What are some good questions to ask in a questionnaire on crime?

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I’m doing a questionnaire for my social-studies SBA (school base assessment)which is a requirement for my social studies cxc (caribbean examination council) exams. the topic I chose was “ What are the views of members of the community on the increase in crime rate and possible solutions to this problem?” But i’m stuck I already have 13 questions but i need about 7 more. any ideas???

Answer #1

hmm…ok..not sure if these issues are good enough but here goes…hope this helps. :) Question:

  1. We the people want to know why there is an increase in crime and what you plan to do about it? Solution:
  2. Perhaps spend time actually looking for the bad guys using what ever evidence you have rather then spending time to distribute parking tickets. Crimes are happening every 2-3 seconds of every minuet of every hour… Question:
  3. We the people want to know how to protect our children form predators that seem to walk freely on our streets due to not having enough room to hold them in our prison cells. Solution:(2 parts) 2a. How about either letting DUI fel0nies get some AA rather then throwing them in prison(if they hvnt taken a life that is!) so there is more room for real crimes so we can protect our kids. 2b. How about creating more prison facilities for the lesser crimes, like stashing 2 grams of weed shouldnt be in a prison with mass m*rders but can be in a prison with child m0lesterors/ped0piles. Question:
  4. We the people want to know who is going to be watching over us in the subways since man power is so low rather then prior years.
  5. Start recruiting more cops…increase some salaries, cut the pay checks of the politicians to be able to afford these salaries & see how many cops will be protecting the citizens. Question:
  6. We the people want to know why our children are being abused/bullied by teachers or other students on school grounds. Where are the teachers & why arent the principals doing their job?! Solution:
  7. More parents need to be aware of what is going on in their children’s schools. If your child is telling you something is happening and no one is doing anything about it…it is not going to change! Parents need to show up more often to PTA’s, sign partitions & kick these teachers or principals out! If we cant trust our children to schools, then whom can we trust while we are forced to make a living & pay bills. Question:
  8. We the people want to know why the dr*gs on the streets are still being distributed & found in our public playgrounds & schools? Solution:
  9. Perhaps we need to get the Guardian Angels & their recruiters back on the streets because our wonderful lack for police & government cant seem to crack down on the dr*gs being found around playgrounds & schools! Question:
  10. We the people want to know why children are still being abused by parents/step parents/siblings? Why isnt the system doing more to protect these innocent children from the family? Solution: (2 parts) 6a. Perhaps if we as neighbors kept our eyes & ears open more to domestic violence in the home next door, maybe the proper authorities would have been able to stop more innocent children from dying. 6b. Teachers at school, physicians as well need to keep ears & eyes open for signs…if a child comes in to class with a black eye one day a bruised/broken hand another or just seems to be sad, talk to them…find out more…if you suspect make the call…dont hesitate, the life of that child is in your hands. Question:
  11. We the people want to know what is being done about our senior citizens being targets on elevators in their buildings? Solution:
  12. Perhaps if the super attendants were obliged by law to have hidden camera’s in the main entrance, back entrance, side entrance & in the elevators then more seniors would feel safer living in their own homes.
Answer #2

if your asking the person who committed the crime:

  • what gave you the idea to do it?
  • were you alone on the idea?
  • what triggered you to do what you did?
  • were there weapons involved? but it all depends on what the situation is.
Answer #3

oops. that was long…my bad! :P

Answer #4

no, actually i’m asking the community on their veiws on the increase in crime and what can be done to solve it. but thanks anyway :)

Answer #5

lol yes it was. not exactly what i had in mind. but thanks, it gave me some ideas ;P

Answer #6

:O wow i am off. sorry :(

Answer #7

im sorry again for it being long i just tried to help as best as i can…but, that was the point to give ya some ideas for the 7 questions u were missing…glad i could at least help a little…

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