What are some good ways to get over a hangover?

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apparently if you drink again in the morning it get's rid of your hangover:L:L

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sleeep & water

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sleep, drink orange juice or V8 with tylanol

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Sleep, or eat something from mcdonalds I guess

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eat a greasy meal
or just get drunk again.

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I've found from the first time I got slightly hung over that large quantities or pepsi max helps. well it did for me.. sleeping or just don't go to bed the night before and let the drink wer off.

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I've heard drinking coffee helps.
Drink a lot of water.
Eat something, especially fruits or salads.
Go back to sleep.
Bite into a piece of ginger.

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lmfao um sleep ... or just not getting drunk in the first place! you are 14 years old. it can cause organ failure and more. plus if you continue drinking from this age on at the rate you are going you'll need a transplant ...

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Don't drink too much! LOL
Follow these steps:

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