Going vegetarian

I have been debating on this for a while. I want to go vegetarian, and I knwo I have enough will power to actually do it, Is it safe though to go vegetarian when I have been eating meat for practically my whole life (I’m 25)?

Answer #1

I’ve been a vegetarian for 29 years.

You really don’t need meat. Humans are omnivores but physiologically we are much closer to herbivores than carnivores. A vegetarian diet is closer to the diet we evolved on than the meat heavy diet most Westerners eat.

Being vegetarian is better for your health, better for the welfare of animals, and better for the environment.

Answer #2

Nothing wrong with it, just make sure you get all your vitamins and minerals and protein and calcium. Chicken is too expensive? what? compared to beef chicken is cheep and cheap. Anyway, vegetarian is good for the environment, but I would still say eat an occasional piece of beef or chicken like once a month. Make sure you take a multi vitamin with IRON.

Answer #3

you dont have to b a serious veggie and b reali strick im a veggie and found it reali easy just think of the animals as well just give it a try x

Answer #4

meat is an importand part of our diet. its Why we developed such large brains. The protien in meat is not the same in any supplament you could take, so crack an animal over the head and fry him up!!

Answer #5

I honestly don’t see the point in being a vegetarian, you’re really not helping too much. Meat is where you get most of your protein from. You’ll need to find another way to get it if you stop eating meat, which you shouldn’t. Why would you want to deprive yourself of a great thing?

Answer #6

well, I figured, since I don’t eat pork cause I can’t cook it properly, I am allergic to all seafood and the only chicken I eat is the breast, but that is too expensive so I don’t buy thus, I don’t eat, and that leaves what? Beef? I might as well cut it all out and as a vegetarian… I see nothing wrong with it.

Answer #7


just watch it if you’re questioning about becoming vegetarian. and btw, hes actually a pretty hilarious comedian on the side ; )

I’ve been a vegan for 4 years on my own..Meat just grosses me out, I couldn’t imagine eating it even if I had a gun to my head. And I’m lactose intolerant, so the dairy wasn’t a problem. and I always hated eggs.

Answer #8

you should start with cutting down on meat. Its made me skinnier, and feel faint when I just went ‘BOOM; no meat’ so cut down before going full on, pehaps start as a pesciterian. but if your beign a vegeterian, eat more, beans, nuts, fruits and rice and stuff, because without meat you lack enough protein so you need to make up for it.

Answer #9

Yes im vegetiarian, look at me, im 6foot tall, well built, healthy , athletic, part of football teams, a shotput winner, a fast runner, just like a normal guy, im healthy , for protein , eat lentils, for fat, there butter, fried veggie food veg burgers which are more calories than meat burgers at times btw, dont go into streotypical, if you want to be veggie, do it, its more healthy, and no nonsense such as lack of protein iron calcium and that,

Answer #10

soy is so much better than meat

I highly recommend it im 15 and I was eating meat all the time then I quit cold turkey (no pun intended lol ) I’ve never felt so good!

soy milk (if you dont want to be vegettarian or vegan) is something id recommend for anyone it tastes better and has more nutrition than regular milk

do whatever you want, though

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