Fastest way to cure a hangover?

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hydrate, take a tylenol, and a multi-vitamin if possible eat a good meal (beef for the iron and protein and vegs for the vits)
alcohol causes you to become dehydrated and lyses vitamins and minerals out of the body.

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drink water & eat crackers. :)

Hangover how can I cure it and fast

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Drink black coffee with salt instead of sugar,
then drink a lot of water.
Take a cold shower
and you will be sober.

Fastest way..
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dont drink.
Get up and do something if you did.
drink a lot of water and try to eat.
Meditate and pray to your God for mercy...he may just give it to you.
Hes done it for me in this
But he always encouraged me away from excess.

Tay has hangover

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drink another one or eat some menudo

Cure me of this hangover
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gatoraide.. and grease food

BV- home cure

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