Any tips for a Vegetarian?

I’ve tried to go vegetarian before and it lasted about 7 weeks because I got really sick and my mom told me it was because I wasn’t getting enough protien in my diet. So I started to eat only chicken once in a while, because of guilt I feel. I’m in this for the right reasons once again, this time with NO MEAT.

What are somethings I can eat that are good for your body that dont have any meat in them, I’m not on a vegan diet, so I will eat things with milk etc… I don’t want to have to go backe eating meat again, so I need food ideas and tips that aren’t going to make me sick - and I don’t want to eat foods that aren’t good for your body, so no JUNKFOOD or anything along those lines.


Answer #1

Well hey.. I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years so I’m sure I can help you =P

When becoming vegetarian you are not just removing meat from your diet, you need to replace it with food that will provide you the same goodness as meat does. You need to make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet.

Foods that contain protein: -nuts -seeds -tofu -soya -brown rice -beans -chick peas -lentils –tahini -cereals -potatoes The list goes on really =] Go to your nearest health food store and I’m sure they’ll have the best of this food. Any other supermarket will have it all too.

Below is a great website for tips on becoming a vegetarian: ^^ Really Great =P When you go on it you’ll find all kinds of recipes, reasons to become a veggie, warnings, diet changes, list of foods that are great for veggiess..and more.

Well.. Good luck =]

Fun mail me if you need any other advice to do with vegetarianism =P


Answer #2

I’m also a vegetarian and for lots of protein you can get meat substitutes, my favorites:


MorningStar: CHIK PATTIES PARMESAN RANCH (chicken substitute, in a green box in frozen foods section, these are SO good for salads, burgers, chicken strips..or alone)

Quorn meat-free and soy-free Patties (I like morningstar better ;D)


Boca: Meatless Ground Beef Burgers (so good for tacos, or spaghetti with “meat” sauce in frozen foods section, red box)

Boca: Meatless Burger Original Vegan (these are in patty firm, good for hamburgers)

they’re all delicious and loaded with protein, just experiment with them in different recipes. you shall be hooked!

Answer #3

Dr Dean Ornish and Dr. John McDougall both have books about vegetarianism that discuss all the medical aspects of this lifestyle.

I think you should look at what they have to say from a medical point of view.

I’m not sure why you felt sick but I doubt that the problem was lack of protein. If your mom believes this she is operating under some misconceptions that either of the Dr’s books I mentioned will address.

As a vegetarian eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and you will be fine. Except with the possible exception of tiny amounts of vitamin B12 you can get everything you need from plant sources.

Answer #4

I LOVE boca burgers. They taste basically the same.

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