What's a good reason for needing $20?

Recently, I've become short of cash...No one is hiring and I need the money soon. I only need around $20 and I was planning on just taking a lone from one of my parents....the problem is the reason. My girlfriend is finally ready to have sex and I need to buy condoms. My parents aren't aware that I'm "sexually active" and probably wouldn't be too fond of the idea. Local health clinics don't offer any free ones so I'm really in a bind.

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I commend you for playing it safe. I'm not a fan of telling lies, but I understand the reasoning. Perhaps you can tell them you want to buy a birthday gift for a friend?

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hhhmmmmmmmmm.......you need gas for your car, you need to pay for lunch at school, you want to buy a gift for some one, you want to get somthing for yourself

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You may want to check these other places. (I know my college campus has them sitting out there in the health center, they're not going to ask any questions if you just walk in and take some). Like Colleen said, just say you want to buy something for your girlfriend (you're not entirely lying in that case), or just tell them you want to get something for yourself. I think you're maybe overthinking it a little. What do you usually do when you want a loan? Do your parents really grill you about every cent you spend?

County Health Departments
STD Clinics
Planned Parenthood
Campus Health Centers
The Internet (search: "Free Condoms")
Bars, restaurants, tattoo parlors, salons, barbershops, and other locations that cater to sexually active high risk clientele.

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Honestly, I think you should tell them the truth. I think if you tell them that you are short on cash, and you need to buy a box of condoms, and explain that you want to be safe about having sex. Also, explain that you are just trying to be honest, and would rather be honest about it than sneak around behind their back. Then they should understand, and be glad that at least you are thinking safe about sex and being honest, as opposed to lying, and not using protection and getting a girl pregnant. If they are just absolutely not the understanding type, then I agree with many of the things the other people have suggestion here.

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Yhu coud say yhu need it for qas, out to eat with a freind and yhu have to pay your way, or yhu need to buy new jeansz For a date.

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I'm not really a supporter of lying to the rents. But I do get where you are coming from. Are you sure you don't have access to any free ones? You can usually get them free from doctors offices, abo0rtion and planned parenthood clinics, school nurses and offices... You may have to ask for some but they will probably be free. Otherwise my first suggestion would be to have 'the talk' with your parents. As hisbbygurl4everily said, they will probably be proud and understanding that you are thinking of safe sex. But yes, I do understand that some parents can be uptight about the whole situation. If you want an excuse, you could say that you need it for something for school then they are more likely to give it to you. Maybe just go for $10 to start off with and tell them that your class is having a shared pizza lunch and you have to bring $10. Or that you are having a fundraiser for animal abuse and you have to donate money. Or you have to buy somebody a birthday present. As an alternative, you could put ads up at the local supermarket offering babysitting and dog walking services.

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Do you have any friends that are also sexually active? Have you thought of asking them or what about your parents? They don't have any condoms themselves? Hmm... well I would suggest saying that a special occasion is comig up with your gf x you wanna buy sum thing for her or date night x you're low on cash. I think you may be over thinking the situation as well. Exhaust all other options as far as getting them free x then just ask for the cash. Being in debt to your parents is better than not getting any nookie or risking getting your gf preggers.

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