What is the fastest way to clear my system of weed before a test?

I have a drug test that might be coming up anytime this month. I heard about a lot of remedies but I don't know if they work. Do things like vinegar, green tea, and energy drinks really help? And also, I just started taking vitamins so will they also help me out? What is the best or fastest way to get weed out of my system to make sure I pass? It's a p*ss test by the way. Please lend me some advice! Thanks.

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makes no difference what you drink dont drink vinegar bleach amonia or any other chemicals those will mess you up water may help maybe get some clean piss put it in a condom and hold it in your boxers sounds dumb but it works also make sure the pee is fresh this way it wont smell

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You can try drinking lots of water, but it will dilute your urine. Companies test for the levels to see if you're diluting too much. You can try to say you are losing weight or something, but they will retest you. Also, they do test for urine temperature... so the condom idea likely will not pass and just adds latex aroma to the deal. If you know it is a few weeks away, try exercising a lot, and then stop. Most of all, don't use THC products until the test is done AND approved. They can ask you to retest several days later if the results are "inconclusive" or suspicious.

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the only way is time but try the water thing it might work good luck

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Time is your only friend when it comes to clearing THC out of your system...


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Well why take drugs when you knew you were having a test sometime this month...

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drink lots of water. nothing but water!!!

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