God's judgement?

If I don’t beleive in god, but if I am wrong and he does exist, will I go to hell, even though I am a good person?

Answer #1


God DOES NOT want to make anyone go through the second death. He doesn’t want anyone to die. He wants everyone to be with Him. He created us because He loves us. If he wanted us dead, we’d be dead.

The only reason there’s a second death or “hell” is because we made it that way from choice. Why would we spend eternity with the one thing we went through life avoiding on purpose? Also, why would He want to be with someone for an eternity who hates Him?

When it comes right down to it, we’ll be judging ourselves; whether we live or die. And one thing that’s kind of eerie for me is that we’ll judge ourselves a lot harder than God would.

Most of the “wrath of God” stuff written in the Bible was used as a fear mechanism to gain converts a long time ago. It was a means of social control. THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT THOSE RULES DON’T APPLY. All it means is that God isn’t necessarily a God of wrath to be feared, but a God of power and influence to be respected and loved. Never forget that. God loves you. He’s not looking for a reason to smite. He doesn’t delight in agony. “God is light, in Him is no darkness at all” (1 John).

The only advice I can really give is to love others, give freely of yourself, and keep an open mind to the possibility of a greater power, no matter what it is. Just keep an open mind, period. Seek understanding. Just because you don’t believe/agree with something, doesn’t mean you can’t look into and research it.

Answer #2

Yes. The bible says “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3 verse 23. So Yes is the honest answer, but you can do something about it before its to late. If you are serious you can save yourself by putting your faith and hope in Jesus and believing that He is God’s one and only Son, sent into the world to pay the price for all our wrong doings. Please get hold of a bible and read the book of John in the new testament (4th book).

Answer #3

Well, God’s 2 biggest commandments are Love Him and Love Others. If you love others, you are, in a way, honoring Him.

If you’re concerned about it, look more into it. Understanding is a virtue few people have.

Answer #4

If I don’t beleive in god, but if I am wrong and he does exist, will I go to hell, even though I am a good person?

That’s the million dollar question. Everyone has their opinions based on their beliefs, but no one knows.

Answer #5

You have to be stranded in a place where it is Impossible to hear about Jesus Christ and you have never heard that he is the way the truth and the life.

…you don’t get to patch a gaping hole in the plot, by making stuff up. Have any scriptural evidence to back it up? Who do you have to ‘hear’ about Jesus Christ from? What if the person telling you, isn’t qualified and gives you misinformation, or represents Christianity in a manner which you consider not believable? Who’s fault is it then?

Answer #6

im not religious but if the catholic or christian religion is true then jesus preached that god forgives anyone who wants to be forgiven, so you should be all set(:

Answer #7

Jesus said the servant who hears the instruction and does not follow will be punished with many blows, but the one who does not hear and does not follow will be punished with few blows.

Also he talked about one servant who said to the master “I will not do what you have asked” and another who said he would. Then the first went and did it anyway, while the 2nd did not. The first is the one who really followed the master, of course. Jesus was talking to the religious zealots of the day, to oppose them.

IMO just grab a Bible and see what you think of it one way or the other. No need to bother with the modern religious zealots.

Answer #8

You must go through Jesus first to get to God/Maker,your life will be better off to believe in Jesus to get to Heaven,now and the future:Note.I have been a good person aswell,of course I have Sinned ,we all have and always will,but you must believe in are Maker;just consider,we just didn’t pop up out of the blue sky,something had to create everything we know including Humans.If you don’t believe you might not be saved when that time comes,when ever and what ever it is.Good luck!.

Answer #9

uhm you must need glasses I think, I said the most retarded thing I’ve heard was that you saw “death” and he didnt take you because you have faith. again please READ before you write stuff

also, there is no such thing as a combination of very red and very white, you just went up a step on the retard-o-meter

and him not looking human, where did you read this exactly? you sure you didnt dream it up, while you were having tea with death?

please I beg you, with all my heart, stop writing crap.

Answer #10

lol…that was funny I feelcrazy123 (:-)…I can’t believe I’m laughing I was suppose to reply but it was really funny…sunburnt hahahaha

Answer #11

His skin was white as snow but he wasn’t a white person as a Caucasian.And his skin was also redder than a rose.It was a mixture of very white and very red.His father described him as not even looking human.

Sounds like he was sun-burned…that usually makes you whitish-reddish and leaves you looking UN-HUMAN.

Answer #12

NO WAY IN HELL will you go to hell lol. The god and the goddess ( In my eyes) Are loving and understanding and wouldnt make you go to hell.( I dont even belive in hell)(sp?) They would understand and exept it. Many people with jesus as there faith will say im wrong but hey. think of it this way, if you were brought up um..lets say wiccan would jesus really hate you for that? Thats what you were taught. And imbraced Anyway I think all the gods and goddess`s in the world are but 2 and many stoires go with them. But no. You wont.

Answer #13

I was once caught between life and death and guess what there really is an angel of death.And no kidding the only reason he didn’t drag me somewhere was because I’m a believer

this is the most retarded thing I’ve heard in a while

just for your information, according to lore DEATH doesnt care if you are good or bad if you have faith or not. so really you are talking crap

Sam,ham and yaphet.Teh bible says all the people in the world decsended from them.It turns out that Sam had white skinned,Yaphet had red skin,and Ham had black skinned.They were the ones that survived.And their DNA is in ours too.

if you want to talk about DNA and genetics you have to understand what you are saying CANNOT BE TRUE.

a persons offspring cannot just become white, black etc. it has to be in his DNA and also if they all came from noah that means only WHITE skinned people existed so if ham and yaphet had offsprings with a white female in a few generations their skin color would be white unless they commited incest… so yeah youre belief is based on fairy tales…

Answer #14

IF you don’t believe in God and and you are a good person you won’t go to hell.


You have to be stranded in a place where it is Impossible to hear about Jesus Christ and you have never heard that he is the way the truth and the life.

You are raised in a different faith and are faithful to following your own faith.

People who have never heard about Jesus but have a good heart they are going to get another chance.When Jesus died he went somewhere for three days before he was raised to life.That was down to the dead.To people who have died and never heard about Christ.There he stayed to teach them about who he is.And when they accepted him they could be saved.

The people who are going to be thrown into hell are people who call themselves Christians and live their lives being selfish,mean,and wrongful to others and God. People who have turned their back on Jesus although they have already heard of HIm. They are turning away a blessing just like the Jews back then wouldn’t accept Jesus.It’s like blind people.It’s like right there in front of your eyes.But you can’t see it.Only a few people can see it but in the end everyone will.It said that everybody will cry.Believers and non believers when time ends and Jesus comes.

As for Jonathug:

I wanted you to know that when Adam and Eve were still alive they had many daughters.They lived more than the human normal life span today.Hundreds of years actually.One man can live up to a millennium.How is this possible?Everything is possible to God.But why let them live long and not us? Well you had to live at that age to understand.God needed people to live a long age to populate the planet.It wouldn’t be possible to have our population today if the first people didn’t give birth to a lot of children.A that time their children weren’t only Cain and Abel. Of course they intermarried. In those days it wasn’t strange.Abraham’s own wife was his half sister.Why they weren’t retarded.As a believer I’d of course say that God didn’t let them for the sake of humanity. Also you asked race.And it’s very interesting because.When you read the bible you only see names.You don’t see the race or specific details being described about a person.Why?Because it wasn’t important for our salvation.A lot of things happened that weren’t written in the bible.Jesus’ childhood.The days before the flood.Where Satan really came from.What race Adam and Eve were.You don’t need to know that to be saved.But I was curious.You see.I like to study both the bible,science,other manuscripts other religion.It’s okay for me to do that.Because.I am a woman of faith.I study everything knowing in th e back of my head that no matter what Jesus is real as the air I breath.So one day I asked God that question?How is it possible to have different races.Took me three years but I eventually found out. I was studying the Book of Enoch.Which is a book not canonized.Meaning it’s not found in the bible.Not because it wasn’t telling the truth but because no one could tell who wrote it.Was it Enoch?Enoch by the way is Noah’s great grandfather he was mentioned in genesis.He was mentioned only a bit but it says that he never died.He was taken away by God like Elijah..So what I was reading were most probably what he was experiencing before he was taken away.But reading it I realized that it’s possible it wasn’t even written by a human being. In the Book of Enoch,.Noah when he was born, scared the hell out of his dad Lamech.Why?Because he didn’t look like a normal human being.He skin was white as snow and redder than a rose.And his eyes when it was opened brightened up the whole house.Those days it was normal to see fallen angels and their children which were giants and rather odd looking.So Lamech doubted that Noah was his son.But when he went to his father Noah’s grandfather,Methusaleh.He told him he was a human.By the way Methusaleh was blonde with blue eyes and white skinned.NOah had three children.Sam,ham and yaphet.Teh bible says all the people in the world decsended from them.It turns out that Sam had white skinned,Yaphet had red skin,and Ham had black skinned.They were the ones that survived.And their DNA is in ours too.

When you said that science proves God’s word wrong it doesn’t.The science you hear are science made up by man that hasn’t been proven yet those are the ones that contradict.The law of gravity the way the planets rotate.Those are not the laws of nature.Their God’s law.God made them like that and he can manipulate space and time if he chooses to.

If you are waiting on a sign to have faith you won’t get it.Just like Jesus refused to give a sign to the religious pharisees and Sadducee when they asked him to perform. He is not here to put on some kind of show for your amusement.

I have personally seen miracles.I didn’t follow God because of my father mother or brother or priest.I followed because I had faith at first even though I didn’t understand.Even though there were no miracles at first.


Even Jesus couldn’t heal people in his hometown because of their lack of faith.And when people are healed he always said your faith has made you well or your faith has saved you.

I had faith first and believed in Jesus even though I didn’t see miracles.After my faith was strong and I didn’t need anymore proof that’s when I started seeing miracles.I fell into a deep sleep like I never had before when I was 12 I had a vivid dream of hell fell into the lava and woke up with burn marks on my thighs.I have been healed of numerous diseases just by calling on Jesus’s name.I was once caught between life and death and guess what there really is an angel of death.And no kidding the only reason he didn’t drag me somewhere was because I’m a believer.You see it don’t matter how many times people tell you they saw the dead come to life.Your not gonna believe until it happens to YOU!Then you gonna try so hard trying to make other believe.But the truth is only God can make you believe.Some people just won’t.

The choice is in your hand.You can choose to believe or not.Faith is believing even though you can not see.If you can’t take that then you weren’t meant to believe.Don’t matter where you were born or who you are…if you can’t accept that Jesus Christ is the Lord then you weren’t meant too.I’m not saying some people were destined to be doomed.I’m saying God knows the future.He can see what you are going to do.He knows which people are going to be saved and which aren’t.Not because he set it that way.But because it was what you would do regardless of how circumstances were.

Saying this even us believers have to work hard to keep our faith alive and DO THE RIGHT THING…don’t mean you accept Jesus we can continue to do wrong things.Even I don’t know if I will be saved…I have faith that I will…but I have to make sure my life is right in God’s eyes. But the best thing to do is focus on today.AND LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Answer #15

What if there really is a god, but that god is rational, and as a result, created a rational universe hoping we would use reason to discover it’s nature. What if that god despises faith?

Do you have any reason to think the cartoonish hellfire god of ancient religions is more probable than the god I just described?

Answer #16

ROFL @ the last 2 answers

anyway yeah the bible thumpers say you gotta kiss jesus’s arse to get into heaven

but I think youll be alright, why worry at the end when you are just at the beginning!!

Answer #17

yes the bible says you must accept jesus christ as you saviour to reach the gates of heven. and from what I understad its never too late to accept jesus into your life and repent your sins… dont cuss me out either.

Answer #18

I used to be rreally religous like my mother but latetly I’ve been thinking and I dont think I believe anymore im scared of me not believing and going to hell but seroisly it doesnt add up ok.,,, first…if god pt adam and eve on this earth they had babies did those babies have babies with eachother?? wouldnet they com out reatrted orr also how can there be asain blacks whites mexicans if 1 race started it???

2.there are over 3 billion religions on this earth many have complety oppisite or different beliefs like hell and heaven aint real or like if your bad you go to heven soo how can just 1 religion be rite???

3.science has proven most of their theories and religion really hasent proved much.

its real3y hard to know wats true

Answer #19

well rite now I consider myself agnostic (dont know what to believe) but everone in my family specially my mom is super religous christian family butme I don’t know I told my mom she flipped on me but she said lets pray for god to give you sign that he is reall hat was about a month ago and nothing happend so I don’t know, and so many people start stuff just to get into peoples heads and mess with their liife so im so confused right now though science beat religion cause it CAN be proven

Answer #20

Well… According to the Bible… And what I believe… Sadly, yes, you would go to h*ll, because you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, and the only way to get to the Father is through Him. No one is truly “good” without the Lord. Remember, this is MY opinion. PLEASE don’t cuss me out or anything… -__-

Answer #21

I know right, I gave it much thought, and I came up with many of the same conclusions on here myself, do you have a religion at the moment, or not?

Answer #22

Dear Informer 220 Me almost dying and seeing an angel of death is the most retarded thing you ever heard?

That’s your fact?Your basing it on how retarded it sounds?

I based it on what I saw.So yeah it’s kinda hard to forget don’t you agree?

if they all came from Noah that means only WHITE skinned people existed -Informer 220

According to the Book of Enoch,Noah himself wasn’t white.

His skin was white as snow but he wasn’t a white person as a Caucasian.And his skin was also redder than a rose.It was a mixture of very white and very red.His father described him as not even looking human.

IF Noah was a normal Caucasian of course you’d think he can’t possibly have different children from different race from the same mother.

How do I know it’s one mother?

Because he was God fearing.He didn’t take many wives as other people did at that time lusting for women.

If he wasn’t white or black at the start with then why are you surprised that his children weren’t all white?

Answer #23

You can’t believe in God because you are afraid of what will happen if you don’t. It will end up being a false belief anyway and wouldn’t God see through that? Belief is not something you can just conjure up out of thin air.

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