Which one is grammatically correct: "good afternoon, sir." (the letter s is in capital or "good afternoon, sir."?

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The first one. The way it's being used is proper, so it should be capitalized.

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Thanks :)

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A person,place or thing should always be in capital (:

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If it's part of their name, then yes you should capitalise it. But if you're just saying "Good afternoon, sir" then it doesn't need to be capitalised. Like I said, unless it's part of their name like Sir Elton John.

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This is more of a style than grammar question. In this context "sir" is neither a proper name nor part of a title. It does not need to be capitalized. In my experience when used as a salutation most people capitalize "Sir" even though it isn't required. I can't imagine anyone would be offended either way.

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Thank you, Fill. But, which is more accepted in the formal writing?

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I googled business letters and every one capitalized Sir and/or Madam. I brought up Microsoft Word and when I entered "Dear sir" it suggested "Sir." I think either is acceptable but capitalized is probably the safer choice since uncapitalized may look wrong to readers used to seeing it capitalized.

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