What is a good pet to get if you live in an home that doesnt allow cats and dogs and you have a two year old and baby on the way?

We had to get rid of my dog to get this home and ive been missing having a pet and the companionship, that said we cant own a dog or cat and i have a two year old and a baby on the way too be concerned about. I just miss having my dog and want another pet.

Answer #1

Something low maintenance and independent…perhaps a fish or a turtle?

Answer #2

Maybe try a guinea pig or a rabbit or any small animal. I don’t know how a small animal would be for companionship but I have a guinea pig and personally I think they are one of the sweetest animals and I’m sure they’ll be fine with kids. My little cousin would sometimes hold the guinea pigs I have and they were just fine with her so I’m sure it’d be the same way with you. Hope this helps!

Answer #3

well then dont get fish because it takes a lot of work, cleaning the fish tank & the water…then making sure the filter is always working properly…then you have to make sure the water has the right amounts on anti chlorine and salt then you have to get all kinds of kits to test the water so it doesnt have too much PH or not enough PH in the water…

Personal experience we wanted a nice aquarium, got tropical fish & let me tell you it is a pain in the butt….especially when you have to suck out all the dirt & fish wastes…boy do they poo a lot…and it’s just really a huge headache…you cant just feed it a sprinkle of food & your done…it takes a lot of work & a lot of dedication because they get sick & stuff, turn colors & you have to give it the right medicine against the right bacteria they have! hope that helped!

Answer #4

hamster, i usto love them when i was little. but.. fish babys love to look at them in the tank. (:

Answer #5

a fish, a gerbil, a turtle, a hamster, a bird, thats all i can really think about.

Answer #6

(Gasp) get a ferret!!!

Answer #7

I wouldn’t get a ferret. I heard a not so good story involving a ferret and a baby once

Answer #8

Really?! Did the baby kill the ferret or did the ferret attack the baby? What happened?

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Answer #10

I remember my mom telling me this but there was a story where a ferret I guess chewed on a baby’s head. I don’t know if the baby died though. I also heard a story about a ferret that was out of its cage and the mom claimed it chewed off some of her baby’s toes. As much as I think ferrets are cute I’d be too scared to get one if I had a baby around

Answer #11

I looked up about the first story and supposedly the ferret liked the smell of milk on the baby’s breath and ate some of her face off so that was the story

Answer #12

waow! they seem so gentle and harmless… kk mandyloo scratch that :(

Answer #13

some lizards make good pets. I love budgies. I also love rats, mice and guinea pigs, although most people I know are not very fond of rodents…

Answer #14

Is that supposed to be as insulting as it sounds or is it just bad grammar?

Answer #15

a backyard bunny?

Answer #16

What part of her having to give away the dog did you not understand?

Answer #17

i think a really good pet would be a gunie pig or a rabit they are really easy to look after quite and kids love them. or maybe mice? they are cute

Answer #18

a fish or a bunny :) or … umm birds…..

Answer #19

Do you like birds? It depends on how much time you want to invest into an animal. Birds need lots of time and attention. Reptiles on the other hand do pretty well on their own. Rodents tend to do ok with moderate attention if they’ve got company of their own kind. Chinchilla’s are adorable (although with those claws I dont know about them around kids)

Answer #20

If you want a pet for companionship, then I think you are out of luck as the only pets that will really be a friend are dogs and cats. You could try with hamsters and rabbits etc but they aren’t as friendly and loving and loyal as dogs. Also you should be careful getting a pat like a rabbit etc when you have a toddler as he could unintentionally squash or drop it. Rabbits/hamsters also tend to make your house smell like rabbit, straw and poop. They also take a lot of care like cleaning the cage etc. I’m guessing the people who made you get rid of your dog wouldn’t be too happy about you getting birds either? Birds are cute, but can also smell, projectile poop out of their cage onto the carpet, and can be very loud (trust me, I have a vicious, pooping, wallpaper eating, loud, screeching, smelly budgie). I think you should consider buying a medium sized fish tank. You could get turtles that you can hold, and your son could pick a fish of his own too. (Make sure he pics a cheap, less distinctive one so it’s easy to quickly buy another when it dies without him noticing). The tank would look really cool, wouldn’t smell, and nowadays you can buy self-cleaning tanks and filters. You could have fun decorating it too. But unfortunately I don’t think anything will compare to having a dog or cat :(

Answer #21

A bird that you can train to talk like a parrot are so great

Answer #22

Maybe skip getting any pet, until after the baby is born…since I can’t see replacing a dog with a fish…it’s just not the same thing, if ya know what I mean.

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Answer #24

a parakeet!! =] i got one and they’re awwwesuumm ;] or a snake those ARE COOL!

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Answer #26

a ferret, they are durable and you can find them on craigs list, and a lot of them come with their scent glands removed, i got mine for free, and i have a three year old sister and a one year old that plays with her all the time, and ferrets rent rodents they are in the cat family :)

Answer #27

A hamster? They are low maintenance and can be cute. If you are looking for something that is a bigger commitment a bird, they are intelligent, but need lots of attention. More even than dogs.

Answer #28

I had four gerbils when I was 3 and I have seven now :) Gerbils are so lively and friendly and only need to be cleaned out once a week. :)

Answer #29

agreed…that is why dogs have been named a human’s best friend…I hate it when landlords dont allow pets like dogs…go figure…in my last apt in NY i couldnt have a pet…they changed the law so if you were an old tenant then you could keep your pet & if you were new tenant then you had to live in the basement! ugh…I just dont get some peeps! either change the law to no pets allowed period or just have a heart & say yay for pets…:)

Answer #30

Maybe you could get 2 wee guinea pigs don’t get 1 the other 1 will get lonley they eat fruit and veg not to much fruit as it’s acidic they can have cooked potato peelings too (not the actual potato and never give them raw potato peelings) they should get cleaned out every week they have hay you need hay for it or it could die. i had 2 guinea pigs but they died due to teeth problems but i have 2 more now

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