, $18,700 for couples and who fail to purchase health insurance and further fail to pay the penalty 2.5% of their incomes.


This our Danegeld to the Insurance Companies… as I predicted months ago here:


I’m not professing any prescience here… the pundits I read made the prediction based upon the fact that our entire political system is compromised by the banking powers. This legislation was intended for their benefit from the beginning… regardless of either parties excuses.

Those individuals who find themselves required to buy insurance… while barely able to afford it… will opt for the cheapest coverage along with the most expensive co-pays… and they will still not be able to afford the healthcare they need.

Of course… lacking any rational argument as to why we should embrace this bill of extortion… we are lambasted with the pejoratives much ballyhooed in chorus with the bleating of those in line with the judas goats… haters… racists… and on as we are ushered into a corporealizing resurrection of the poorhouse

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