How long will it take to grow hair to my butt?

How long do you think it will take for my hair to grow to the lower part of my butt? Im goiing to include a pic of how I look now with my hair. Im the guy in the red shirt.

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it depends how fast your hair grows and if it will reach your but
most likely about a year or so maybe longer
my friend grew his out and started in sophmore year and by the time he was a senior it was about 4 inches past his shoulders

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your hair looks really short so I would say at least 3 years but it really depends on how you take care of your hair like if you get a lot of split ends and stiff like that

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the root of your hair can only hold so much.
so the stronger your roots are the longer your hair can grow
maybe more than 2 years
if you have really fine hair and your unhealthy you have no chance.

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I think it would take at least 3 1/2 years. Everyone is different.
A good way to calculate how long it would take your hair to grow is to think about how often you went to the barber shop in the past, and each time you went, see how many inches or so they cut off each time you went.
Then calculate that time to how many inches you want your hair to be, and times that to how many inches you want it to be.
For example: You got your hair cut once every month. Your hair grows 1/2 an inch each time you go to get it cut. So, if you want 3 feet at least in length, it would take you 6 years, growing at a rate of 1/2 foot a year.

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some peoples hair will only grow a certian length and most people cannot grow there hair to their butts.

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2+ years...

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well I started to grow my hair exactly last year and it's to my shoulders, it should take about approximately 6 years depending on how long you've been growing you hair,if you get it braided and how often you get it braided if you do get it braided.

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