What are things that are a hassle to bring on airplanes?

I haven’t been on an airplane in a long time and I know things have changed. So what’s stuff that is just too big of a fuss to bring with?

Answer #1

Oh God. You can barely bring anything on flights nowadays. Gels, nail clippers, drill bits, tools, screws, Swiss knifes/pocket knives, matches, lighters, flammable or hazardous liquids/substances, certain batteries, etc; the list goes on. My answer to you would be to visit your airline’s website. Their site should have a full list of things that aren’t allowed on the flight. Most airline sites do.

Answer #2

Pretty much… nothing. Bring only what you actually need like clothes and shoes, wallet, ipod, cellphone (turned off), and a map-book haha. Seriously, anything with a sharp edge is a big nono. I once had my earrings taken off me, and when my sister was little we went to Aussie and she had her play-hairdryer taken off her because it was in the shape of a gun kind of… :S Haha. But you’ll find that when you are on holiday you don’t actually need half of the things you bring with you. Don’t bring any food, even though some foods are allowed in your suitcase, it’s best just to buy something when you arrive at your destination because if you accidently pack something with an illegal ingredient that you didn’t even know about, it could cause you and your family’s plane tickets to be revoked and you may have to go to jail for a night and pay a huuuuuge fine.

Nothing sharp, nothing flammable, no food/drink.

Answer #3

Gosh.. :/ good thing I’m not going out of the country. XD I’m actually going for debate. Just to DC, but this sucks! I have a lot of clothes that have metal. And other things that are on the prohibited items list. Blagh! But thank you!

Answer #4

Don’t bring anything sharp/edgy. Don’t bring anything that could in your wildest imagination e abused as a weapon. Liquids (shampoos for example) are limited to certain amounts. Your air line probably has an Internet site. And they will have a luggage guide there, like that one… http://funadvice.com/r/bqqg1d0hi If you are not sure about any single item, call them before you pack your luggage, describe the item and ask if you can bring it.

Answer #5

Carry on- no liquids, no tweezers, no nail clippers, no nail polish, no shampoo, no knives, no guns or tayzors(of course), no alcohol, no drgs, stuff like that. Other luggage that’s not with you- no food, no bombs, no weapons, no drgs , and stuff like that

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