Can't get a job and i need one yesterday.

I'm 21 years old and have always worked in the restaurant industry. I recently left my job working at a 24 hr diner b/c of financial, safety, and, moral reasons. I have a pretty good resume for being so young. I went to a culinary high school and am a certified bartender. I worked both in front and back of the house. I loved my last job good hours and good money considering I was only 15 when I started there. I only left because of relocation. My job at the diner was only suppose to be temporary, but for some reasom I stayed for 3 years. As I said before I am bartender certified they have a work placement program but it is only for 60 days from certification. Right after I passed my test I had to relocate to Georgia to help with my ill father-in-law. They could have placed me while there but I wasn't old enough to bartend there b/c I was 20 while there. Since I came back I worked at the diner while looking for another job. But I couldn't stay there. But I can't find a job I have been on countless interviews and many seem very hopeful. It always seems like something goes wrong last minute. By the way I'm not be picky I have tried everywhere. I just need a job where I can make some money to help out my husband with the bills b/c he doesn't make very much money. Any suggestions b/c I'm tired of all the struggling. With all the interviews I'm losing what little money I do have on travel.

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What about working at home, I know of a good job that you may like

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I don't know what to tell you except maybe for now you should look at other possibilities. Not that you want to but if money is tight , do what you got to.

Good luck

sorry I forgot somthing on my other one

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why are they no hiring people when there are ones who are working and that pisses off one like me who needs my really bad I got to get hired there are a lot of shit I have to deal with here and I hate liveing here it is my dada and mom house and ia'm 30 years old and I need to leave

Am I just being too suspicious of my husband?
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In my opinion resume plays an important role for getting a job. For that you must create a powerful resume because a good resume effectively sells your most relevant and positive credentials for employment. For resume related help visit

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