What interview questions should i ask "peer support leaders"?

I'm helping to do a wedpage at school and I was given the task of collecting the interview questions for our 'peer-support leaders' and I don't know what type of questions to ask. THey should be fun and interesting. Please HELP!

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ask me on ma celfone nah...email...lols sunnygrover77@yahoo.co.in
and hey try hare rama hare krishna in town...ponsonby o parnell sumwhere there

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Ask questions revolving around, peer mediation, something that I came across in my health book, peer mediation is when specially trained and nuetral peers helpp resolve conflicts usually without a teacher getting involved.

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- Ask what experience they have working with people
- Ask what experience they have with mediation techniques
- Ask what experience they have working with people from different cultures
- Ask what kind of people would be most difficult for them to work with
- Ask what their biases are
- Ask why they want the jobs
- Ask what skills they posses that will fit the job
- Ask what is their greatest strength and their greatest weakness
- Provide a scenario or two and ask how they would deal with it
- Ask what they think the most effective peer support technique is

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