Does anyone have information on becoming a registered nurse?

I would like to hear more about the duties of a nurse from a nurse.
What is your schedule like? What did you do to become a nurse and what was your starting salary? Where are you working at? What type of experience have you had? What type of person do you need to be for this job?

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I was in a nursing program and here is what I have learned.

The only way that I have heard to become a nurse is by going to college. But that is most likely not the only way. That's just what ive heard.

Before you study to be a nurse you have to be a nurse aid. To be a nurse aid you basically study for however many weeks they require you to where ever it is that you decide to do it. You basically study skills that you later perform. You do clinnicals, where you employ everythigs that you learn in the classroom. then you take the test. During the test they test you on five skills it can be anything from washing your hands to making an occupied bed to taking someones blood pressure. you have to follow the steps as they are written or you will not pass, oh and you have to complete these five skills in 20 minutes.

The nurse aid certification is required before you become a nurse. Be prepared to do a lot of the dirty work that no one else will. Such as cleaning up after someone. Changing adult dipers. Showering adult people. Cleaning soiled or dirty beds after an accident. Clean teeth or dentures. People can get paid 14 dollars an hour as a NA but most people make 16/hour. They usually work at assisted living homes and such.

After getting the certification you go through a nursing program.

To be a nurse a person has to be patient. Caring and compassionate. The nurse is the person who interacts most with the patient out of the whole staff. For the most part. So you have to be ready to make connections with people. Becuse sometimes you work with a patient for so long and often that you become attached, but you still have to keep a proffessionalism with them.

I studies about being a nurse for the past year and I interact with many weekly because I am a volunteer at a hospital, so if you have any questions for me let me know.

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