Should I become a gym teacher or a nurse?

I love gym and always wanted to be a high school gym teacher, but nursing sounds good too i still dont know what to do everyone is telling me to become a nurse or doctor ?

Answer #1

Don’t do what everyone is telling you to do … do what will make you happy.

Answer #2

should it matter about the paying ? or the disapointment in my uncles and aunts? people keep telling me that it isn’t a career but i am super smart i could be anything i want but the thing i was to do is that

Answer #3

Families have a tendency to push you to do the things that will make them happy without much concern for your own happiness. More money is not a reason to choose your career, because all the money in the world won’t make you happy if you aren’t doing what you enjoy. You need to be firm with your family that the decision is yours … they’ll get over it.

Answer #4

THANKSSS :D ! thats what i needed to hear :P

Answer #5

True, my dad wanted me to work for Halliburton with him, and start training as in echo lactation to find oil, I went into the Army for not near the pay, but it was my choice and want I wanted to do.

Answer #6

You have to take into consideration about the economy. It’s tough to get jobs these days and you don’t want to waste your money from college with a career your not guaranteed a job when you come out. I would go with a Nurse! Because no matter how bad the economy gets we always need nurses! Anything in the medical field is guaranteed a job!!!!!

Answer #7

Well it depend, on the career, I have not had a hard time keeping a job, and I still get offers. I think with finding a job it is all about who you know so be as social as possible, yang with people in the field you want to work in.

Answer #8

do both it will be stressfull but posibilities endless

Answer #9

Even if they do hire you, they can always lay you off. and for nurses there was a call for 90,000. We always need more help in the medical feild. And if the world gets worse who knows they could take gym teachers out all together to save money. And till the end of time were going to need medical people.

Answer #10

There is no such thing as a safe career these days, so the argument is rather contestable.

Answer #11

You should become what you like better. And you should be considering the chances that it turns out the way you think it should. I mean, you sure don’t want to be an unemployed gym teacher. Neither do you want to be a nurse who makes dozens of unpaid extra hours every week. So you should be looking at the employment vacancies in your area and talk to some people who already have that job. Then you can decide if it really is what you want.

If you want to be a teacher of any sort, you should also try to find out how well you can deal with kids. You could be asking your local girl scouts or other youth organization if you can join one or two field trips as a group leaders assistant. If the kids drive you insane, then the teacher job is not where you want to be.

For the nurse job, you could try doing some voluntary work in an old peoples’ home near your place.

Answer #12

I agree with Colleen. You need to do what makes YOU happy, not everyone else. People may like the idea of you being a doctor or nurse more, but at the end of the day you have to remember that it will be you who has to do the work day after day. Not them. You are much better off doing something you enjoy, than to go home every day miserable and stressed out wondering why you’re doing what you’re doing. No amount of money is worth that.

Answer #13

yea well a nurse is more safe then a gym teacher

Answer #14

I disagree. We have two different governments but cutbacks are happening in every field … our nurses are working a skeleton crew - not because they can’t find enough nurses, but because all the nurses with less than 10 years experience have been laid off. The gym teachers are still employed.

Answer #15

Ok well that’s ur take on it, we’ve had two gym teachers in my area laid off in the past couple years. I’m just saying when the world gets bad or worse were not going to have a need for gym teachers cause there not going to want to pay for them. And nurses will still be needed cause everyone is going to need some kind of medical attention.

Answer #16

And just saying my sister just got done going to school to become a RN and alrdy got a job in the field! And she just got out of college.

Answer #17

My mother has been a nurse for several years, and that is the only reason why she still has a job.

Answer #18

ok well I’m just saying my sister just graduated and got a job right when she got out.

Answer #19

I’d say if you had to be one a gym teacher would be fun.

Answer #20

Well I can say I am in IT and I have all the work I need, I think once again, it is who you know and your work ethic.

Answer #21

The two are both on the spectrum of health occupations, and might not be entirely incompatible. For example, being a fitness coach or trainer could involve elements of both.

Answer #22

do what u like n c ur self doing for awhile

Answer #23

it depends on if u wanna make some money or not

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