What will happen if I stop drinking milk?

Yea I was gonna stop but my mom gives me milk no matter what! But that’s not the topic so anyways, my mon says im going to have osteoporosis when I’m older if i don’t drink milk but I don’t want to drink it because I think it has hormones and I feel like its cow pee(it’s not) so what to do when your mom won’t buy enough green vegetables, gives you milk almost every single day, and won’t listen and think your dumb if you don’t drink milk? Thnx

Answer #1

you NEED milk if you dont have it your bones will get weak and you can get a bunch of desises. dont listen to what sydney is saying because something will happen and if you are reading this sydney im not tring to be rude but you need milk. and yes for some people dairy is the reason they get acne but not for everyone. like me. i dont have any really and i have dairy ALL the time

Answer #2

yes milk is good for you but you won’t die without it. There are plenty of other sources of calcium. Plus she did not say that she was giving up dairy completly. And some people can’t even drink milk or any dairy products and they are healthy.

Answer #3

Osteoporosis is not just a genetic disorder, its heavily influenced by environmental factors, particularly endocrine and yes, lack of calcium before age 26 is a factor.

Answer #4

It depends. Just cutting out milk is not bad. You just need to make sure you are getting a good amount of calcium. Milk is a great source of ur calcium not only because it has high levels, but also because it is highly biologically available and therefore your body can actually use it. Not getting enough calcium can lead to rickets, and in the long term it is a contributing factor to osteoporosis. I would suggest an alternate source of calcium. Is it just milk you dont like or dairy in general? If other forms of dairy are acceptable to you I would recommend things like yoghurt.

Answer #5

well yea but if you dont have it theres a chance of deasies

Answer #6

yeah that’s true

Answer #7

.-. is something wrong? did my explanation of calcium intake not suit your liking? oh and Osteoporosis IS mainly affected by estrogen levels, again, i don’t see why debunking the mother’s fears is being an ass­hole? although other factors like cigarette’s, alcohol and a sedentary life style help it along the main factor in women is the low estrogen…. don’t like it don’t read it :P

Answer #8

yea so its just better to drink it. at least one cup a day thats better than nothin

Answer #9

What about you try an alternative milk source. Ask your mom to get you soy milk or rice milk. Milk is an excellent source of calcium, especially in the Western diet with us not eating a lot of vegetables necessarily and a lot of red meat which in effect drains calcium from your body. This is especially required in your 20’s as this sets the frame so to speak for your body. You can develop osteoporosis due to a bad diet and lack of calcium for anyone who is interested. I have family members which had that as the exact cause.

Answer #10

It’s just milk :O

Answer #11

I may look like a dude but I’m a girl and I appreciate both or you alls health

Answer #12

It’s impossible to say precisely what will happen if you stop drinking milk. Any scientific research into the question can only tell you what is statistically likely to happen. What happens for you personally depends on how much milk you drink now, what if anything you would replace it with, and the rest of your diet, among other things.

You can certainly have a perfectly healthy diet without milk. There are whole nations and cultures of hundreds of millions of people who never eat or drink dairy products at all. On the other hand, continuing to drinking some milk will not, by itself, put you at any serious health risk. But relying too much on animal-source foods of all types, including milk, will put you at risk for many serious long-term diseases.

If your mom has a particular concern about osteoperosis, tell her that the biggest risk is not from cacium deficiency, but rather from calcium being leeched out of your bones and excreted in urine. One of the factors that contribute to that problem (along with excessive salt or caffiene, vitamin D deficiency, and nicotine) is too high a ratio of animal protein to vegetable protein in your diet. In that way drinking milk can help cause osteoperosis, more than prevent it.

Four ounces of steamed kale or collard greens have about as much calcium as an 8-ounce cup of milk. You are better off getting most of the calcium you need from green (and other) vegetables, which also provide a huge range of other nutritional benefits that you cannot get from milk or other animal foods.
In my view, your mother’s resistance to buying fresh (or frozen) vegetables is the more important of the dietary health problems you mention.

If you think your mom might be open to learning more about this with you - especially the importance of a vegetable and fruit-based diet - try to buy her a copy of “Eat To Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman (about $15 new, I think).

Meanwhile, if you do continue to drink milk, stick to skim or, at most, 1% fat.

Answer #13

Throughout most of human history humans only drank milk while nursing. The idea of drinking milk into adulthood and drinking milk from another species would seem revolting if we were not culturally conditioned to accept it. Would you ever think of drinking dog, cat, or rat milk? Doing so would be no more unnatural than drinking cow’s milk. Worldwide most human beings are lactose intolerant (though most Caucasians are not). It should interest you to know that the nations with the highest consumption of dairy also have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Milk is probably the most unhealthy thing most people consume. If you are starving milk is better than nothing but otherwise there are far better choices.

Answer #14

Lol I meant help

Answer #15

if some thing happens u will have to get a doctor to put his hand up ur a@# well thats what i heard

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