How hard is it to go vegetarian?

I really want to, but im not sure if it will be easy. so if someone could tell me what its like, I would be more prepared for it.

Answer #1

To be honest; it’s not easy at times. We live in a world that is catered to people who eat meat; as they are the majority. But it doesn’t matter, if you REALLY want to go veg, you will.

You will get frustrated when you go out to SOME resturants…but oh well.

There are still lots of things to eat, none of which are fatty nasty dead animal flesh.

Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Italian, fast food, etc, all have nice vegetarian options, most of which you can customize to leave out the meat.

Mock meat tastes great! Morningstar, Loma Linda, Yves, etc. all have delicious substitues.

Once you go vegetarian you will feel so much better, feel less weighed down. Feeling bloated after eating a meal will be a thing of the past. You will have more energy, you skin will look better, and your colon won’t have 10 lbs or rotting meat sitting in it. It is better for you, animals, and your conceince.

Answer #2

Well its not hard for me because I am vegan, I don’t eat anything that comes from animals(milk, eggs, meat, etc.) it just grosses me out hard core!! Ewww I litterally gag when I see animal products

Answer #3

only hard if you have no support, your parents try to force you to eat meat, not a vaRIETY OF VEGO PRODUCTS in the house. otherwise its alrite. im vego and I reckon its easy…but vegan 4 me is hard because thers only fruit and veges in my house that is vegan.

Answer #4

It’s not easy. First of all like imagine being in a fast food place like McDonalds. And not being able to eat their delicious fast food(that’s bad for you). That would be nervewrecking.

Answer #5

I think it was harder for me than most. Before becoming a vegetarian I was very much a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I didn’t like most vegetables, I wasn’t used to eating bread, grains, or fruit.

My first challenge was simply finding enough foods that I liked. Over time my tastes did change and now I have no trouble finding good stuf to eat but in the beginning it was a big change..

When I first became a vegetarian the fake meats were pretty dreadful. They weren’t anything like meat and they all had weird tastes. The new stuf is pretty amazing. I tried a Morningstar Farms Griller Prime patty and it was so meaty tasting that I would have spit it out if I didn’t know for a fact it wasn’t meat. Their Chik patties taste exactly how I remember chicken tasting (though it has been over 25 years since I tasted the real thing) though they are a little too tender.

One thing I would caution is that these fake meats are highly processed foods and not particularily healthy. in my opinion the healthiest vegetarian diet is made around whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, not highly engineered and processed fake foods. I eat them once in a while as a treat though.

Answer #6

If you’re really dedicated, not that hard, and you’re against eating helpless animals, not that hard at all. I’ll try to help!

I have been a vegetarian since I was in Second Grade I believe, maybe seven or eight, and still holding on strong! I’d say the first week-month is the hardest. Being accustomed to something maxes it 10x harder. Even when I ate meat it was very little, maybe chicken nuggets or a little hamburger every week. The hardest thing though, I believe, is seeing the meat commercials, like Burger Kind, or Rally’s. It’s very complicated when you are the only person in you’re family that never eats meat.

You can go to Wal-mart and find Fake meat, which is made from Soy which has protein which Vegetarian’s desperately need. Or if Wal-mart doesn’t have anything, try a Health-Food store, but I’ll warn you, some fake meat can be very expensive. I have Tried Boca Burgers, Linkettes, (Veggie Hot-dog) Vegan Chicken, and Vegetarian tacos are amazing! You can still eat well without hurting animals. Also, I have tried Veggie Riblets and SloppyJoes, they aren’t very pleasant, I guess I could say it’s an acquired taste.

If you have headaches problem with no apparent reason, and you become vegetarian, the problem COULD be from Peanut Butter, or nuts. Although it has protein I’d try protein Bars, or SoyMeat. You need food that will stick to your ribs and won’t make you hungry every 2 hours.

I don’t believe in Veganism (?) because Cows have to be milked, or it is dreadfully painful to the Cow, and Eggs are Not and were NEVER, so therefore, it’s not cruel. If you were to pick from choosing to be a Veg-head, or a Vegan, I suggest Veg all the way, why miss out on dairy for no reason? It’s absolutely pointless in my opinion.

Hope I could help! ;)

Answer #7

If you really want to, then it should be easy. The only tricky thing is stuff like gelatin and rennet, which can be found in the most unlikeley places, so you really have to read ingredient lists carefully before you eat stuff. I found it kinda hard to stop eating lollies, but once you think about what’s in them, and how that ingredient is made, well, yeah, it’s gross.

Answer #8

It’s extremely easy. I’ve never eaten meat in my life, and I would never want to, I mean why would I want to eat a dead animal? That’s not food? I eat all kinds of food. It’s not hard at all. I have never had a desire to eat meat. For me eating meet would be like eating my own stool. It’s just so disgusting. So since I would say that it is not hard for me to refrain from eating my own stool, it is not hard for me to restrain from eating meat. Hope it helped.

Answer #9

It’s pretty easy (well it was for me anyway). I’ve been vegetarian for about a year now, and I’ve been eating foods like Quorn and foods made from soy and other things like that. Although others, like my parents, found it really hard to be vegetarian. My dad has tried being vegetarian before (the longest he lasted was half a year), before giving in and eating meat. he had another go at it, but only lasted about a month. My mum tried as well, but didn’t last very long. It is hard for the first few weeks, but if you really want to be vegetarian, I’m sure you could manage. But watch out for gelatin , and other stuff you can find in chocolates and things like that. And just be careful about what you’re eating, like in my first month of being a vegetarian, I accidentaly ate a marshmallow…

Answer #10

I heard that it takes 21 days to get out of a bad/good habit. So if you keep yourself in controll for 21 days (or more) you will get out of the habit of eating meat…

Answer #11

Hey, Its kinda hard at first, but after you get the hang of it it gets easier. You can get Vefetarian food (mock meat) at places like Wal-Mart. That helps with the changes. Also, make sure you get enough protein and fiber. You could get vitamin pills, thats what I did. Eating peanut butter helps with the protein too. =]

Answer #12

It’s a little hard at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s really easy. You can get Vegetarian food (mock meat) at most places like Wal-Mart. =) They help with getting adjusted with the change. And be sure to get enough protein and fiber! Eat peanut butter or get you some vitamin pills. Hope this helps!

Answer #13

It’s really hard. I’m a vegetarian, and I accidentally eat meat about once a month D:

So you’ll have to be extremely careful. Of course I suck at finding out what I’m eating. I just accidentally ate pasta with clams on Thursday. I had dinner at my school, and they didn’t say it had anything with meat.

So yes, be careful. It’s not so hard, just watch out for Gelatin, and any obvious meat products.

Gelatin has animal bones in it, if you didn’t know

Answer #14

it’s really not that hard, well for me at least, because I’ve been vegan, not vegitatrian, since I was 9. but it’s a little hard in the beginning but you’ll get used to it.

Answer #15

If you’re going to be vegetarian just because it’s healthy,, Then I’d say it’d be much harder to stick to. I’m vegetarian because.. well,, I’m not peta or anything. But animal rights. For me,, looking at meat is f*cking nasty. All I see is a dead animal.. thats really gross.. I see meat as a food that I dislike,, such as beats or celery.

Answer #16

I accidently ate a Marshmallow. omg. It’s not meat though, so phew. It’s just well. bad.

Answer #17

mmm STEAK…sorry, I’m just being a smart a**, I know I couldn’t do it, but I’m sure its healthier

Answer #18

it was easy-peasy ! lol and you end up having less calories too ( if you dont binge on stuff like cake afterwards) good luck xx

Answer #19

Peanut butter… WOOHOO!

Answer #20

Its Really Easy I’ve Been Vegetarian For Over A Year Now

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